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This is one of the best slot games you can play. The Dogfather Online Slot has great artwork and jazzy sound effects. From the moment you take your first spin, you will be so extremely entertained that you won’t be able to put it down. This fun game consists of 5 reels filled with tough mob dogs and other images related to the Godfather. Generous symbols of bulldogs, doggie knuckle dusters and revolvers spin in up to 20 paylines and can win you a maximum payout of wealthy winnings. That’s enough cash to make you stick around for more! The Dogfather, a big old Bulldog, is wild - he's mean for sure, but he'll also substitute missing symbols to complete winning paylines for you. Meaning he'll put more money in your pocket and a grin on your face. Also included in the Dogfather slot machine is a separate bonus game. Line up the fire hydrants and mark your territory by picking the right ones. Doing so will result in surprising rewards!

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