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UFC FIGHT NIGHT 240: Brendan Allen vs. Chris Curtis 3/23/24 Fight Forecast, Picks and Analysis

UFC FIGHT NIGHT 240: Allen vs. Curtis 3/23/24 – As the UFC prepares to light up Las Vegas with UFC FIGHT NIGHT 240, fans are keyed up for a middleweight showdown that promises to deliver action from bell to bell. Brendan “All In” Allen squares off against Chris “Action-Man” Curtis in a bout that has fans and analysts on the edge of their seats, and has even caught the attention of top-tier bettingsites on the outcome. Both fighters come into this fight with impressive records; Allen boasting a 23-5-0 record against Curtis’s 31-10-0 (1 NC). This fight isn’t just about the numbers; it’s a clash of styles, wills, and the quest for middleweight supremacy.

UFC FIGHT NIGHT 240: Allen vs. Curtis 3/23/24

When:Saturday, April 6, 2024, at 6:00 PM ET
Where:UFC Apex, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Stream:UFC Fight Pass

UFC FIGHT NIGHT 240: Allen vs. Curtis 3/23/24 Odds

Bet Now on this Game

Brendan Allen-215Chris Curtis+175

Main Card

Brendan Allen

Brendan “All In” Allen has a 18-4-0 pro-record, an established fact that the young fighter can not only finish the fights but by multiple methods. Allen’s average fight time of 8:40 minutes stands out as the boxer’s tactical but fierce fighting style during the duels. Being 6′ 2″ and having a reach of 75 inches, he is able to use his physical assets to remain in a distance or close the distance when he goes for submission where he manages 1.36 takedowns per 15 minutes on average. Additionally, his submission average of 1.7 per 15 minutes is nothing but a proof of his superiority on the ground. The turnout of Allen against Craig, demonstrated his skill, and adroitness in dictating the tempo as well as the course of a fight. This will be particularly useful when he goes ahead to play against a rival striker, who is Curtis-like.

Chris Curtis

Chris “Action-Man” Curtis is a street fighter who is known for his high-intensity fights and brings the action back into the cage every time he steps into the ring. Unlike his opponent, Curtis, who has fought 41 times with 31 wins, a single draw, and 10 losses takes a clear experience lead (31-10-0; 1 NC). A puncher who is known for having a sizzling stat, Curtis dishes out on average 5.96 significant strikes per minute with 51% accuracy, which shows off his offensive output and accuracy.

Despite this downside of shorter stature 5′ 10″, he succeeds to maintain the same 75 inch reach which gives him an opportunity to fight without over-exposing himself to the opponent’s counter-attack. He has a 53% striking defense, which is as good as a nine to twenty-seven-percent takedown defense rate, indicating that he is strongest on his feet. The recent triumph of Curtis against Barriault displayed this aspect of Curtis’s fighting style and his capability of dealing with difficult situations.

Allen vs. Curtis Betting Numbers

Brendan Allen
Chris Curtis
Last FightWinWin
Weight (lbs)185170
Reach (in)74″N/A
Win by KO/TKO22%55%
Win by Submission61%3%
Strikes landed per minuteN/A7.23
Striking accuracyN/A70%
Striking absorbed per minuteN/A5.34
Striking defenseN/A60%
Takedown averageN/A0
Takedown accuracyN/AN/A
Takedown defenseN/AN/A
Submission averageN/A0

Brendan Allen vs. Chris Curtis Summary

This bout is a fight of pure strength vs. tact between two fighters. Allen looks to go for the takedown here and tries to make it a grappling fight. But, at the same time, Curtis is walking forward, looking to keep it standing. One of the key things that risk Curtis is the skills of Allen of grappling and submitting that become very tough to him, especially if he gets close enough to the mat to finish the fight there. Unlike the exchanges from close range, where he can leverage his range and speed, close-quarter fighting is where the strengths of Curtis come into play. This is where the striker and defender will likely be at an even match.

Regarding MMA betting prediction of this fight, it might be a bit difficult to come to a conclusion that it ends up being in Chris Curtis’ favor. Curtis’ strength in managing distance paired with menacing takedown tempo may give him the avenue to control the fight in his territory where he excels the best. Nonetheless, he’s seen his fair share of adversity and if he is able to execute his plan of action well, then he can enlist enough support to bring home a victory. Allen has to remain stable for the first phase and gain some openings against the opponent’s grappling. As for Curtis the plan needs to be directed at the scoring of takedowns that should include keeping the opponent at bay and never taking the fight to the ground, at any cost.