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Slot Fruitastic Free Spin

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All the beautiful colors and the different exotic flavors of your favorite fruits, all combined with your favorite type of slot machine game right on your screen. The Fruitastic game has a very sweet and juicy display, with all the playing symbols on the form of different types of fruits. This game features 5 reels, and 21 lines of play and it also has the variation that it gives the player the possibility of winning free spins, giving you more and more opportunities to win big prizes on this fun and juicy game. Choose a coin value by clicking on the bet selector arrows on the bottom right side of the machine. Click on the 'Bet One' button to increase the number of lines you wish to bet. Note that the more lines you bet on, the greater the chance of winning. "Bet Max" will bet all 21 lines and reels will start spinning.

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