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Without a doubt single hand blackjack card game is one of the most popular options players flock to when visiting an online casino. Granted, the game is also pretty popular at land based casinos. However, given the new age of technology, it's not surprising to see a rising demand for online blackjack.

One of the reasons that this particular game is growing in popularity is due to how low the house edge is. On top of that, anybody with basic knowledge of the game can develop a strategy and begin to rack up winnings. Naturally luck plays a pivotal role in these games, but with serious planning and developing, you will soon have a strategy that pays off in the long run. But jumping into the world of online casino games requires some preparation as there are many different variants available for online blackjack players. Today we'll be looking at the Single Deck blackjack card game, which employs the use of a hand. Subsequently this variant offers the best house edge for casino players, as long as they're familiar with blackjack strategy and theory.

Single Deck Blackjack Card Game | How to Play

Like most variants of Blackjack, the objective of this specific variant is to get a hand whose value equals 21, or as close to that figure as possible. Going over that amount means that you busted and have subsequently lost. However, if you stand, meaning sit at a number less than 21, you can win by default if the dealer busts. This is the most basic premise of the game from which advanced strategies evolve.

Before the game kicks off, players will have to place a bet. Afterwards you and the dealer are dealt you hand. As is common, the dealer is dealt one face up card and once face down. However, you will be dealt two face up cards. Next you can look at the three face up cards (two on your side and one on the dealers) in order to determine your next move. You can opt to stand (stop drawing cards), hit (keep drawing cards), double down, place another bet or even split the cards.

Rules of the Game | Single Deck Blackjack Card Game

As with all games players must abide by the following rules. Full knowledge of this rules will resort in better application of strategy and substantially more winnings.

  • The game employs a single hand. The hand is shuffled before the beginning of each single game session.
  • The dealer must hit on a soft 17 (a 17 that contains an ace).
  • The dealer must draw to 16.
  • The player is allowed to split his hand up to a total of 3 times.
  • Aces can be split but the player gets only one card to each Ace. These cannot be re-split however.
  • Blackjack is not met if it contains a hand of a split ace and a single card with a value of 10.
  • Blackjack pays out 3:2
  • A winning insurance bet will pay out 2:1
  • Other winning hands will pay out 1:1

Perks of Single Deck Blackjack

Single hand blackjack is widely considered the king of standard Blackjack games. This is because it gives players the best chance of winning. Generally speaking, blackjack games that feature multiple hands have a greater house edge than those using few or a single hand. In this variant, single hand blackjack, the house edge sits at just 0.15%. This is without a doubt the biggest perk one can enjoy when playing this game type. Notwithstanding that fact, players who understand this online casino game and its strategy will be able to take better advantage of that low house edge.

Downsides of Single Deck Blackjack

Although it offers the lowest house edge available, there are a couple downsides to this online blackjack variant. Generally the downsides are with the online casino and not the game itself. Some casinos will pay 6:5 instead of 3:2. Ultimately this causes the house edge to jump up to 1.45%.

Fortunately we here at do not employ this strategy, opting instead to follow the standard and traditional rules set by the game. This means that you can fully enjoy the perks of single hand blackjack here without any of the downsides.

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