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UFC on ESPN 48: Guram Kutateladze vs Elves Brener 7/1/2023 Odds, Picks and Fight Predictions

UFC on ESPN 48: Kutateladze vs Brener 7/1/2023 – This Saturday in Las Vegas will witness a lightweight matchup between Guram Kutateladze and Elves Brener in the octagon. Kutateladze is coming here with a record of 12-3-0 in his career and is brimming with confidence with his winning streak.

On the other hand, Brener is 14-3-0 in the octagon and getting antsy to shake off his losing spell. The Brazilian is younger and will use his highly acclaimed agility in the ring to move forward in the league.

Guram Kutateladze will win the fight against Elves Brener on Saturday as per the best UFC bloody elbow picks

UFC on ESPN 48: Kutateladze vs Brener 7/1/2023

When:Saturday, July 1, 7:00 PM ET
Where:UFC Apex, Las Vegas, Nevada
Stream:UFC Fight Pass

UFC on ESPN 48: Kutateladze vs Brener 7/1/2023 Odds

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Guram Kutateladze-700Elves Brener+475

Main Card

Guram Kutateladze

Guram Kutateladze, aptly known as the “Georgian Viking,” is a fighter who has captivated audiences with his relentless striking and defensive prowess. With a record of 12 wins and three losses, Kutateladze stands tall at 5′ 11″ and weighs in at 155 lbs. His orthodox stance and determination make him a formidable force inside the cage.

Kutateladze’s significant strikes landed per minute of 3.83 and striking accuracy of 42%, highlighting his ability to engage in high-volume striking exchanges. His relentless attack and precision strikes keep his opponents on the defensive, often overwhelming them with a barrage of strikes. Kutateladze’s unyielding determination and calculated offensive output allow him to control the fight’s pace and dictate the outcome.

Kutateladze’s Explosive Offense

The “Georgian Viking” is a fierce offensive threat and a master of defense. With a significant % strike defense rate (Str. Def.) of 58%, Kutateladze adeptly evades opponents’ strikes, minimizing the damage inflicted upon him. His ability to slip and counter precisely showcases his technical acumen and strategic approach to fighting. Kutateladze’s defensive efficiency allows him to weather storms and stay composed, giving him an edge in battle.

While Kutateladze’s average takedowns landed per 15 minutes may stand at 0.50, his takedown defense rate of 77% demonstrates his ability to thwart opponents’ takedown attempts. His defensive skills and solid base make it challenging for adversaries to bring the fight to the ground. Kutateladze’s strategic adaptability allows him to keep the fight standing where he can utilize his striking prowess to its full potential.

With a proven track record and a skill set that combines relentless striking with defensive mastery, Kutateladze is on the path to championship contention. His unwavering determination, technical finesse, and strategic adaptability make him a formidable opponent for anyone in the lightweight division. As Kutateladze continues to evolve as a fighter and fine-tune his techniques, the MMA world eagerly awaits his next move. With his sights set on championship gold, the “Georgian Viking” is determined to leave a lasting legacy in the sport.

Elves Brener

Elves Brener, with a professional record of 14 wins and three losses, is one such fighter who has been making waves in the lightweight division. Standing at 5′ 10″ and weighing in at 155 lbs, Brener is an orthodox fighter known for his precision striking and unwavering defensive prowess.

Brener’s significant strikes landed per minute of 4.60, and striking accuracy of 43% exemplify his ability to unleash a high volume of precise strikes. His relentless offensive output keeps his opponents on the defensive as he relentlessly chips away at their defenses. Brener’s commitment to precision and accuracy allows him to connect with significant strikes, leaving a lasting impact on his opponents.

Brener’s Solid Defensive Skills

While Brener displays his offensive prowess, his defensive statistics are equally impressive. With a special defense rate of 58%, Brener expertly evades and blocks his opponents’ strikes, minimizing the damage inflicted upon him. His ability to effectively slip and counter, combined with his unusual head movement, showcases his defensive acumen. Brener’s defensive skills allow him to neutralize his opponents’ offense while maintaining control in the cage.

Although Brener’s average takedowns landed per 15 minutes is listed as 0.00, his takedown defense rate of 100% demonstrates his ability to thwart opponents’ takedown attempts. Brener’s strong takedown defense stems from his solid base and exceptional sprawl, making it difficult for adversaries to bring him to the ground. His tactical approach to the fight ensures that the battle remains in his striking domain, where he can utilize his strengths to the fullest.

Kutateladze vs Brener Betting Numbers

Guram Kutateladze
Elves Brener
Last FightLossWin
Weight (lbs)154145
Reach (in)72″N/A
Win by KO/TKO58%7%
Win by Submission8%79%
Strikes landed per minuteN/A N/A
Striking accuracyN/A N/A
Striking absorbed per minuteN/A N/A
Striking defenseN/A N/A
Takedown averageN/A N/A
Takedown accuracyN/A N/A
Takedown defenseN/A N/A
Submission averageN/A N/A

Kutateladze vs Brener Betting Picks

Elves Brener’s relentless striking and impeccable defense have positioned him as a rising star in the lightweight division. His precision and accuracy, coupled with his unwavering commitment to defense, make him a force to be reckoned with inside the cage. But Guram Kutateladze will win here, according to the latest UFC betting predictions today.