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In-Play Betting Rules - Live Sports Betting Online

The following rules apply for In-Play Betting:

Please note that overtime is not included on market unless contrarily stated.

Offering: In-Play betting lines are presented at the Sportsbook’s choice., in any moment of the game, does not promise or guarantees a line. These wagers can be only place online exclusively. reserves the right to invalidate bets if they were done by calling our bookmaking line. Action for In-Play bets are presented on designated sports on nationally TV broadcasted games.

Score Board: We take the necessary efforts to make sure that In-Play info is displayed correctly. This information is intended to be used only as information. We do not take any responsibility if the information displayed is erroneous.

Bet Delays: To allow us to monitor odds closely so past-post bets can be avoided because of transmission delays, all wagers made on In-Play wagering events are thus delayed. Customers may experience a deferral of 15 seconds maximum (in addition to any network delays) depending on the location and the sporting event that is being held.

Past-post: If a wager was made after the result of a game or match is accepted or after the selected participant or team has gained a material advantage (e.g. a score, etc.) open and settled bets in question will be deemed invalid.

Line Errors: In case where a clear mistake has been identified on a line posting, all wagers with that error are to be considered invalid. If the format of a match is different from our information, the Sportsbook can decide to invalidate the bets.

Grading: If the result of a specific sporting event can’t be officially verified, reserves the right to have a delayed settlement of any pending wagers, until confirmation is obtained officially. We also reserve the right to correct any erroneous settlements at any given time. In case a game or match has not concluded or played at all regularly, all unresolved bets are contemplated as void.

Automatically Accept any odds change Feature: Odds may alter radically at any given time depending on the sport. In case the option “Accept any odds change” is turned on during confirmation, wagers will be recognized at the present odds without any warning or option to terminate the wager. All customers must be alert that they CAN’T CANCEL Live betting wagers, and the enabling and disabling of this option at their discretion is the responsibility of the player.