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UFC on ESPN 58: Carli Judice vs. Gabriella Fernandes 6/15/24 Fight Forecast, Picks and Analysis

UFC on ESPN 58: Judice vs. Fernandes 6/15/24 – This Saturday’s UFC on ESPN 58 is set to feature an electrifying women’s flyweight bout between Carli “Crispy” Judice and Gabriella “Gabi” Fernandes. Both fighters come into the bout with a strong desire to bounce back from recent losses, which sets the stage for a fierce competition. The event will be held at the prestigious UFC APEX in Las Vegas, and those interested in placing a wager should consider the current lines offered by premier sportsbook online. Judice enters the ring with a record of 3-1-0, facing Fernandes, who holds a more experienced record of 8-3-0. This matchup promises not just a test of skills but also of willpower, as both fighters look to climb up the flyweight rankings.

UFC on ESPN 58: Judice vs. Fernandes 6/15/24

When:Saturday, June 15, 2024 | Time: 4:00 PM ET
Where:UFC APEX, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Stream:UFC Fight Pass

The current odds from sportsbooks mark Gabriella Fernandes as the favorite at -137, suggesting a slightly higher confidence in her abilities to secure a win. Carli Judice, marked at +117, is positioned as the underdog, which could be an enticing pick for those looking to capitalize on the unpredictability of the sport. Given the contrasting styles and records, this bout might be closer than the odds suggest, making Judice an interesting proposition for bettors looking for value.

UFC on ESPN 58: Judice vs. Fernandes 6/15/24 Odds

Bet Now on this Game

Carli Judice+210Gabriella Fernandes-250

Main Card

Carli Judice

The woman fighting under the ring name Carli Judice is only 25 years old; she is known as Crispy, and has quite a promising record and scored 3-1-0. Probably the most distinguishing on her behalf is the fact that she has very high KO vigor at 11.20 she has strikes per minute and has the ability to land them 57% of the time. Still, she has a good chance to counterattack, she dodges 12.27 impacts per minute. Her southpaw stance and 68 inches reach gives her a tiny advantage against Fernandes in reach which she has to use to keep at a distance and dictate the pace of the fight. Judice is a-worthy opponent who rarely goes to the ground; in terms of grappling, she scored zero takedowns out of the total attempts, and her takedown defense was only 50 percent, which suggests that Judice aims to keep her fight standing so that she can try to knock down her opponent.

Gabriella Fernandes

Gabriella Fernandes, with the moniker “Gabi,” who has richer experience to share in the octagon counting 8-3-0. She may approach with 47% striking accuracy, which is lower than Judice, nonetheless, she takes fewer shots with a rate of 2.70 per minute, an aspect that depicts her as a defensive player. Fernandes meanwhile who is an inch shorter than Judice and has 2 inches less reach than her will have to close the gap while avoiding the sure fire shots from his opponent. Liberative has higher fight statistics, 61% takedown defense shows her ability to defend herself from the takedown techniques higher than Judice. Her guarded left hand will mirror that of her opponent, this may cede to a deliberate war of feet placing and positioning.

Judice vs. Fernandes Betting Numbers

Carli Judice
Gabriella Fernandes
Last FightLossLoss
Height5′ 7″5′ 6″
Weight (lbs)125125
Reach (in)68″66″
Win by KO/TKO100%38%
Win by Submission0%25%
Strikes landed per minute11.201.63
Striking accuracy57%47%
Striking absorbed per minute12.272.70
Striking defense54%47%
Takedown average0.000.00
Takedown accuracy0%0%
Takedown defense50%61%
Submission average0.00.0

Carli Judice vs. Gabriella Fernandes Summary

That bout between Carli Judice, a professional female kick-boxer and Gabriella Fernandes, a Thai boxer come into sharp focus as the advantages and disadvantages of each fighter are revealed. As mentioned, the pressure of Judice’s high volume striking might be the deciding factor if she can both maintain distance control and avoid the Clinch and eventual Takedown. At the same time, emotional aspects and superior defensive indicators speak in favor of Fernandes’ ability to withstand an early storm and apply pressure on Judice’s weak spots if the fight goes to distance.

Given the dynamics at play, Gabriella Fernandes seems poised to use her experience and defensive acumen to secure a decision victory. Nonetheless, the attractive odds on Judice and her potent striking make her a viable underdog pick. For the MMA latest free predictions, while the safe bet might lean towards Fernandes, those looking for value should not overlook the potential for an upset by Judice, making this one of the more intriguing matchups at UFC on ESPN 58.