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Online slots are the latest buss in the online casino community. They’ve become a fan favorite because they’re easy to pick up and offer all the riveting fun of a casino from wherever you feel comfortable.

It goes without saying that there are a ton of different options to choose from when playing online slots. Each game offers a variety of perks and benefits in addition to different payout. Here we’ll be breaking down the Lost in the Pyramid online slot game, which looks to transport you to the time of pharaohs. This game offers a mini jackpot ($757.63 at the moment), super jackpot ($7,574.97) as well as a mega jackpot ($23,645.70). These jackpots will continue to increase in size as long as no one hits them, giving you plenty of reason to jump in here and chase these lucrative payouts. Additionally, Lost in the Pyramid progressive slot offers a total of 15 winning lines which give you plenty of opportunities to come out on top. Lastly, this game also has scatters and wilds which will also increase your ability to win!

Pyramid Progressive

Lost in the Pyramid Casino Slot Game

This particular slot game is all about transporting yourself back into the time of pharaohs, mummies and ancient mysteries. All you need to is arm yourself with the necessary knowledge to go back and raid the pharaoh’s tomb of its many treasures. To help you out, we’ve assembled this guide to bring you up to speed and get you ready for your journey. As aforementioned, this game offers a total of 15 winning lines which we’ll go over down below.

Deep Space Winning Lines

Pyramid Lines

If you’re a newcomer to online slot games, the above image can be quite a mess. However, don’t let it scare you off because it’s easy to pick up. To help make it even easier, we’ve included another image below that shows each winning line individually. This should make it easier to understand what a winning line is and how they work.

Winning Lines

Lost in the Pyramid progressive slot offers a total of 15 winning lines. So when playing this game, you only need to focus on the lines above numbered from 1-15. The first lines are pretty straightforward as they are just a horizontal winning line that begins on the left. However, the ones that follow are a bit more intricate as they can bounce around between different planes.

It’s important to understand that winning lines begin with the symbol farthest to the left. This game has 5 reels with 3 symbols per reel for a total of 15 symbols on screen after each spin. Naturally the game is all about matching symbols. However, matching symbols will only be paid out if the line starts with that symbol. For example, you can get a row with 4 of the last 5 symbols matching. However, since the first symbol is different, and since the line starts with that symbol, it is not a winning line. This is because the line starts on the symbol on the left!

It’s also important to note that only the lines you bet on will pay out. This game has a total of 15 winning lines. However, the minimum bet will be a 10 cent bet on winning line No. 1. That 10 cent bet will apply to each winning line you bet on. So the minimum bet you can make on all 15 lines would be a $1.50 spin. You can choose the number of lines you bet on by clicking the numbers on either side of the reels. Clicking on a number will give you that line and all the other ones before it. So clicking on the 9 for example will allow you to wager on winning lines 1-9. Similarly, clicking on 15 will sign you up for all 15 lines available here. Betting on more lines will cost you more but it will also greatly increase your chances of coming out on top.

Lost in the Pyramid Progressive Slot Paytable

Ultimately online slot games are all about winning. In order to find out what your payout is you will have to visit the paytable. The paytable has basic information covering the payout each symbol offers as well as how many hits you have to get per line to win. Hits refers to how many times the same symbol appears on a line. Below you’ll find the paytable as you’ll see it in the game for the lowest bet possible; a 10 cent bet on winning line No. 1. You can see that the paytable has information on the wild and scatter symbols but we’ll cover that below.

Pyramid Paytable

Now that you’re somewhat familiar with the paytable, you can figure out what kind of bets you would like to place. You can choose to increase the amount placed per bet by clicking either the + or – symbols on either side of the 10 cent bet box on the bottom right. You can choose to lower it down to 10 cents or raise it to 50 cents per bet. Additionally you can change the number of lines you’re wagering on by clicking the numbers on either side of the reels as we previously discussed.

Naturally the payouts will be influenced by the amount you bet. Increasing the size of your bet (going from 10 cents per bet to 50 cents) will increase the payouts. It’s important to note that only by increasing the size of your bet can you increase the payouts for the symbols. However, scatter are influenced by the amount of money you bet per spin. So if you bet 10 cents on all 15 winning lines you would not see an increase in the symbol payout but you would see an increase in the scatter payout. This is illustrated down below. The image directly below is the paytable for a 10 cent bet on all 15 lines. As you can see the payout has stayed the same but there is a sizable increase in scatter payout.

Paytable 15

These final two tables should clear up any remaining confusion. The first image shows the paytable for a 50 cent bet on only one line. The last image will show the paytable for a 50 cent bet on all 15 lines. As you can see the payouts remain the same but there is an increase in scatter payout from one to another.

Paytable 50

Paytable 15+
Lost in the Pyramid Scatters & Wild

Scatters greatly increase your ability to come out on top by offering symbols that automatically hit regardless of winning lines. For this game you can see in the above paytables that the mummy symbol is the scatter symbol. Additionally, you need to get at least 2 of this symbol on screen to win. Getting more symbols will reward you with a greater payout.

On top of scatters, this game also has wild symbols. Like scatters these also help you win more often. Wilds will help you win more lines by meeting the requirement for that line. Simply put, the game swaps the wild symbol for whatever other symbol you would need to win. The wild symbol remains on screen but the game counts it in whichever way you need.

Now that you’re all caught up on winning lines and paytables you can make your trip to ancient Egypt and become the pharaoh you’ve always been!

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