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Old West Bonus Game

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Online slot games are the latest graze in the online casino community. Their growing popularity can be attributed to how easy they are to pick in addition to the fun they offer.

There are a myriad of options to choose form when playing online slot game. Each variant offers different perks and benefits which affect your ability to win. Here we’ll be breaking down the Old West Bonus Game, which is all about making it in the wild world of the old west. While this game doesn’t offer a jackpot, it does have bonus game, free spins, scatter and wilds on top of that. With a total of 21 winning lines, there are ample opportunities to come out on top here.

Old West Bonus Game

Old West Bonus Game

This online slot bonus game captures the wildness of the old west. All you need to survive out here is arm yourself with the knowledge necessary to come out on top. Below you’ll find a guide that explains winning lines as well as the numerous perks this game offers. First we’ll start by covering the 21 winning liens this game offers.

Old West Winning Lines

Old West Lines

If you’re unfamiliar with online slot games, this image can seem quite confusing. However, once you get the hang of things it’ll make much more sense. Below is an image that shows the winning lines one by one. This should allow you to understand what they are and how they work.

Winning Lines

As aforementioned, Old West Bonus Game offers a total of 21 winning lines. So when playing this game you only have to worry about the lines numbered from 1-12 above. The first lines are easy to understand as they are just horizontal. The other ones can bounce around from different planes and even zigzag.

The most basic thing to understand about winning lines is that they start with the symbol farthest on the left. This game has 5 reels with 3 symbols per reel for a total of 15 symbols on screen following each spin. Naturally the object of the game is to get matching symbols after each. However, matching symbols isn’t enough as you need to meet the requirements of a winning line. And since the line begins with the symbol on the left, you need to get the rest of the symbols to match that one. For example, you can get a row with 4 of the last 5 symbols being the same. But since the line begins with a different symbol, this is not necessarily a winning line. This is due to the fact that winning lines start with the symbol on the left.

It’s also vital to note that only the lines you bet on will pay out. This game offers a total of 21 winning lines. However, the smallest bet you can make is a 10 cent bet on winning line No. 1. You can make more bets by clicking the numbers on either side of a reel. That 10 cent bet will apply to each winning line you bet on. So a 10 cent bet (minimum bet) on all 21 lines would equal a $2.10 charge per spin. Clicking on a number will let you bet on that line and all the other ones before it. So if you click on the number 10 you are signing up to bet on winning lines 1-10. Similarly clicking 21 will sign you up for all 21 available winning lines here. Betting on more lines is costlier but it will also greatly increase your chance to win.

Old West Progressive Slot Paytable

It goes without saying that online slot games are all about winning. But to understand the requirements to win and how much you’re eligible to win you must visit the table. The paytable shows you the payout on different symbols as well as how many hits you have to get in order to register a win. Here hits refers to how many times the same symbol must show up in order to win. Below is the paytable as you would find it in the game for the starting wager, a 10 cent bet on winning line No. 1.

Old West Paytable

In addition to the info we just covered, you can see that the paytable also has info on scatters and wilds. However, we’ll cover that down below. For now it’s important to figure out the basics so you can determine what kind of bets you want to make. You can increase the amount placed per bet by clicking either the + or – symbols on either side of the 10 cent bet box that you can see on the bottom right. The minimum is 5 cents per bet and the maximum is one dollar per bet.

Increasing the size of your bets (going from 10 cents to 40 cents per bet) will increase the payouts for all the symbols. However, betting on more winning lines will not despite the fact that it will cost more per spin. It should be mentioned that paying more per spin will have an impact on your scatter payouts. For example, a 10 cent bet on all 21 winning lines will not impact the payout for all symbols only the scatters. This is illustrated in the image down below. It shows the paytable as you would find it for a 10 cent bet on all 21 winning lines. You can see that the payouts have not increased but the scatters have gone up.

Old West Paytable 15

The last two tables should clear up any doubts that may remain. The firs picture shows the paytable for a 50 cent bet on only winning line No. 1. The following image shows a maximum bet on all 21 winning lines. As you can see the payouts have not changed once again but there is a substantial change in scatter payouts.

Old West Paytable 50
Old West Paytable 50+
Old West Scatters & Wild

Scatters are a great bonus for online casino players. They increase your ability to win greatly. Simply put, Scatters don’t need to be a part of a winning line. As long as you get two or more the scatter symbol, the snake in this game, you automatically win. Naturally hitting more scatters will reward you greater prizes.

In addition to scatters, this game has wild symbols. Wild symbols are very helpful because they can fill the role of another symbol. Say you had a winning line with boots but needed one more boot to hit. If you had a wild in that line, the game would count it as the boot symbol! In addition, wild symbols can act as their own symbol if you get several of them in one line.

Lastly, this game also has free spins and bonus rounds. Free spins are tied up with the wild symbol. If you get two or more wild symbols on screen, you receive some free spins. Naturally getting more symbols will reward you more free spins.

The bonus rounds here are tied up with the scatter symbol. As the paytable states, hitting 2, 3 or 4 scatters will result in the bonus round. In the bonus round you can increase your winning without using any of your entries!

Now that you’re all caught up on winning lines and paytables you can begin your journey into the unforgiving world that is the Wild West!

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