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UFC 299: Sean O’Malley vs. Marlon Vera 3/9/24 Fight Forecast, Picks and Analysis

UFC 299: O’Malley vs. Vera 3/9/24 – As UFC 299 approaches, Sean “Suga” O’Malley and Marlon “Chito” Vera’s bantamweight title bout promises fireworks for spectators worldwide. Both fighters bring high levels of skill and determination into the Octagon, making this clash an absolute must-watch event that should also provide great betting odds analysis opportunities on online betting sites.

UFC 299: O’Malley vs. Vera 3/9/24

When:Saturday, March 9, 2024 10:00 PM ET
Where:Kaseya Center, Miami, Florida, USA
Stream:UFC Fight Pass

UFC 299: O’Malley vs. Vera 3/9/24 Odds

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Sean O’Malley-260Marlon Vera+210

Main Card

Sean O’Malley Analysis

Sean “Suga” O’Malley walks into the fight with good achievements to his name. Thus, he displays his sharp striking power and adept footwork when in the Octagon. With an average fight time of 8:45, a characteristic of O’Malley is that his fights are usually fiery, making them more spectacular by ending them coercively. At 5’11” with a reach of 72 inches and having the same, he has the physical attributes and ability to play switch stance which will make him a versatile and unpredictable opponent. O’Malley’s striking is especially worth noting, with a remarkable significant SLpM of 7.25 and an accuracy of 61%.

Even though he throws a minimal number of grapples, about 0.43 takedowns per 15 minutes, his takedown defense is still a 62% that demonstrates that he is able to control the fight and decides on how the match will go on. Looking for a win from the local opponent Sterling, O’Malley’s mood and attitude are as excellent as ever before competing in the closing struggle for the champion’s belt.

Marlon Vera Analysis

MarLlon Vera is a more venerable and experienced combatant with a record of 13-7-1. Known for his durability and relentless approach, Vera averages a longer fight time of 12:54. Whether by himself or working in collaboration with his trusted companions, the number of hits he can land in one minute reaches up to 54, displaying his ability to sustain both long and short-term fights by gradually wearing down his opponents. Vera is shorter than the phenotypic boxer with his 5’8” height and 70” reach, but his ability to maneuver in narrow spaces and switch the stances in a positive way help him to compete against the taller opponents.

Oxygen barges made by him, although less numerous than that of O’Malley’s, have the same striking quality with the SLpM of 4.37 with an accuracy of 50%. The category where Vera flourishes is grappling, as he has a takedown rate of more than 80%, and submits about twice as often as O’Malley does in every 15-minute round. Vera’s takedown defense ranks at 70%, which makes him a competitor “on the ground”. The latest triumph for Vera over Munhoz shows the contender’s routine development as a combatant and in-fight status for the champion.

O’Malley vs. Vera Betting Numbers

Sean O’Malley
Marlon Vera
Last FightWinWin
Weight (lbs)134134
Reach (in)71″69″
Win by KO/TKO71%35%
Win by Submission6%43%
Strikes landed per minute6.753.3
Striking accuracy56%45%
Striking absorbed per minute4.063.92
Striking defense66%52%
Takedown average1.310.77
Takedown accuracy50%37%
Takedown defense61%68%
Submission average1.311.29

Sean O’Malley vs. Marlon Vera Summary

In this clash for the Bantamweight championship belt, viewers will be treated to a real heavyweight bout between a striker and a grappler. Each of the fighters comes into this contest as a strong, effective counter to the other, with a real possibility of the other being the man who succeeds. In contrast to O’Malley’s punching power and ability to fight standing up, Vera has a better ground game and wrestling skills. Hence, he might face a challenge if the fight goes to the ground and O’Malley maneuvers himself correctly to take advantage of his longer reach. However, Vera saw that this was to his benefit as he could turn the tide around with a ground and pound game, which is where the fight should be taken to the ground if he succeeded. This would be where his superior takedown and submission game could be used.

Considering what both fighters are made of in addition to the skills they possess, our free UFC betting today is in favour of Sean O’Malley ever so slightly. With his outstanding accuracy and his skilled ability to hyper-control distance and the rhythm, he could win the battle for Vera. Nonetheless, Vera should not be neglected due to his effectiveness on the ground and the possibility of securing them as he closes the distance to his opponent. However, the contusion will be a battle of tactical styles which already has been clearly defined by both fighters. The contest is likely going to be very intense and close that the rest of UFC 299 lineup will probably not surpass it in quality.