Horse Racing

Horse Racing Betting Rules

Having a clear grasp of the horse wagering rules is of crucial importance not only for fairness, but also to ensure a successful and beneficial experience by comprehending how these procedures work. The success of the player is strictly tied to this understanding. The horse racing betting rules used in Las Vegas apply in our Racebook.

To give you an example, the desired horses need to be selected one minute prior the race begins at least, otherwise no action will be accepted. Furthermore, all updates from the racetrack will be posted in a lapse of 20 minutes up to approximately one hour, afterwards all updates for all playing accounts will be done correspondingly. Also, Scratches will be considered a No Play on any horse wager made if there is not an entry.

Wagers made on the assigned time frame in any race will be contemplated as an active wager. Payoffs can’t be determined before to the race start and they can’t be given until after approving a readback. Races that are delayed or postponed for a lapse of more that twelve hours will then be considered as “No Action”. All accounts will then be credited fittingly.

Absolutely NO bets laid after the beginning of the race are to be acknowledged, all bets for horse races must be placed before the start of the race. can and will execute limits on an account if considered necessary. Creating multiple accounts with the intention to evade the aforementioned limits in horse race betting is strictly forbidden. If such practice is discovered of multiple accounts are used, all bets will be then invalidated. In addition, it is the obligation of the bettor to notify us if any funds have been incorrectly credited to an account. If an account is funded erroneously with said winnings, prior to notifying the Racebook, the credits will be invalidated.

Postponed races, race result reversals, reversed race decisions, races run under protest or races where scoring has been revised shall not be recognized for horse betting purposes.

In order for any horse-racing wager to be accepted, all customers must also receive a confirmation wager number from This confirmation number will be sent via a message that will be sent to your account.

After they have been accepted, horse-betting plays cannot be cancelled or modified in any way.

We make all the necessary efforts to make sure that the information displayed on our website is accurate and timely. However, even with the greatest inspection, mistakes can happen. In the event that race conditions or information related to the pricing of the race appears on screen with inaccurate data, will reserve the right to correct or adjust any errors and reconcile any formerly made wagers at the right price.