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Unveiling the 2023 College Football Landscape: TV Schedule, Realignment, and Conference Guide

Unveiling the 2023 College Football Landscape – As college football enters its 2023 season, realignments and matchups continue to shape its landscape. This article presents an overview of recent conference alignment changes, offers insight into its 2023 NCAAF TV schedule for this season, and highlights some notable games from last season – giving college fans much to look forward to this season. From shifting affiliations to highly anticipated matchups – college fans have much to look forward to this season. Realignments and Conference Changes.

Realignment in college football has long been an issue, and this season marks several noteworthy shifts in conference affiliations. Let’s examine recent realignments to assess their effect on Power 5 conferences, Group of 5 meetings, and Independents:

Power 5 Conferences The five Power 5 conferences include the ACC, Big 12, Big Ten, Pac-12, and SEC – here’s an overview of their current status:

2023 College Football Landscape: ACC

The Atlantic Coast Conference will retain 14 teams this season, featuring perennial powerhouses like Clemson, Florida State, and Notre Dame. Since 2005, divisional alignment in this league has not existed; instead, its top two teams compete in an ACC championship game to decide the champion of all 14 clubs in its ranks.

Big 12

With BYU, Cincinnati, Houston, and UCF joining its ranks, this season will mark Oklahoma and Texas’ final campaign before their moves to SEC Conference 2024. No divisional structure exists within Big 12. Instead, the top two teams compete against one another for supremacy at the championship game.

Big Ten Conference

The Big Ten conference currently includes 14 teams; however, USC and UCLA will join it as full members in 2024. This season marks the final one under East-West divisional alignment before realignment takes effect in 2024.


For the 2023 season, the Pac-12 remains with 12 teams as USC and UCLA will leave to join Big Ten Conference by 2024. A conference championship game features the top two finishers.


The Southeastern Conference remains unrivaled, featuring 14 teams divided between East and West divisions. Notable matchups for conference supremacy between Alabama, Georgia, and Florida stay among others in significant battles to remain relevant within their conference. College Football TV Schedule 2023 – Exciting Matches and Broadcasts

The upcoming season marks the final year where the SEC will have divisions, a structure in place since 1992. In 2024, the conference will transition to an eight-game schedule. Exciting changes are on the horizon, as Oklahoma and Texas are set to join the SEC, with the discussion already revealing the eight-game conference schedule for that season.


In 2023, there are four independent schools in the FBS: Army, Notre Dame, UConn, and UMass. BYU, Liberty, and New Mexico State have joined conferences, leaving Army, UConn, and UMass as independent schools. Notre Dame will maintain its independent status in 2024, with potential changes under incoming athletic director Peter Bevacqua.

Group of 5

The Group of 5 conferences, consisting of 59 schools, adds depth and excitement to college football. Let’s take a closer look at one of these conferences:

American Athletic Conference (AAC)

The AAC will feature 14 teams in the 2023 season, including Charlotte, FAU, Memphis, Navy, and SMU. Notable departures from the conference include Cincinnati, Houston, and UCF. The AAC will adopt an eight-game conference schedule without divisions, with the top two teams competing in the AAC championship game on December 2. The conference will maintain its 14-school membership heading into 2024.

Conference USA (CUSA)

Conference USA will consist of nine schools in 2023, with Liberty, New Mexico State, and Sam Houston joining the conference. Notable departures from CUSA include Charlotte, FAU, North Texas, Rice, UAB, and UTSA. CUSA will not have divisions, and the championship game is scheduled for December 1 or 2. In 2024, Conference USA will welcome Kennesaw State as a new member.

MAC (Mid-American Conference)

The MAC will have 12 schools for the 2023 season, including Akron, Buffalo, Central Michigan, and Western Michigan. The conference will maintain its eight-game schedule and feature East and West divisions. The division winners will compete in the MAC championship game on December 2. The MAC has not added any new members since UMass left after the 2015 season.

Mountain West Conference

The Mountain West Conference will have 12 schools in 2023, including Boise State, San Diego State, and Wyoming. The conference has done away with divisions, opting for a straightforward format where the top two teams meet in the conference championship game on December 2. The San Diego State saga continues, with the school expressing its intention to resign from the conference but later reaffirming its membership.

Sun Belt

The Sun Belt conference will feature 14 schools in 2023, with notable teams such as Appalachian, Coastal Carolina, and Georgia State. The conference is divided into East and West divisions, with the champion from each division facing off in the Sun Belt championship game.

As realignment and conference changes shape the landscape of college football, fans can anticipate an exciting and competitive 2023 season. The Group of 5 conferences and the Power 5 conferences will provide thrilling matchups, and the TV schedule promises to bring action to fans across the nation. Whether it’s traditional powerhouses or emerging teams, college football continues to captivate fans with its rich traditions and passionate rivalries.

The 2023 college football TV schedule promises exciting matchups throughout the season for fans to watch on television, with early weeks’ schedule being an example:

Week 0 will feature Notre Dame against Navy in Dublin, Ireland; Jacksonville State against UTEP at Jacksonville; all broadcast on networks like NBC, ESPN, and SEC Network. Week 1: Notre Dame takes on Army at Arlington National Stadium (VA), Tennessee takes on Missouri at Atlanta Falcons stadium (GA); Alabama plays Washington University; Clemson takes on Miami (FL); Florida Atlantic hosts Georgia Southern, and Louisville will meet Western Carolina University

Wake Forest will meet Elon, UCF will battle Kent State and Tennessee vs Virginia will meet up in Nashville, Tennessee – games which can only be watched via broadcast from networks like ACC Network, FS1, or ESPN – but these matches don’t disappoint when it comes to excitement! Section 3: Highlighted Games and Key Storylines

Must Watch Contests & Exciting Storylines

As the season unfolds, certain games and storylines become especially notable. Here are several noteworthy matchups and narrative threads you should keep an eye out for:

Rivalry Rekindled: Notre Dame and LSU (Orlando, Florida)

This matchup between two esteemed programs promises high-intensity action as both showcase their talent. ABC will broadcast the game nationwide in Conference Showdown Action Ohio State Vs. Indiana.

Ohio State, an annual Big Ten contender, takes on Indiana in a critical Big Ten contest that CBS will broadcast live to heighten the drama of this matchup. Realignment Implications: USC Vs. UCLA This anticipated clash provides us with an insight into what the Big Ten conference landscape might look like after realignment takes effect next season.

Fans can tune into ESPN to witness Florida State versus Miami as two storied rivalries collide on the football field. Florida State and Miami boast long histories that add excitement to college football seasons; now ESPN will broadcast this matchup, giving audiences a front-row seat to this historic clash!

The 2023 college football is set to bring realignments, exciting matchups, and captivating storylines that enthrall fans nationwide. Conferences evolve while teams compete and rivalries renew, setting off an action-packed season spanning early clashes through bowl season and College Football Playoff! Prepare for unforgettable memories as college football continues developing into our lives and culture!