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2019 Super Bowl Betting Odds (Super Bowl LIII)

We might have just closed the door on last year’s Super Bowl betting season, but that isn’t stopping sportsbooks from looking ahead to the 2019 Super Bowl and its betting action. Let’s take a look at what kind of odd each team is currently facing before going over some crucial Super Bowl betting tips.

Odds to Win Super Bowl LIII – 2019 Super Bowl Futures Odds

  • Arizona Cardinals +65535
  • Atlanta Falcons +65535
  • Baltimore Ravens +4000
  • Buffalo Bills +65535
  • Carolina Panthers +25000
  • Chicago Bears +1250
  • Cincinnati Bengals +65000
  • Cleveland Browns +65000
  • Dallas Cowboys +2550
  • Denver Broncos +12500
  • Detroit lions +50000
  • Green Bay Packers +40000
  • Houston Texans +2000
  • Indianapolis Colts +5000
  • Jacksonville Jaguars +65000
  • Kansas City Chiefs +510
  • Los Angeles Rams +385
  • Miami Dolphins +35000
  • Minnesota Vikings +5250
  • New England Patriots +385
  • New Orleans Saints +230
  • New York Giants +65000
  • New York Jets +65535
  • Oakland Raiders +65535
  • Philadelphia Eagles +7850
  • Pittsburgh Steelers +1250
  • Los Angeles Chargers +925
  • San Francisco 49ers +65535
  • Seattle Seahawks +3200
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +65000
  • Tennessee Titans +6500
  • Washington Redskins +65000

Surprisingly enough, the New England Patriots, alongside the Philadelphia Eagles, are facing the best odds out of the bunch. This is somewhat of a bombshell because the Patriots just lost the Super Bowl. One would assume that the team that just lost the NFL’s title game wouldn’t be facing the best odds out of all 32 NFL teams. But that’s the type of slack afforded to you when you have both Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. So, going of off the above-listed odds, what types of wagers should players betting on Super Bowl LIII make?

Current Super Bowl Betting Predictions to Make

Betting on Super Bowl LIII is all about finding the best possible value. The reason being, it’s hard to determine what kind of success a team will have this early into the current offseason. For example, Super Bowl L, many Super Bowl betting sites had the Panthers pegged as one of the favorites to win the following year’s NFL title. However, following their Super Bowl appearance, the Panthers would go on to post a 6-10 record to finish dead last in the division. Obviously, it’s not always clear which teams have the best chance of winning the Super Bowl.

So, NFL bettors looking to bet on Super Bowl futures presently should focus on finding the best value, rather than making the best prediction. The difference between those two might seem subtle, but it’ll become clearer upon closer inspection. Basically, betting New England would be considered a best option, since the Pats have made 3 out of the last 4 Super Bowls. However, there’s better value in taking the Green Bay Packers, since they’re facing +800 odds.

In fact, taking Green Bay might be the perfect synthesize between good value and a good prediction. The Packers started hot last season but were quickly crippled by a severe injury to Aaron Rodgers.  As Super Bowl betting players will recall, things quickly went downhill for the Pack from there on out.

Best Bet on Super Bowl LIII: Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers - Green Bay Packers - 2019 Super Bowl Betting Favorites - Super Bowl LIII BettingIt’s been a while since Rodgers led the Packers to a Super Bowl triumph, 8 years to be exact. However, the Rodgers-led Pack has been flirting with a Super Bowl appearance ever since. But the team has been undeniably crippled by poor decisions on behalf of the management. Anything and everything from letting talent walk right out of the door to firing the quarterback coach without consulting Rodgers.

But after this season’s atrocious finale, Green Bay’s management knew something had to give. Specifically, Brian Gutekunst was brought in as the new general manager, Mike Pettine has replaced Dom Capers at defensive coordinator, Joe Philbin will replace Edgar Bennett at offensive coordinator, and a myriad of other personal was brought in for positional coaches. Bottom line, there’s an atmosphere of urgency floating around Green Bay. In other words, the Packers will deliver Super Bowl betting results this season, or begin to fire personnel once again.

Future Super Bowl Betting

As for betting on Super Bowl in the future, fans will need to be able to develop a good sense of judging the landscape. If you’re betting on the Super Bowl before the NFL’s midseason mark, you can go off of the above-printed analysis. If however, you’re making Super Bowl predictions in the second half of the season, you’ll be better off by judging the frontrunners in each conference.

Take this past Super Bowl for example. After the midseason mark, everyone knew the Philadelphia Eagles were the frontrunners to win the NFC. That somewhat changed when Carson Wentz went down with an injury. But regardless, once the playoffs began, sportsbooks were very confident that the Eagles would represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. NFL betting players who read the landscape undoubtedly picked Philly to win the Super Bowl, cashing in on some lucrative odd.

This is the same approach players should assimilate when betting on the Super Bowl in the future. Simply put, one only needs to read the landscape to get a glimpse at which team has a strong chance of pulling off a Super Bowl triumph.