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Slovenia vs. Serbia 6/20/24 2024 European Championship Soccer Betting Picks

Slovenia vs. Serbia 6/20/24 2024 – As Slovenia (0-1-0) and Serbia (0-0-1) gear up for their showdown on June 20, 2024, at the Fußball Arena München, both teams are looking to notch their first win in the group stages of the 2024 European Championship. This match, pivotal for both teams’ aspirations in the tournament, promises exciting football action and intriguing betting opportunities. Fans and bettors alike seeking the best online betting experiences will find plenty to consider in this clash of underdogs and seasoned competitors.

Slovenia vs. Serbia 6/20/24 2024

When:Thursday, June 20, 2024 at 9:00 AM ET
Where:Fußball Arena München

Bettors may notice the odds are weighted heavily toward Serbia, due to their recent performance and history advantage over Slovenia as significant underdogs. With these odds and the two teams’ performances taken into consideration, bettors should evaluate risks and potential returns carefully before placing their bet.

Slovenia+0.5 (-110)2.5 under (-130)+370
Serbia-0.5 (-130)2.5 over (-102)-120
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Draw: +258

Jan Oblak GK vs. Predrag Rajkovic GK

Jan Oblak, Slovenia’s goalkeeper, is widely considered one of the greatest in history and brings an impressive presence between the posts. His skills will be essential when facing off against Serbian team known for its attacking prowess; Oblak has demonstrated this ability with three saves made during one appearance so far this tournament, showing his reflexes and positional awareness skills; thus keeping Slovenia competitive against Serbia; his performance could determine both pace and outcome – making Oblak an essential player to watch!

Predrag Rajkovic, Serbia’s goalkeeper who may not be as widely recognized as Oblak, brings unique strengths to their squad. Rajkovic has consistently kept Slovenia at bay with composure and reliability as they come looking for opportunities to upset Serbia in games like these. At this tournament, his involvement has been somewhat less rigorous, with two saves so far, suggesting his defense has done its job effectively; yet any breakthrough from Slovenia would leave him vulnerable. Rajkovic will play an instrumental role in maintaining Serbia’s slight edge over their betting odds during Group Stage play and will serve as a cornerstone of their defensive strategy. His contributions should not be overlooked!

Slovenian Struggle and Brilliance on Defense

Slovenia’s offensive efforts during this tournament have been modest, with Erik Janza emerging as an unlikely top scorer from his defensive role. Unfortunately, only 7.7% of their shots converted to goals; more effective finishing might help lessen Serbia’s impactful defense if Slovenia can elevate their play and create more chances than 8.8 per game averages per match.

Serbian Offensive Push and Defensive Stability

Serbia on the other hand have displayed more dynamic offensive dynamics. Although their forwards may not yet have scored goals, their ability to apply pressure and create scoring chances will test Slovenian defense and might pose major threats if their forward line, including Dusan Vlahovic finds their form.

Slovenia Betting Trends

As anticipated, Slovenia is going into this match as the underdog, having only 21.8% chances of clinching this match based on the moneyline. Their tactical performance which, at best, allowed them to score 14 goals in 16 games will have to be defended to the maximum. From the betting point of view, there are a lot of approaches when it comes to betting on Slovenia, which means that the only way for them to potentially get a positive result is applying as strong a defensive line-up as possible.

Serbia Betting Trends

Serbia is considered to be the favorite according to the betting line; a team that has a 55% chance of winning, according to the moneyline. On the same note, negative expectations due to the fact that they hadn’t been blessed in this tournament also inject uncertainties, yet on their statistical performance and goal lost/awarded records, there is confidence. Serbia could prove to be a safer bet for the bettors, particularly by the points of view of the offense.

Slovenia vs. Serbia Betting Picks

Based on analysis and betting trends, this match appears likely to be low-scoring due to both teams’ current form and high stakes involved. Slovenia may use Jan Oblak’s defensive setup against Serbia for extended periods before ultimately pulling away in an unpredictable match up, although Serbia have the quality offensive track record necessary for an upset victory.

Serbia appears to be an excellent pick in this matchup and should be betted upon as under 2.5 goals may occur. When looking for 2024 Euro free picks today, Serbia could make for an attractive pick due to their impressive goalkeepers on either end.

Score Prediction: Serbia 1, Slovenia 0