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Online casinos are popular because of how easy they make playing. For that reason, it comes as no surprise to see progressive slots be one of the more popular options at online casinos since they’re easy to pick up.

There are a ton of different slots games to choose from, each offering different perks and benefits. The one we’re breaking down here is called Venice Progressive, which is a progressive slot with some Venice festivities. This particular variant offers a mini jackpot ($1,287.36 currently), super jackpot ($2,400.74), and mega jackpot ($34,102.98). Naturally these will keep going long as long as the jackpots aren’t claimed, giving you plenty of reasons to jump in and try your luck. Furthermore, Venice Progressive slot offers a total of 15 winning lines as well as scatters, which further increase your chances of raking in some winnings.

Venice Progressive

Venice Progressive Casino Slot Game

This slot game is all about losing yourself in the enchantment of the Venice Carnival. You’ll be able to do so by donning a mask and partaking in jubilee. But before you do it’s important to have some background knowledge of winning lines. This game, as aforementioned, offers 15 total winning lines which are displayed below.

Venice Winning Lines

Venice Lines

If you’re not familiar with winning lines, this image can seem like quite a mess. However, it’s not that complicated once you get the hang of things. Nevertheless, to help simplify things, we’ve included another image below that shows the winning lines individually. Therefore you should be able to understand them easier.

Winning Lines

Venice Progressive offers a total of 15 winning lines. So you only really need to focused on the ones numbered 1-15. As you can see the first couple of lines are straight forward horizontal winning lines. The ones that follow after are a bit more complicated as they can bounce around between different planes.

To help understand how these work, it’s important to realize that they start on the left. This game has 5 reels with 3 symbols per reel for a total of 15 symbols displayed after each spin. Naturally the object of the game is to get matching symbols. But matching symbols will only be paid out if the line starts with that symbol. For example you can get a row with four of the last 5 symbols being the same, say a mask. But since the first symbol isn’t a mask, that does not count as a winning line. Remember, the line starts on the symbol farthest to your left!

Lastly, it’s of utmost importance that the only lines that payout are the ones that you bet on. The minimum bet here is 10 cents on one line. This would be a 10 cent bet that would only payout if you get the 1st (No. 1 green above) winning line. From there you can choose to bet on more lines from 1-15. You can choose the number of lines to bet on by choosing the numbers on either side of the reels. Clicking a high number will give you that number and all others before it, i.e. clicking 9 will sign you up for winning lines 1-9. You pay for each line individually so a 10 cent bet on 9 lines would equate a 90 cent bet. The higher the number of lines you bet on, the higher your chances of success.

Venice Progressive Slot Paytable

Progressive slot games are all about winning. But to know how much you can win you must turn to the paytable. Paytables will inform you how many symbols you have to hit to get a win and what the subsequent payout is. Below is the paytable as you would see it for the lowest bet possible, a 10 cent spin on 1 winning line.


From here you can decide what kind of bets you want to place. You can increase the amount placed per bet by clicking the + and – symbol on either side of the 10 cent sum on the bottom right. You can also increase the number of bets placed (and winning lines available) by clicking the number on either side of the reels like we talked about before.

This will obviously impact the paytable. Increasing the size of the bet will increase the payouts. It’s important that by size we mean the amount per bet, not more bets. For example, you can see below that the payout doesn’t change for a 10 cent bet on 15 lines. However, you can see that there is an increase in the scatter payout. This is because scatters are affected by the total amount your betting while the bets are influenced by the amount of your wagering per bet.

Paytable 15

These final two tables will clear any confusion you may yet have. The first image shows the paytable for a 50 cent bet on one line. The other will show the paytable for a 50 cent bet on all 15 lines. As you can see the payouts are the same but there is a difference in the scatter payout.

Paytable 50

Paytable 50+

Venice Scatters

Scatters boost your ability to win by offering symbols that will automatically win. For this game you need to hit a minimum of 2 scatters, which means that at least two symbols on the screen need to match the scatter symbol. If you do, you’re automatically eligible for the corresponding payout. The scatter symbol for this game is listed in the images above.

Now that you’re all caught up you can join the Venice festivities and lose yourself in its charm!

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