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March Madness Betting

March Madness betting: a tumultuous three weeks that highlights what sports betting is all about; taking calculated risks, putting it all on the line, and reaping in huge rewards.

From the First Four, to the Final Four, the NCAA Tournament is notorious for delivering some of the fiercest competition on the planet, and the sports world has noticed. With more than $9.2 billion spent on last year’s tournament, March Madness betting has more action than arguably any other sport.

With that in mind, it’s safe to say that with so many people betting on March Madness, not everyone will be a winner. So players looking to get in on some March Madness betting action need to know exactly what they’re getting themselves into, who the biggest favorites are, and which teams could deliver the biggest upsets.

The NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament, a single-elimination tournament annually played each spring, features 68 of the best collegiate basketball program across the nation, each competing for a shot at glory. Mostly played in the month of March, the tournament is ubiquitously referred to as March Madness. Even though it doesn’t feature professional sports teams, March Madness betting is one of the most famous yearly sporting events in the world.

Each year 68 of the best, fiercest, most-talented programs in the nation face off to determine who the best of them all is. Since the tournament features teams from 32 different Division I conferences, whichever team wins their respective conference receives an automatic bid to the tournament. Furthermore, 36 teams are awarded ‘at-large’ berths. These at-large teams are chosen by the NCAA selection committee before being nationally announced on the Sunday before the First Four games of the March Madness betting season.

The 68 schools are then divided into 4 regions and filtered into a single-elimination bracket that determines, upon winning, which program the school will face next. Each school is ranked within its respective region from No. 1 to No. 16. The March Madness betting tournament is kicked off by what is referred to as the First Four; the first four contests between 8 lower-ranked teams.

Afterwards, the March Madness betting tournament takes place over the course of three weekends at predetermined neutral sites across the country. By winning, teams will advance through the single-elimination bracket going from the original 68, to the Sweet Sixteen, then to the Elite Eight, and lastly; the Final Four.

The Final Four is what March Madness betting builds up to and will feature the best school from each region (East, South, Midwest, and West) competing at one centralized location for all the marbles. Being the final part of the tournament, the Final Four usually takes place in April.

That’s the basic setup of the tournament. Nevertheless, March Madness betting features millions of Americans all trying to accurately predict how the tournament will unfold. With so many teams competing, predicting the right permutation can be damn near impossible. Looking over history, which teams are most likely to walk away with the title?

With 11 March Madness betting titles, UCLA holds the record for most NCAA Men’s Division I Men’s Basketball Championships. Second is the University of Kentucky who has amassed 8 national titles. Third place features a three-way tie between the University of North Carolina, Duke University, and Indiana University who have all won 5 national titles. Next on the list is the University of Connecticut with 4 wins and then both the University of Kansas and the University of Louisville are tied with 3 championships.

However, knowing which teams have won the most in years past is only half the struggle. The other half is knowing which teams are currently performing well. For that, we turn to the March Madness Vegas Odds.


Duke Blue Devils +1250

Gonzaga Bulldogs +910

Kansas Jayhawks +805

Kentucky Wildcats +810

North Carolina Tar Heels +910

UCLA Bruins +785

Villanova Wildcats +1025

Arizona Wildcats +1225

Florida State Seminoles +1825

With so many teams being eligible for a tournament berth, the March Madness betting odds vary wildly between schools. The programs listed above are simply the schools facing the best odds of winning this year’s tournament.

Interestingly enough, the Villanova Wildcats – who won last year’s tournament – don’t have the best March Madness betting odds of the lot. That honor currently belongs to UCLA, despite the fact that the Bruins rank 11th in the nation.

As the March Madness betting season approaches, these odds are bound to change in order to more adequately reflect each teams’ performance, as well as the AP Top 25 polls. Nonetheless, those looking to place March Madness bets should still tune in frequently to check on the odds in order to place the best bet possible once the time comes.