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NCAA – College Football Sport Betting Online

The month of September gives way to the college football betting season, beginning with the NCAA Division I football and then into the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) matches which take place in late December and early January. BETNOW online sportsbook has a wide variety of available options for college football betting fans, such as odds on weekly games, Bowl Championship Series (BCS) odds, College Football Playoffs odds, future odds on which conference will win, total wins by team, betting odds on which player will win the Heisman Memorial Trophy and so much, much more.

When we are talking about NCAA football betting odds, we are discussing point-spreads or totals that fans may bet on weekly during the college football regular season for any specific team. The college football betting odds-maker’s job is to post betting lines that will attract action on both the favorite team and the underdog team. NCAA football betting odds-making is a science that comes down to the following formula: three-fourths is collating averages, numbers, and statistics and one-fourth is going with a gut feeling. A good football betting odds-maker will be able to look ahead and foresee how fans are going to be likely to bet and set the odds according to that foresight. In spite of which, it is very probable that the line will lean toward the favorite team as football betting fans will more often than not want to bet on that team to go ahead and win the game.

In comparison to the NFL professional league, when it comes to NCAA football betting, there are far more wagering trends that have been kept overtime. These trends are very popular among those people who like to bet on college football. There are many more possibilities because of the simple fact that there are more teams and games going on at a time. The weekend is usually packed wall to wall with college football betting action all day long. The NFL usually features 15 games per week only, and even fewer than that during the postseason. The betting lines for college football are issued on Sundays for games that will mostly take place the following Saturday, meaning that you have an entire week to do your homework and study the teams and their statistics before going ahead and placing a wager – or more – on them.

Although the NFL is as popular as any professional or amateur sport can aspire to become, NCAA football betting brings far more excitement than its professional counterpart. College players all want to be included in future NFL Draft Picks, therefore their game is amped up and limitless. The weekends will be filled with so many games that the dedicated fan will want to bet on all of them. There are games in the morning, games in the afternoon and games in the evening as well as the games in the state of Hawaii. If you are new to college football betting, let BETNOW be your beginning of great action and excitement.