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UFC ON ESPN 54: Erin Blanchfield vs. Manon Fiorot 3/23/24 Fight Forecast, Picks, and Analysis

UFC ON ESPN 54: Blanchfield vs. Fiorot 3/23/24 – The much-anticipated match-up pitting Erin “Cold Blooded” Blanchfield against Manon “The Beast” Fiorot to take place in the Women’s Flyweight category in UFC 299 is sure to be a power-packed fight in this division. To begin with, both of those fighters are in great shape and they have stellar records too – Blanchfield is 12-1-0 and Fiorot is 11-1-0, which means that both of them are one of the best in the MMA ring across the globe. Closer we are to the event, more intensely will the two athletes be watched by the fans and bettors, who will be searching through the premier casinos for the best odds and predictions. This clash doesn’t only offer a thrilling martial arts showcase but it underscores the continuous elevation of women’s status in the world of MMA.

UFC ON ESPN 54: Blanchfield vs. Fiorot 3/23/24

When:Saturday, March 30, 2024 10:00 PM ET
Where:Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States
Stream:UFC Fight Pass

UFC ON ESPN 54: Blanchfield vs. Fiorot 3/23/24 Odds

Bet Now on this Game

Erin Blanchfield -185Manon Fiorot +155

Main Card

Erin Blanchfield

Erin “Cold Blooded” Blanchfield won 12 fights from the beginning of her career and this winning record proves she is a force to be reckoned with. Her average fight time of 10:29 minutes sums up Elmer’s chances of staying under immense pressure and converting it instantly to impressive finishes. She is 5 feet 4 inches (66″) tall and maintains an orthodox stance, which has assisted her in averaging 5.58 significant strikes per minute at a 52% striking rate. In addition, her takedowns are not to assess her in proper manner, since she makes 2.86 takedowns monthly over the course of 15 minutes and she has 1.2 submissions.

Her last successful fight against Santos always leads to the displays of her universal fighting style with which she brilliantly mixes striking precision with grappling advantage, changing the balance of power in her favor. Being an accomplished contender, Blanchfield adds to the list of individuals who’d be wary to come out of the cage with her for fear of getting defeated in the flyweight division.

Manon Fiorot

Manon “The Beast” Fiorot who possesses a powerful 11-1-0 record is on the other side of the octagon. Her slightly longer average fight time of 12:51 minutes indicates a strategic task, as the short height and long reach of the fighter can give her an advantage by dancing around the opponent. In striking theory, Fiorot is a skilled one with 6.05 strikes landed per minute, but her accuracy is only 39%.

The one thing that marks her out is that she has a takedown defense of 69% and a takedown defense of 91%, which signals her ability to not be overwhelmed on the ground. However, with an average of 1.36 takedowns every 15 minutes and no submissions to her credit, Fiorot’s last battle against Namajunas highlighted her superior combat leg and smart moves. Fiorot’ strikingly exceptional striking and defense are the main reasons for her to be a formidable and unpredictable opponent.

Blanchfield vs. Fiorot Betting Numbers

Erin Blanchfield
Manon Fiorot
Last FightWinWin
Weight (lbs)125125
Reach (in)N/AN/A
Win by KO/TKO17%55%
Win by Submission33%0%
Strikes landed per minuteN/AN/A
Striking accuracyN/AN/A
Striking absorbed per minuteN/AN/A
Striking defenseN/AN/A
Takedown averageN/AN/A
Takedown accuracyN/AN/A
Takedown defenseN/AN/A
Submission averageN/AN/A

Erin Blanchfield vs. Manon Fiorot Summary

While Erin Blanchfield versus Manon Fiorot may classify to the typical striker vs. the grappler division, this matchup is remarkable due to having both their strengths and assets showcasing against each other. relative context of grappling style, having both competitors mastering certain facets in their own domain. The ability of Blanchfield for blanchfield and submission taunts a tremendous problem to Fiorot as well because the more the distance closes and the fight is brought to the ground, the more danger it is for Fiorot. Although, Fiorot’s technique and defense skills cannot be left unconsidered since weighed against the Blanchfield tenacity of disorder resulting from the ground game could give Fiorot the needed space and pace control.

We have collected the statistics and the most recent results, and our MMA betting prediction goes to Erin Blanchfield. Her combat skills in a capability to entogate striking combined with effective grappling and submission may just give her that extra edge she needs to domain both the ground and the fight while standing. Nevertheless, this encounter is likely to be an exciting and nail-biting bout, with both the fighters capable of a stunning end to the bout to their benefit. The matchup between Fiorot and Blanchfield isn’t going to be an easy one for Fiorot. It isn’t going to be better either; the different styles are going to clash once they fight. This means that each one of them has the potential of hurting the other. If it does, then we sure it is going to be an exciting fight experience for anyone with an MMA passion.