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Mobile Phone Betting

Without question, BetNow.eu sports mobile betting platform is without equal in the online sportsbook industry. BetNow has built a massive rapport with online bettors by offering one of the best sportsbook services on the planet. On top of that, BetNow’s action on casino games, horse betting and many others is unrivaled to this day. Luckily, the same sportsbook action available on your desktop is also available in the palm of your hand thanks to our top of the line technology. Whether you’re a newcomer dipping their toe into the sports betting water or a seasoned veteran looking for a quicker way to bet online, our cell phone betting service is exactly what you’re looking for.

Perks of Mobile Betting

If online betting offers innumerable perks than mobile betting offers that ad infinitum. Online betting made wagering on sports much easier by allowing you to make your predictions from the comfort of your own home. Now you don’t even have to be home to get in on some lucrative winnings. Mobile betting allows you to bet any sport, anytime, anywhere. Naturally it allows you to make some last minute bets on a game that you might have forgotten about or, at the same time, take a chance on some line that just changed. And just like with online betting, cell phone betting opens the door to the world wide web giving you access to dozens of sportsbook tidbits that are bound to up your betting action. You can also partake in the thrills of casino games wherever you want thanks to our cell phone betting service.

Differences Between Mobile & Online Betting

From our side there aren’t that many changes between mobile and online betting. Current clients will still use the same website, BetNow.eu, albeit accessing from your smart phone. The odds, bonuses and perks will be the same ones you’re familiar with. The site will still look the same and it will be just as easy to navigate. Ultimately this lets current clients make the swap to mobile betting without breaking a sweat.

Signing Up With Your Mobile Device

If you’re not currently signed up with BetNow, there’s still nothing to worry about. To get in on the eye-catching sportsbook action BetNow offers, simply follow the steps listed below.

  1. Visit our main site [BetNow.eu] from your mobile platform.
  2. On the welcome page, click where it says ‘JOIN NOW
  3. Vigilantly fill in your personal information and other required details
  4. Quickly mulch over your input to ensure there are no errors, then proceed to sign up
  5. Afterwards you will receive confirmation containing your account information
  6. You’re now all set to sink your teeth into the enticing sportsbook action BetNow offers

Depositing/Withdrawing Funds into Your Account From your Mobile Device

Just like with everything we offer, BetNow aims to make it simple. That’s why our interface is designed to allow you to deposit/withdraw your funds as easily as possible. In fact, this process is exactly the same as with your online desktop. Our previous customers should be familiar with the process/options. Newcomers can read up more on this specific by checking out our Bitcoin or our How to Bet on Sports designated pages.

How Does Mobile Betting Work?

At our site, mobile betting and online betting are one and the same. So if you want to make a wager with your cell phone device, simply follow the below listed steps:

  1. Access our site
  2. Login into your account
  3. Go to sportsbook
  4. Find the bet you’re looking to make
  5. Choose the line/odds you want to wager on
  6. Place your specific bet and advance
  7. Confirm your bet and save it
  8. Write down your confirmation number

Once this has been completed, our system will process your wager. After the event is concluded, you will be notified of any winnings or losses.

Is Cell Phone Betting Save?

This is qualitatively the most important question to ask yourself before parting with your personal information. Luckily, BetNow is officially licensed by the Government of Curacao. This means that BetNow offers top of the line service heavily monitored by strict guidelines. On top of that, our excellent customer satisfaction rate is testament to the level of security we employ here at BetNow.