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What Types of Sports Betting are Available?

What Types of Sports Betting are Available? Sports gambling has seen unprecedented growth as more states legalized and regulated the activity. But for newcomers to sports gambling, all the jargon surrounding spreads, props and parlays may be confusing; so this comprehensive guide explains all types of bets available today.

Betting on sports has long been an enjoyable pastime among fans in the US, but legal sports gambling was previously limited to Nevada alone. That changed in 2018 when the Supreme Court overturned PASPA and permitted states to legalize sports gambling; many have done so and created an exploding new regulated betting industry.

With such an increase in betting options available to bettors today, understanding all available bets is now more essential than ever for finding ones that meet your interests, budget, and risk tolerance. Read on to become acquainted with major sports betting categories!

What Types of Sports Betting are Available? Understanding Sports Betting

The simplest and most common sports wagers are straight bets, also called moneyline or win bets. These require you to pick a winner for a sporting event or competition. Odds are set based on the teams’ or players’ chances of winning.

Favored teams or players are given negative odds (e.g. -200), meaning you would need to risk more money for the potential payout. Positive odds (e.g.+150) indicate an underdog—if they win, you get paid more for taking the greater risk.

Payouts vary based on shifting odds. Tracking line movements can reveal when there is heavy betting on one side. Some savvy bettors target +EV (expected value) opportunities this way.

  • Historically, sports betting was limited to racetracks and specific betting shops; but with the Internet comes global sports gambling accessible through platforms such as BetNow.eu. Here you will find multiple betting markets on numerous sports.

The Process of Placing a Bet

While the types of wagers vary significantly, the general process for placing any sports bet is fairly straightforward:

  1. Choose a Legal Betting Operator, Select from the trusted, licensed options available in your state or jurisdiction.
  1. Open Account and Deposit Funds Create a secure account and transfer money to use for betting.
  2. Find Bet and Event Identify the exact bet type and sporting event that you wish to wager on.
  3. Determine Bet Amount Decide how much you want to risk within your bankroll limits.
  4. Confirm and Track Bet Place wager, save bet slip, and monitor status as event unfolds.
  • Key considerations include understanding the odds, knowing the Betnow.eu betting rules for the specific sport, and managing your bankroll effectively.

Legal Landscape

The legality and regulation of sports betting differs widely depending on location. Many regions only allow betting through licensed casinos, while others have emerging online industries. Understanding your local laws is critical for legal compliance. 

In the US, states now can regulate sports betting independently after a landmark 2018 Supreme Court ruling. However across Europe and other jurisdictions, sports betting is generally legal under licensed operators like those promoted here.

  • Understanding these legal nuances is essential to conducting sports betting responsibly and legally, which means consulting the laws and regulations applicable in your location. For a deeper dive into legal considerations for sports betting – including rights and obligations of bettors – visit our comprehensive guide on legal considerations in sports betting.

Betting Strategy Tips

While absorbing the sheer diversity of bet types, you may feel overwhelmed as a beginner seeking to dive in. No worries! Start by focusing on moneyline and point spread wagers on straightforward markets like winners of games and halves. 

  • Avoid parlays and props initially. The goal is just determining value plays and slowly building confidence.
  • Bet selectively – don’t fall into traps of over-betting or long-shot hunts seeking to “get rich quick”. Patience and modest incremental profits should rule the day early on. As your skills grow, you can increase bet sizes accordingly.
  • Never chase losses – unsuccessful days happen even among veterans. Stick to your process rather than desperately blowing bankrolls recouping previous bets that missed. Protecting your betting capital should be priority one.

By keeping these best practices in mind, you can make the most informed betting decisions possible. See our Betting Strategy hub for time-tested tips.

How to Get Started Sports Betting

Ready to begin exploring sports betting? Just follow these simple action steps:

  1. Research betting laws and potential platforms in your area
  2. Open a secure account with a licensed, trustworthy betting site
  3. Start small by placing tiny wagers to test the process
  4. Use site tools to track bets and withdraw any winnings

Check out the wide range of competitive odds and exciting sports markets here today to start betting with confidence! For assistance or more information, Betnow.eu provides customer support services and detailed guides on how to bet.


Here are answers to some common questions surrounding the major types of sports bets:

Q: What are moneyline bets?

A: Also called win bets, these require you to simply pick a winner for a sporting event. Favored teams or players are given negative odds, underdogs receive positive odds.

Q: Which sport is easiest to bet on for beginners?

A: Many experts suggest new bettors start with major US sports like football and basketball. Their popularity makes it easier to track relevant information to make informed picks. These sports also have many options aside from just picking winners, like point spread and over/under bets.

Q: What happens if my player or team doesn’t play?

A: At legal online sportsbooks, if a player you bet on doesn’t participate for some reason, your wager is simply refunded. However, always check rules on different bet types, as some still require action regardless if a player suits up or not.

Q: Can I legally bet on sports online?

A: Sports betting online is legal only in states that have passed legislation legalizing and regulating the activity, so be sure to play only at licensed sportsbooks within your own state borders, as unregulated offshore sites operate illegally across much of the US.

Though sports betting has expanded exponentially in the US, classic bet types like straights, spreads and props still provide reliable ways for both casual fans and seasoned sharps to join the action. Understanding these options provides essential knowledge when navigating regulated markets – but make sure that when starting out you bet responsibly by never wagering more than you can afford to lose!

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