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Betting on Super Bowl 2023: A Guide

The 2023 Super Bowl is in the past. No more wondering “who’s going to win Super Bowl LVII” at SoFi Stadium. Instead, we’re on to Super Bowl LVII. The 2021 Super Bowl champions are the Los Angeles Rams. Sure, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers could repeat, the defending champions always could. (With Tom Brady on the team, you certainly never want to count them out of a championship game.) But, at this time of year, it may be smart to take the field. Here’s some of what to know about betting on the Super Bowl.

Future Super Bowl 2023 Locations Made Present: Glendale Arizona

As you may know, this year’s Super Bowl is in Arizona, State Farm Stadium. The Super Bowl will be at the home stadium of the Los Angeles Rams and the Los Angeles Chargers. In future years, of course, the Super Bowl will return to the Mercedes Benz Superdome, Raymond James Stadium, and other popular Super Bowl locations. But, this year, you can find the Super Bowl in the second National Football League city to have two teams. All of the construction delays are in the past. There have been Super Bowl games in LA in the past, of course. LA makes for a fine host city (as it did for the Pro Bowl before the Big Game). LA is a unique location for a football game that is unlike any other. If you’ve caught any of the games during the first week or two of the season, then you know that the news is good: this is going to be a perfect site for a football game between the two champions of their respective conferences. That said, we have plenty of time before the game is played. There are many AFC, NFC, and other league games to be played. Below is some of the NFL news on what you there is to know about the Super Bowl this far in advance.

Super Bowl Logo, Favorites, and More

At this point, the Super Bowl logo might as well be Tom Brady. He’s won more Super Bowls than anyone else (that said, he’s lost plenty of them, too). The Buccaneers of Tampa Bay are a fine bet to get back to the big game. That said, if we’re designing Super Bowl logos in the future, maybe one of them will be Patrick Mahomes. Head Coach Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs are always a tough out when it comes to getting to the big game. Their sports logos are of a tomahawk pointed directly at LA. There is a bit of revenge in how last year’s final game ended in Tampa Stadium. There, they got to see Tom Brady lift a trophy over them. Sure, the Chiefs won the year before. But, that’s not the game. Patrick Mahomes is a true great, but, as we saw in last year’s NFL playoffs, even he can be injured. The Chiefs played in the first Super Bowl, yes, but whenever they see the Super Bowl LV logo they’ll know that they lost the game. So, it’s entirely possible we’ll get a KC TB rematch, Kansas City versus Tampa Florida.

Super Bowl History, Super Bowl Future

Super Bowl 2022 This year’s Super Bowl could include any number of teams. Super Bowl 2023 could be anything. It could be, for example, a rematch of Super Bowl XLV, the Pittsburgh Steelers against the Green Bay Packers. Certainly, this Super Bowl XLV matchup seemed like a possibility before the season began. But, both teams have stumbled out of the gate. That’s not to say that neither can turn it around, but, it’s entirely possible that we’re far from a potential second coming of Super Bowl XLV. The New England Patriots may not have Tom Brady anymore, (they certainly aren’t Tom’s New England Patriots) but these New England Patriots have a defense that might be better than some folks think. Of course, any New England Patriots team is going to have Bill Belichick. That means that you really can’t count out any New England Patriots team, even if they aren’t the New England Patriots team you remember. The Philadelphia Eagles aren’t all that far removed from beating the Patriots, but they feel like a team in flux, as do most teams. The Philadelphia Eagles have to be considered favorites over teams like the New York Giants, but, again, this is the NFL. In the National Football League, every team has a chance to get hot and get through the playoffs. The New York Jets picked second in the draft and still could be a very good team sooner vs. later. It’s all a coin toss.

Potential Super Bowl Participants

We’ve covered the Kansas City Chiefs, we’ve covered Tampa Bay, but there are plenty of other teams who might soon sell merchandise with Super Bowl Logos on it. Speaking of a team that might get back into a Super Bowl logo, the Dallas Cowboys. Yes, the Dallas Cowboys defense may not make anyone think of Ed “Too Tall” Jones any time soon. That said, this Dallas Cowboys offense is as real as it gets. As with the Eagles, the Dallas Cowboys should be favored over the New York Giants in the NFC East. This is a team on the rise. If you believe that a certain team is going to be the first team to prove everyone wrong and get to the site of the big game when no one thought they would, now is the time to lock in that bet. For example, as of right this moment, not many folks believe in the Indianapolis Colts. They may have some quarterback issues, there are some other concerns, a lot of powers in the AFC. But, say hypothetically, when you think of the big game in the league, all you can think of are the logo (and logos) of the Indianapolis Colts. Should that be the case, we’ve got good news for you. Here, at our site, you can bet on the Colts now and get the best odds for what’s going to happen. If you believe that LA is going to host the Colts, the New York Giants or someone similar, then now is the time to get the bet in on who will be playing in these games. That way, you can have the good news and feeling that comes from having the team you believe will beat Tampa (or anyone else) for the best possible odds.

Other Potential Big Game Week Participants

Again, if you believe in the logo of a team, then you’re going to want get some money down on having their logos in the big game sooner versus later. For example, if you’ve seen the games the Miami Dolphins have played recently, you might now feel that they’ll be the team to beat Tampa (or anyone else) in the first week of February. But, (and this may be important news for some of you) as of this writing, it’s late September. Media week for the big game is a long ways away. So, there’s still plenty of time for the team that you believe in (whether it’s Tampa, someone who’s going to beat Tampa, or anyone else) to be the squad that gives their fans the good news that they’re headed to the city of LA during the first week in February. Instead of Tampa, it could be another team from Florida, for example. (We mean the Miami Dolphins – while you can bet on the third team from Florida, the Jacksonville Jaguars, we will consciously say that it’s unlikely that NFL team will play in the biggest NFL game of this year (or next year’s Super Bowl, or the biggest NFL game the year after that, etc.

Threats to Tampa

Yes, as of this writing, it may seem as if the NFL is Tampa and everyone else. That said, there’s a threat to Tampa in their own division – New Orleans. New Orleans has been thought of as a bit of an NFL also-ran after their loss to the LA Rams in the NFC championship game. That said, New Orleans may be a different squad, they’ll still be a tough unit to handle. Jameis Winston has gotten better, and is maybe ready to go to his first Super Bowl. Sure, they won’t be playing the biggest NFL game in their home stadium this year, but the New Orleans Saints will take it. You can never really count New Orleans out. Speaking of teams that you can’t count out, there’s another team that may see their logo and logos on that giant, full screen that goes around SoFi Stadium: the Rams. Far removed from being the St. Louis Rams, they are truly the squad for LA right now. Really, they were the first team that had a real claim to playing the big NFL game as a home game, in their city. While this may be news to some of you, the Rams lost the biggest NFL game (while still in LA) to the Steelers across town in the Rose Bowl in 1980. Obviously, the league, NFL football, (and even the news and everything else) has changed quite a bit since then. SoFi would be their true home location. They could be the team that sends Tampa back to Florida without the NFL trophy.

NFL Prop Bets

Last year’s big NFL game, next year’s Super Bowl – one thing they’re going to have: prop bets. When you bet on an NFL game, you don’t have to just bet on an NFL game. Instead, you can bet on the halftime show. Whether this year’s halftime show is better than last year’s, which show had the better ratings, etc. By that same token, you can bet on the national anthem. You can bet on the coin toss – if it’s the biggest game of the NFL years, you can bet on whatever you would like. super bowl betting 2022
Every year, there’s news of what the new prop bet is going to be. Sometimes, it’s something related to the host city. But, more often than that, it’s just something that’s far removed from football proper. When the big game at State Farm Stadium is to be played, you’re going to see some truly unique football bets. Indeed, SoFi Stadium is unlike any other location in the NFL. Think of how clear and big every logo and logos are going to be when they show up on that full screen scoreboard. (Of course, you can always bet on who’s going to have the most total yards, too.) Whether that logo and those logos are for the Miami Dolphins, the team from Tampa Florida or anywhere else there’s an NFL game, the biggest NFL game this year is going to be truly big at SoFi Stadium.

Betting Super Bowl 2023 News

The news at BetNow, of course, is that you can bet on which two logos will meet at the big game. The Miami Dolphins, the team from Tampa Florida, any other team from Florida – you can pick the two NFL squads that will meet at the biggest NFL event of them all.
Will they be the host city’s team? Or, will SoFi have to host the 49ers? Will it host the Ravens, host the Browns, host the Raiders, host the Steelers, host the Titans, host the Bengals (that one would really be news) or someone else?
State Farm Stadium is the home of the biggest NFL game of the year. This stadium, if you’ve never seen it, truly is a “stadium.” This is the most cutting-edge stadium right now, the stadium that every subsequent stadium will be judged against.
The same could be said for this year’s biggest NFL game, too. As ever, you can find all of the news you’ll need for following the NFL at our site. Whether you’re betting on which team has the best logo or logos, or who you’ve always rooted for, you can do it at BetNow. For more news, check back often.