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UFC FIGHT NIGHT 240: Alexander Hernandez vs. Damon Jackson 3/23/24 Fight Forecast, Picks, and Analysis

UFC FIGHT NIGHT 240: Hernandez vs. Jackson 3/23/24 – The fast-approaching UFC Fight Night 240 is setting the stage for a compelling featherweight clash between Alexander “The Great Ape” Hernandez and Damon “The Leech” Jackson. With Hernandez boasting a record of 14 wins, 7 losses, and no draws against Jackson’s more experienced 22 wins, 6 losses, and 1 draw (with 1 no contest), the matchup is already generating significant buzz among MMA fans and bettors scouting for the best sportsbook online. Both fighters are looking to bounce back from recent losses, with Hernandez falling to Algeo and Jackson to Quarantillo, making this bout critical for their careers in the featherweight division.

UFC FIGHT NIGHT 240: Hernandez vs. Jackson 3/23/24

When:Saturday, April 6, 2024 6:00 PM ET
Where:UFC Apex, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Stream:UFC Fight Pass

UFC FIGHT NIGHT 240: Hernandez vs. Jackson 3/23/24 Odds

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Alexander Hernandez-200Damon Jackson+165

Main Card

Alexander Hernandez

Alexander Hernandez bounces into the octagon with a good 14-7-0 record established on the basis of berserker fighting style, high strike landed per minute of 4.63. He is extremely striking, with 41% effective punches and a defence rate of 56% for significant strikes. Yet, his prominent weakness was the higher number of strike absorptions per minute at 4.90, which shows that in some cases he was eager to engage in the stand-up fight.

With an average fight time of 9:Hernandez’s tactics usually feature calculated short-term clashes based on the power of the orthodox stance he uses to keep the initiative in his favor. In spite of the recent loss to Algeo, Hernandez allows the level headedness and the power of his fist to continue to be his ideal weapons.

Damon Jackson

Damon “The Leech” Jackson comes up with a more complex game for the game with an impressive 22-6-1 (1 NC) record that tells much about his experience and strength as a standard bearer in the featherweight division. Jackson’s average fight time closely mirrors Hernandez’s at 9:10, but his strategic edge can be said to be his grappling skills, which are quite exemplary as evidenced by his takedown average of 2.44 per 15 minutes and a submission average of 1.6 per 15 minutes.

These stats imply a ground and pound style of fight and commanding and dominating opponents with better grappling and submission skills on the ground. His switch stance is the reason as to what makes him elusive when it comes to striking, it is just that his SLpM at 3.02 and striking accuracy at 40% are not as impressive as they are with Hernandez.

Hernandez vs. Jackson Betting Numbers

Alexander Hernandez
Damon Jackson
Record11-2-09-1-1 1 NC
Last FightLossLoss
Weight (lbs)154143
Reach (in)71″71.0″
Win by KO/TKO43%18%
Win by Submission14%68%
Strikes landed per minute3.932.71
Striking accuracy48%35%
Striking absorbed per minute4.223.9
Striking defense49%43%
Takedown average2.461.77
Takedown accuracy33%20%
Takedown defense57%60%
Submission average00

Alexander Hernandez vs. Damon Jackson Summary

This featherweight scrimmage between Hernandez and Jackson is academic style its class as striker against wristicker.grappler matchup. If action is employed by Hernandez, he probably will strive to maintain the bout on a high level, and thus, use the force of his punches and his agility in order to avoid pins from the opponent. In the opposite situation, Jackson is adapted to a style that includes closing in the fight as quickly as possible to initiate takedowns that he will use for his grapple and submission skills. Maintaining this in mind, their recent performances and overall fight stats go in line with a quite a close scenario where the match can be won either by one of the users or the other, since they have their specific ways to win.

The study of the statistics and considering their fighting types, we have to say that our prophecy is Damon Jackson. The fact that his grappling and submission rates (if he manages to take Hernandez down early and control the fight from the ground) hint towards a possibility of Jackson’s domination in the game. In addition, Hernandez’s higher SApM (strikes per minute) can be a bad matchup for Jackson who is a wizard in close-range fighting and submissions. As for the ones who have UFC free picks today, Jackson might provide a marginal lead as the bookie’s pick, especially when he implements his game plan well and aggressively from the beginning.

This battle presumes to be a fascinating confrontation, since they both have much to demonstrate and with no losses. So close to retirement, we will possibly get an entertaining and hot battle between the boxers.