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Do you believe your online gambling is compulsive and out of control? If it’s a problem to you it’s a concern to us. Although we are devoted to giving you unique online gaming fun on our website, we want to make sure it does not become an addiction for you.

When online betting, online casino games, racebook betting or any other game of “chance” turns into something compulsive and out of control, it will have a devastating impact on your personal affairs and your family. Someone who becomes a compulsive online bettor will not be able to tell the difference on how to do it occasionally and in an intelligent manner and doing it consistently on any game at any time.

This type of compulsion, like others, becomes a problem that is hard to recognize especially for the person who is suffering from it. The individual convinces him or herself that with one more play, they will be able to earn enough winnings to pay their debts, with the outcome being the other way around. In the majority of the situations, the compulsive gambler will never regain the money spent on their bets, setting them back into greater debts and emotional crisis. One more detail to keep in mind is that online betting is not for minors. Underage gambling is illegal and can easily spiral out of hand.

Watch out for the following symptoms! You or someone you know may be a compulsive gambler:

  • Rather spend time betting than socializing with friends and family
  • Work and family responsibilities are neglected
  • Have been unsuccessful at stopping the habit
  • Lying about time and money invested in online betting
  • Borrowing money to bet on future bets or pay for gambling debts
  • Increases betting to try and regain from previous losses
  • Selling of personal and precious possessions to invest in online betting

Compulsive gambling falls in the same category as drug addiction does. These types of behaviors become a drug for those who cannot get a hold of their spending limits. If you or someone you know is suffering from the symptoms above, please be aware that you can get help. Click on the links below and let those organizations help put you on the path to recovery.

One more step you can be brave enough to take is calling our customer service representative at 1-844-823-8669 and asking for your account to be temporarily or permanently suspended.

If we believe that you have an addiction or compulsive behavior with online betting, we will reserve the right to take action on your account by suspending or closing it and sending the funds back to you.

Gamblers Anonymous:


National Council on Problem Gambling:

Nevada Council on Problem Gambling (24 hour toll free Hotline): 1-800-500-4700