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Online Betting on Horse Racing

When it comes to online sports betting, horse racing is one of the most popular for sports enthusiasts and online gamblers. Horse racing is a contest of running speed in a set of distance involving two or more horses that began as unplanned competitions between riders and eventually developed into an exciting racing sport.

BetNow brings you into the action of placing bets on horse racing that adds thrill to sports fans and online bettors, especially when winning. You can place bet to any of our horse racing tracks. There are no restrictions on who can win, and you can choose the winner and experience victory from the comfort of your own home. With our BetNow picks, you may raise your odds, gain an advantage over the competition, and hear what industry experts think about forthcoming races.

You can watch and wager on live horse racing from different tracks such as Churchill Downs, Monmouth Park, Keeneland and others, from your computer or mobile device! Live odds, handicapping choices, tips, and results of the events are all available here at BetNow sportsbook services.

If you are new to the horse racing sport or racing competition, check the horse racing explanation below before putting your bet on the next winner. And once you understand horse race betting, you can start placing your bet on the Pegasus World Cup, Belmont Stakes, Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, Breeders’ Cup and Kentucky Downs Stakes, with BetNow.

There are a lot of possibilities in terms of horse betting. At our site, you can find the kind of horse race betting that you’re looking for. Whether you’re in New York, Australia, Nevada, Maryland, or any other country around the world, you’ll be able to engage in top-quality off track betting at our site.

Horse Racing At Our Site

The most basic bet that you can make is betting on a horse to win a race. If your horse of choice finishes in first place then you have won as well. Another option that horse racing betting fans have is to put their money on a horse to finish the race in first or second place. Betting on a horse to come in first, second or third place is the next option that horse racing betting fans can take wagering on the horse to show. Now that all of these three options have been properly mentioned, it is worth mentioning that horse bettors can also take all of these three options, meaning that they can bet across the board. This equals to putting money on a horse to either win, place or show in three individual wagers.

We know that, when it comes to OTB sites, you don’t exactly lack for options online. That’s just one of the reasons why we offer as many different horse races as possible at our site. You could bet at Laurel Park, you could be at any other race track, but we always aim to offer as many races (as well as up to the minute horse race results) right here. Our OTB parlor is yours.

Unique Bets At Our Gambling Site

Exotic wagers are also a big thing in horse racing betting. There is a wide variety of ways for you to go about placing an exotic wager. The first option is called the exacta. In the exacta the bettor picks the exact order of the first two finishers of the race. In the quinella, which is another type of exotic wager, the bettor can choose the two horses believed to be the first two finishers of the race and de can come in whatever order, as long as the horses are correct. With the trifecta, the horse racing betting fan has to pick the first three horses that come through the ending line, but they must be chosen in the exact order. Finally, the superfecta works the exact same way with the slight difference that the first four horses must be involved.

Multi-race horse racing betting is yet another possibility. The first step of a multi-race bet is called the Daily Double that consists on making a pick of the first two races of any given day. The Pick Three option is when you have to pick the winners of three consecutive races. There is also the Pick Four and the Pick Six.

What To Keep In Mind About Legal Internet Off Track Betting

Off track betting has been going on in many states for a number of years. Now, with the rise of online gambling, more people can enjoy legal OTB betting than ever before. It’s our goal to give you all of the information provided by the racetrack officials. That way, you can make the best decision for your person.

As you might imagine, the popularity of the off track betting industry has never been higher. It’s a sign of how far we’ve come in history. A few years ago, the subject of horse owners (or others) engaging in off track betting throughout America would have been something of an issue. Now, it’s just the way things operate. It’s a great way for folks of from all kinds of locations to make some real revenue.

Speaking Of Revenue: Mobile Options At Our Website

No matter where a horse race takes place, where the racetracks are, odds are you can purchase a bet on them at our site. we believe that bettors shouldn’t be limited by where they are in the country to engage in the kind of gambling that they want to. That’s what a visit to our website is all about.

That said, we know you have plenty of options when it comes to betting on harness racing (or other legal harness racing and more.

So, we offer mobile options. You can bet a race on your phone and then watch it (where applicable.) You don’t need to purchase a mobile device to be one of our members, of course. But, it can help when it comes to finding the race number that you want.

There have been many unsuccessful attempts to make something like our system for bets, how we handle racing, betting, and more. But, accept no substitutes. Whether it’s on your tablet, laptop, desktop, or anything else, our members can put down bets on the type of horse racing that they want at our OTB site. You don’t even have to watch. We’ll make sure that you get the horse racing results you’re looking for.

The Finish Line

To recap, you can bet on a horse to win a race, or you can bet on a horse to finish a race in first, second, or third place. In addition to that, you can bet on a horse to show. Moreover, not only can you bet on these three alternatives individually, but also all of them at the same time. Furthermore, there are four kinds of exotic wagers; namely: the exacta, the quinella, the trifecta, and the superfecta. Finally, we have multi-race betting in which you can go full-on Jeopardy and do the Daily Double; that is picking the first two races of the day. There are also the pick three, pick four, and pick six. So now you know the basics for when you want to bet on horses. It is super fun and ultra exciting. No wonder they call horse racing the sport of kings.

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