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UFC on ABC 6: Sergei Pavlovich vs. Alexander Volkov 6/22/24 Fight Forecast, Picks and Analysis

UFC on ABC 6: Pavlovich vs. Volkov 6/22/24 – As the heavyweight division continues to dazzle fans, UFC on ABC 6 brings a compelling matchup between Sergei Pavlovich and Alexander Volkov to the forefront. Set to unfold at the Kingdom Arena in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, this bout showcases a stark contrast in experience and styles, which is sure to influence MMA latest odds and predictions. Pavlovich enters with an aggressive record of 18-2-0, known for his short, explosive fights, while the veteran Volkov stands with a record of 37-10-0, bringing a wealth of experience and a strategic approach to the octagon.

UFC on ABC 6: Pavlovich vs. Volkov 6/22/24

When:Saturday, June 22, 2024 | Time: 3:00 PM ET
Where:Kingdom Arena, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Stream:UFC Fight Pass

Pavlovich vs. Volkov Odds

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Sergei Pavlovich-210Alexander Volkov+180


The current betting odds place Sergei Pavlovich as the favorite at -210, reflecting confidence in his ability to secure a win over Alexander Volkov, who stands as the underdog at +180. These odds suggest that bettors believe in Pavlovich’s power and efficiency in the ring, which has been evident in his past performances. However, Volkov’s experience and tactical approach could present value for those looking to back the underdog, making this matchup a fascinating one for gamblers.

Main Card

Sergei Pavlovich

Sergei Pavlovich’s record of 18-2-0 does not only speak for the fighter but how he fights, fast and non-dragging. His average fight time of 2:13 shows that he would prefer early knockout since he mostly terrorizes his opponents with hard-hitting blows. Pavlovich’s striking offense is something that stands out, he had a Strikes Landed per Minute of 8.21 and a striking hit rate of 48%. Although Pavlovich has received 4.61 strikes per minute, his hard-hitting defense of 55% enabled him to dodge and escape dangerous hits. Anyone who saw him fight at UFC last time can attest that yes, he lost to Aspinall, but exposed his weak side when under pressure, something that he will need not to exhibit in the planned bout.

Alexander Volkov

Alexander Volkov also known as ‘’ DRAGO’’ brings a more experienced strategy into the competition having 37 wins. Standing taller at 6’7″ and with a longer career average fight time of 12:43. While the reach extracted from the orthodox stance does not seem unusually large with 80 inches, Volkov wisely controls the tempo and distance of the fight. Thus, he hits an opponent with a 57% accuracy rate, which is higher in comparison with Pavlovich’s rate, and receives 3.00 strikes per minute, which points to active defensive actions. According to Volkov’s grappling stats, he has an average takedown rate of 0.49 per 15 minutes and his takedowns are accurate at 63% he demonstrated good variety in the way that he starts a fight which showed through when he was defeating Tuivasa.

Pavlovich vs. Volkov Betting Numbers

Sergei Pavlovich
Alexander Volkov
Last FightLossWin
Height6′ 3″6′ 7″
Weight (lbs)257250
Reach (in)84″80″
Win by KO/TKO83%65%
Win by Submission0%11%
Strikes landed per minute8.215.10
Striking accuracy48%57%
Striking absorbed per minute4.613.00
Striking defense55%54%
Takedown average0.000.49
Takedown accuracy0%63%
Takedown defense75%73%
Submission average0.00.2

Sergei Pavlovich vs. Alexander Volkov Summary

In the comparison of both fighters, toughness and high attack moves as well as very aggressive initial approach can be called the strong sides of Pavlovich, probably allowing him to be stronger at the beginning of the rounds. That is why although, on the one hand, despite his considerable experience and detailed understanding of tactics and his capacity to suffer and learn, Volkov might prove to be a dangerous adversary in the longer term. The bout sums up the most generic power lineman against technician fight, which makes it worth watching for the audience and vital to consider for betting for the persons engaged in the evaluation of the odds in the top-tier online sportsbooks.

Finally, although Pavlovich, in terms of the numbers, may be expected to systematically defeat Volkov, the one who fights for survival and has the fighting style is capable of overturning such predictions into fixed underdog bets. It may even be the fight of the year because there will be fireworks and it will be a chess match because both fighters will be going up against their perfectly-suited opposite. No matter if it is a first-round K.O or tactical game that will go the full five rounds, the upcoming UFC on ABC 6 will promise a cracker of a heavyweight encounter.