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March Madness Betting 2021 NCAA Tournament Odds

As we dive deeper into the New Year, figuring out how to take full advantage of this year’s March Madness betting season will make its way to the forefront of bettors’ minds.

From the First Four to the Final Four, the 2021 NCAA Tournament is filled to the brim with potential betting opportunities. Naturally, knowing the current NCAA landscape can help sportsbook players figure out how to maximize this year’s action. So, with that in mind, let’s take a gander at what NCAA bookmakers have to say about this year’s bet college basketball tournament lines. Afterwards, we’ll break down the best approach to take when betting on March Madness.

2021 March Madness Betting Odds (2020-21 NCAA Men’s Tourney)

Tennessee +600
Duke +175
Virginia +800
Gonzaga +800
Kentucky +800
Nevada +2000
Michigan +1200
UNC +2000
Michigan State +1000
Marquette +8000
Virginia Tech +5000
Houston +10000
Kansas +2500
Villanova +600
Purdue +5000
Louisville +17500
Iowa State +8000
Texas Tech +4000
Wisconsin +6500
Iowa +8000
LSU +12500
Florida State +17500
Buffalo +5000
Maryland +8000
Cincinnati +12500
FIELD +5000

Unsurprisingly, March Madness betting sportsbooks are currently pegging the Duke Blue Devils as the favorite. But considering that we’ve already seen Duke fall to a handful of unranked opponents, should bettors confidently back the Blue Devils? It seems unlikely, especially given the kind of odds available on other contenders.

On the other hand, bettors can rack up a nicer payout by backing North Carolina. As bettors will recall, the Tar Heels won the whole show last season and could do so once again. However, like the Blue Devils, UNC has already suffered some questionable losses. Granted, most of North Carolina’s losses were to ranked opponents, but not all of them.

Ultimately, when betting on March Madness, bettors should know which types of bets are the best to place. In the end, the types of bets players should make boils down to when these bets are placed.

In-Competition Betting

Once the actual tournament rolls around, there’s no question the stakes will be higher and the options will be bountiful. It’ll be a couple of months before the tournament comes around, but mindful preparation can certainly come in handy in the long run.

When players get ready to bet March Madness, judging the tournament landscape will be key. This means getting to know team’s trends against the spread or totals lines, getting a feel for each contender’s momentum, and knowing which teams have potential, exploitable weaknesses. If you can get a good grasp on this, you should have no problem betting on March Madness this season.

Betting Spread

Betting the spread in college football can come in handy, especially for this year’s NCAA Tournament. Because matchups become so hard to predict, betting the spread gives sportsbook players a little more wiggle room when it comes to making tournament predictions. Things to consider when betting the spread are each team’s points per game /points allowed per game averages, current records/trends against the spread, and the team’s momentum or recent track record.

Betting Totals

Betting the totals is similar to betting the spread, but some might argue that it’s easier. When betting totals/unders, players need to consider each team’s offensive and defensive statistics. All in all, when it comes to March Madness betting, this is one of the easiest and best lines to take.

Betting Money Line

Betting the money line is simply picking one team over another, independent of the final score of the game. While this is, generally speaking, the hardest line to predict, it also offers the highest stakes. This is where you can get the most bang for your buck, especially for upset predictions.

Out of Competition Betting

When it comes to out of competition betting, players will focus mostly on betting on futures’ lines. And since college basketball can be volatile, this line arguably requires more luck than skill. But on the other hand, this line offers the nicest and largest payouts. Therefore, placing a handful of futures predictions is instrumental to making the best of the 2018 March Madness betting season.