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March Madness Betting 2022 NCAA Tournament Odds

As we dive deeper into the New Year, figuring out how to take full advantage of this year’s March Madness betting season will make its way to the forefront of bettors’ minds. There’s nothing like NCAA March Madness Betting. There are few events in sports more aptly named than this. After all, “NCAA March Madness” really does induce a state of “March Madnesss,” a kind of event that’s unlike anything else. For the month of the NCAA championships in men’s basketball, there’s really nothing in the world like it.

NCAA March Madness Betting at BetNow

From the First Four to the Final Four, the 2021 NCAA Tournament is filled to the brim with potential betting opportunities. Naturally, knowing the current NCAA landscape can help sportsbook players figure out how to maximize this year’s action. So, with that in mind, let’s take a gander at what NCAA bookmakers have to say about this year’s bet college basketball tournament lines. Afterwards, we’ll break down the best approach to take when betting on March Madness.

The Start of March Madness

In recent years, NCAA March Madness has changed. If you’ve bet on NCAA March Madness in the past, then you may remember the 64 team brackets and so forth. However, NCAA March Madness doesn’t work exactly like that anymore. For example, this basketball tournament now has the “play in games.”

These first four games determine who will be the last four teams in to NCAA March Madness. This makes a bit of sense when you think about it. Now, more teams have a chance to get into what we remember as NCAA March Madness but is now, in a very real way, the second round. Now, more teams can play for the national title.

The Road to March Madness

Unsurprisingly, March Madness betting sportsbooks are currently pegging the Duke Blue Devils as the favorite. But considering that we’ve already seen Duke fall to a handful of unranked opponents, should bettors confidently back the Blue Devils? It seems unlikely, especially given the kind of odds available on other contenders.

On the other hand, bettors can rack up a nicer payout by backing North Carolina. As bettors will recall, the Tar Heels won the whole show last season and could do so once again. However, like the Blue Devils, UNC has already suffered some questionable losses. Granted, most of North Carolina’s losses were to ranked opponents, but not all of them.

Ultimately, when betting on March Madness, bettors should know which types of bets are the best to place. In the end, the types of bets players should make boils down to when these bets are placed.

Women’s Basketball Tournament, Too

There’s a “March Madness,” so to speak, for everyone. In addition to the men’s, there’s a women’s basketball championship tournament as well. This year the women’s basketball Final Four will be held at the Target Center (a stadium/arena around Minnesota). As you might imagine, you can find everything you need for betting the women’s basketball as well as right here at our site.

When it comes to college women’s basketball, for most folks, the one name that always, always comes to mind is UConn. There’s a reason for that. When they’re great, they’ve been great. However, they’re far from the only program that is making noise in women’s basketball in the last few years. Indeed, there are great teams that are real threats to win everything all over the country.

For example, as of this writing, UConn isn’t actually even number one. That would be South Carolina, another great team. Additionally, there are great teams from as far of different places as Stanford, Maryland, NC States, Louisville, Baylor, Indiana, Iowa, Oregon, Michigan, and elsewhere. But, the truth is, that doesn’t mean those are going to be the champions of women’s basketball when it’s all said and done. It very well could very well be one of those teams or someone else who wears the crown of women’s basketball. For more information about women’s basketball, we have a dedicated page to that.

The Road Through the Women’s Basketball Tournament

Just like the men, women’s basketball has a long and winding road through the basketball tournament. As of this writing, the first two rounds of this sports event are still having their locations decided by the NCAA and similarly involved groups.

However, we do know where and when the Regionals are going to be. These are the games that are the Sweet Sixteen as well as the Elite Eight of the women’s basketball tournament. North to the South, Ohio to the West Coast, and everywhere in between, there’s nothing like March Madness. That’s true whether it’s men’s or women’s basketball. Here at our site, we can deliver the kind of quality services and settings that you deserve. Save the date: March Madness will be around, and when it’s here, you’ll agree that we stand head and shoulders over the other sites.

Sure, when it comes to finding the best sites like ours, it’s easy to read one report or another, to believe marketing. However, what matters is what really happens. At our sites, you can bet on the entire field. You can browse to your heart’s content, finding the rights (and the wrongs) of who you should and should not be betting on. Most people fill these brackets out on a Monday (specifically, the Monday after Selection Sunday). But, to give yourself the best chance of effectiveness, you don’t want to wake up on that Monday having to figure it all out. Instead, we encourage you to use our services all season long so that you’ll be ready.

How Selection Sunday Works

Everyone knows what the highest-rated TV shows of the year are. The Super Bowl is always one, the Rose Bowl Parade, New Year’s Eve, and so forth. (CBS manages to get plenty of them.) However, there’s one that often gets overlooked by those in the know on the web, even those with the data: Selection Sunday. It’s a rite of spring every year. Typically, it’s on CBS (but we can’t say whether or not in the future it’ll be on CBS).

With this CBS TV event, you’ll know the field. You’ll know their location, their opponent, and so forth. Every university/college that got in (as well as those that didn’t) – you’ll know from this one CBS TV show. Of course, the moment that CBS stops its broadcast, the brackets are ready to go.

Much of what happens on that Sunday, however, is influenced by what happened on the previous Saturday. Meaning, that’s when many of those conference championships wrap up (although there are plenty which go on Sunday as well). The North, South, East, and West – you’ll know exactly who is going to play in what region once this ends. You’ll know the city, whether it’s Dayton Ohio or somewhere in Arizona or anywhere else – with this one CBS show, you’ll know in advance, before everyone else does.

The Ins and Outs of These NCAA Basketball Championships

You start with 64 different teams. (Of course, with the first four games, you no longer start the games with that number. It’s actually a bit higher.) Those first four games constitute the very first round of the tournament. “Play in Games,” as they’re also known, determine who is going to move into the big bracket itself.

Then, each game is two rankings set to meet each other in an arena, on a court. The NCAA tries to reward the teams that have had the best regular season by giving them what are called “number one seeds.” These are an advantage in any round, but particular in the first round. If a university gets that first seed, then, theoretically, they have the best path to the final four, regardless of what division (or bracket) they’re in. (Of course, it doesn’t always work that way.)

One game is the sixteen seed playing the one seed, another game is the fifteen seed playing the two, the fourteen playing the three, the thirteen playing the four, the twelve playing the five, the eleven playing the six, the ten playing the seven, and the eight playing the nine. You’ll note, if you’ve watched these basketball championships for any length of time, that there are always upsets in just about any round.

Specifically, in the first round, the data shows you that you’ll get plenty of upsets in the twelve and five game. Often, this game is between one team that’s in a major conference but didn’t have the best regular season (many times, this university is the five) and the twelve in the game is a team that ended up winning a conference that doesn’t have the best national reputation. Twelve seeds end up winning these games all of the time.

However, that said, regardless of location, round, arena, size of university or anything else, the data will show you that, on any given court at any given time, there could be an upset. You can bet this NCAA tournament (from the very beginning through the final) here at our site.

NCAA Final Men’s Basketball Championships Facts

If you’re going to make the bets that get you in the money with the NCAA tournament of basketball for men, then you’re going to want to know the specifics about the sport and the event.

So, the initial opening sports games will be held at the University of Dayton Arena, in Dayton, Ohio. This arena is that university’s home court.

Those that are successful in winning those games will move on to another round, another arena.

For example, both the first and second round will be held from March 17th through March 20th. In those days, the teams competing in this NCAA sport tournament of basketball will be cut from 64 to 16.

The first and second round will be held at one arena of eight round the United States. Moda Center, a stadium in Portland where Oregon State plays, is one such host arena.

Another arena is KeyBank Center in Buffalo, NY. What makes this court more interesting is that it’s not the home arena of one university or another. Rather, the host of this sports stadium is the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference itself, the MAAC.

Gainbridge Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, IN (the arena of IUPUI) will also host basketball tournament games in rounds one and two as well as Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, Texas.

Now, every sports stadium mentioned above is one that will have their two games on March 17th and 19th.

To find an arena that will have tournament basketball contests, look to the court at Fiserv Forum in Milwauke, WI. The home court of Marquette (yes, the court that Dwayne Wade played on once upon a time) will host these games.

Additionally, Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville, SC (the home court for Furman University) will also have games as will Viejas Arena in San Diego, California. The latter is the home court of San Diego State University, the Aztecs.

Lastly, there will be games played in the PPG Paints sports stadium in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This is not the home court of Duquesne University or the University of Pittsburgh (although the former is hosting this sports event). Rather, it’s not a “home court” at all. Instead of being a “court,” this sports stadium is the home of the National Hockey League’s Pittsburgh Penguins.

The Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight, and the Road to New Orleans

The sixteen teams that survive to the third round of the basketball tournament (that get past the second round) will be one step closer to the Final Four, and even the NCAA Men’s Final.

The next step, then, are those Regional Semifinals and Finals (better known as the Elite Eight and Final Four). This is one of those sport events that gets the highest ratings every year. There’s the Super Bowl, some of the other championship games, and of course, this sport event.

On March 24 and 26, the West Regional will hold their games at the Chase Center in San Francisco (hosted by the Pac-12). At the same time, the South Regional will play out at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas (hosted by the University of Texas at San Antonio).

The other side of this basketball tournament will see the sport move to the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA (hosted by UPenn) for the East Regional and in the Midwest Regional, the two teams will meet in a big sports event at the United Center in Chicago, IL (as hosted by Northwestern).

New Orleans and the Final Four

The four teams that get out of that round of the basketball tournament will go to one of the biggest sports events of any year. They’ll go to New Orleans, for the Final Four as well as the NCAA basketball tournament final.

The court will be in a place where there often isn’t a court. In fact, instead of a court, there’s usually a football stadium there. That’s what Caesars Superdome in Orleans is (as hosted by Tulane). This stadium seats far, far more people than would typically watch a basketball tournament. But, this isn’t just any game from a basketball tournament. This is the the last game (and two games) of the basketball tournament – this is the Final Four.

Of course, when the Final Four ends, they’ll be two more teams standing. That’s who’ll play to be the winner of the NCAA basketball tournament. There’s nothing like the drama of this period of year.

You don’t need a ticket to get in on the action. You certainly don’t need to be on site, there that Saturday, take time out of your entire spring to be there, no no no. Should you want to cross over the country and follow the games, there’s nothing wrong with that at all. But, these games take place from March going into April for the very best in men’s and women’s basketball. No matter who comes out of the South, the North, Saturday, or any other time, these teams are truly elite.

In-Competition Betting

Once the actual tournament rolls around, there’s no question the stakes will be higher and the options will be bountiful. It’ll be a couple of months before the tournament comes around, but mindful preparation can certainly come in handy in the long run.

When players get ready to bet March Madness, judging the tournament landscape will be key. This means getting to know team’s trends against the spread or totals lines, getting a feel for each contender’s momentum, and knowing which teams have potential, exploitable weaknesses. If you can get a good grasp on this, you should have no problem betting on March Madness this season.

Betting Spread

Betting the spread in college football can come in handy, especially for this year’s NCAA Tournament. Because matchups become so hard to predict, betting the spread gives sportsbook players a little more wiggle room when it comes to making tournament predictions. Things to consider when betting the spread are each team’s points per game /points allowed per game averages, current records/trends against the spread, and the team’s momentum or recent track record.

Betting Totals

Betting the totals is similar to betting the spread, but some might argue that it’s easier. When betting totals/unders, players need to consider each team’s offensive and defensive statistics. All in all, when it comes to March Madness betting, this is one of the easiest and best lines to take.

Betting Money Line

Betting the money line is simply picking one team over another, independent of the final score of the game. While this is, generally speaking, the hardest line to predict, it also offers the highest stakes. This is where you can get the most bang for your buck, especially for upset predictions.

Out of Competition Betting

When it comes to out of competition betting, players will focus mostly on betting on futures’ lines. And since college basketball can be volatile, this line arguably requires more luck than skill. But on the other hand, this line offers the nicest and largest payouts. Therefore, placing a handful of futures predictions is instrumental to making the best of the 2018 March Madness betting season.

The Excitement of a Service Like Ours

When it comes to the NCAA championships, when it comes to March Madness, you deserve the very best. There’s only one national championship. (Sure, there’s the women’s basketball championship, too, but we mean that there’s only one men’s and women’s basketball title.) NCAA March Madness is for everyone. This is one of the best sports events anywhere to bet on, whether it’s for men’s or women’s basketball.

You can bet both the men’s and women’s basketball right here at our site. You can bet a part of the madness. We (and the winnings) are waiting. Good luck!