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Week 1 NFL Sportsbook Betting Sunday Afternoon and Monday Night

Each Game After 1 PM During the Season Opening Sunday

Week 1 NFL Sportsbook Betting – After the 1 PM games end on the season opening weekend, there’s still plenty of teams left to play. Indeed, if the matchups didn’t go your way on Thursday night (wow, the Detroit Lions beat the Kansas City Chiefs) or earlier in the day (depending on how you bet the San Francisco 49ers and the Pittsburgh Steelers or any number of other games) there’s still plenty of time to collect your winnings when it comes to the 4 PM games and after.

During week one of NFL betting, there’s so many opportunities to win. You can still be a winner if the early games didn’t break your way. Below, we’ve got some details about the games that will be most exciting going into Sunday evening and even into Monday. Of course, bettors can find everything they need right here at our site.

Week 1 NFL Sportsbook Betting: Green Bay Packers at the Chicago Bears

Aaron Rodgers has moved on to the New York Jets yet still, one of the oldest rivalries in the league adds a new chapter at 4:25 PM Eastern time. Now, its Jordan Love in control of the Pack going up against Justin Fields and the Chicago Bears. How do you see this one going? Most bookies, analysts, and others, frankly, don’t think a whole lot of either team when it comes to competing in the division, making the playoffs, or that kind of thing. But, for one game, for one time, how do you see this one going?

Most see this game as a tight one between two teams that, frankly, may not have the most proven QB in the world just yet. Right now, the favorites are, actually, the Bears. They’re a one point favorite at home. Among the entire slate of games, this is seen as perhaps the one with the least amount of scoring, as the over/under is at 41.5. So, of games this afternoon and evening, this is the one that’s seen as a real struggle between two defenses (Joe Burrow is certainly not playing in this one). What’s your pick? Do the Pack win in Chicago yet again (thus justifying that great preseason) or do the Bears show that its a new day, a new offense, and pull this one out at Soldier Field?

Preseason is Over: Las Vegas Raiders versus Denver Broncos

Speaking of ancient football rivalries, the Raiders and the Broncos, at Mile High Stadium, is as old-timey as it gets. Can the Raiders win on the road in Denver? Or, do the Broncos (who always enjoy perhaps the best home field advantage due to the elevation, etc.) have a chance to pull out a win and thus show that this year is going to have an improvement on last year’s record?

Perhaps willing to have their hearts broken again, the sportsbook experts have Denver as 3.5 point favorites at home against the Raiders.  As the old rule from bookies says, you get three points just for being at home, this implies that, even if the game weren’t in their place, the Broncos would have been favorites. The odds say that the Broncos are going off at -175. This is the year the bookies think that Russell Wilson is going to shake off… whatever happened last year. After a seemingly good Sean Payton training camp the Broncs do have a new look. How do you see this contest going?

Super Bowl Rematch: New England Patriots at Home to Philadelphia Eagles

Tom Brady is gone. So, too, is Nick Foles and so many others form that championship matchup. But, the situation in Foxboro is going to be anything but uninteresting. As the new-look Patriots host the defending NFC champions, both teams have a lot to play for here. Is Mac Jones really the player to help the Pats transition from the Brady Era to the next one of winning? Can the Eagles, for all of their talent, mark this as the beginning not of a season that gets to the big game but one that ends with them as the champions?

To put it mildly, the sports books like the Birds. The Pats are dogs by four points at home. That’s a lot. The Pats and The Hoodie as the underdog in their own stadium may be something that’s too good for many customers to pass up. Will you wager this game? What do you think is going to happen in this one? Do the players that the Pats have collected have enough to overcome what’s essentially the Georgia Bulldogs (and one important Alabama member) North?

Possible Playoff Matchup: Miami Dolphins in Los Angeles

Just because it’s Week One doesn’t mean that it’s too early to look ahead to the postseason. That’s certainly what’s happening out west as the Miami Dolphins (seen as a unit that could make a run this year) going to LA to play the Chargers. The last time we saw the Chargets, they had a span where they seemingly gave up about a hundred points in the span of five minutes, as the Jacksonville Jaguars had one of the greatest comebacks that anyone had seen. It was enough to make any Chargers fan worry about their health.

But, this is a new year. This is a real, live opportunity to make people forget about that game with the start of a new schedule. According to the spread, the Chargers are a three point favorite at home. Of all the games to do some gambling on, this seems to be one of the most popular. To say that plenty of folks don’t have faith that the Chargers (and their has-to-at-least-kinda-be-on-the-hot-seat head coach) is to put it mildly. Plenty of sportsbooks across the internet are seeing plenty of online sports betting on the Dolphins.

And, to an extent, it makes sense. Tua’s success was no fluke. The defense, now with Jalen Ramsey (even though it’s not 2019 anymore) could be very good. Who wins this one? Do the Chargers take a step forward in the AFC West (after Patrick Mahomes lost) or do the Dolphins stake their claim to taking one step forward to be a champion?

Sunday Night Football: Dallas Cowboys in New York

Everyone loves an old rivalry. It’s an experience unlike any other. The money loves it. The customers love it. Betting sites love it – there’s nothing like an old rivalry. And, the New York Giants hosting the Cowboys at home, in a tough NFC East game, is as tough as it gets. Indeed, this series goes back decades.

The New York Giants are underdogs in their own stadium. That’s not something you typically see from a playoff team, but the oddsmakers like the Cowboys. Dallas had some (seemingly) great draft picks, good players on each side of the ball, and the Cowboys have a real chance to join Kenny Pickett and the Steelers as well as the Pats as the teams with six rings by the end of the season.

As things stand right now, the Giants are a four point underdog in their stadium. The moneylines for this one include the Giants at +143 and the Cowboys at -170 for this epic battle. What do you see happening? Will Dak prevail in this, the first of two contests between these teams this year? Or, will the Giants start the season with a big, big victory?

Monday Night Football: Buffalo Bills Against Aaron Rodgers

The opener of Monday Night Football is one that has as many bets on it as any games that have opened any seasons in a long time. Of course, everyone wants to see what Aaron Rodgers does as a member of the Jets in his very first game with Gang Green. The fans want to see this home game all around the country – this is a first game that’s on a different level from many others.

After all, so many have information about the Jets that they wouldn’t have had without Hard Knocks and all of that. This is an example of where you can find plenty of great player props. Users are betting on when will Rodgers throw his first touchdown, who he will throw it to, etc. There’s an option to bet on practically everything that Rodgers is going to do. Of course, there’s a game going on here, too.

The line is Bills by 2.5 in New York. Yes, despite bringing in so many new playmakers to start the 2023 campaign, the Jets are an underdog in their stadium. How do you see this one going? Will this be a preview of the AFC Championship Game (which the Bills have yet to win under Josh Allen?) Or, will this game be between two teams that are heading in total different directions?

Just Round 1

This week marks the true end of the offseason. Now truly is the return of the NFL season. No matter what happens this week, whether it’s for the players, the teams, or you, a person who bet a teaser, a prop, or something similar, it’s still just the first week. There are sixteen weeks to go. Good luck to you all season long!