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UFC 232: Brendan Allen vs Paul Craig 11/18/2023 UFC Fight Picks, Predictions and Preview

UFC 232: Allen vs Craig 11/18/2023 – As the spotlight turns to the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, fight enthusiasts gear up for an enticing clash between Brendan Allen and Paul Craig in the main event of UFC Fight Night. With both fighters vying to climb the ranks in the competitive middleweight division, the stakes are high, and the octagon promises to witness a riveting showdown. The UFC 232 betting predictions are updated below as these top fighters clash in an important battle.

UFC 232: Allen vs Craig 11/18/2023

When:Saturday, November 18, 5:00 PM ET
Where:UFC Apex in Las Vegas
Stream:UFC Fight Pass

UFC 232: Allen vs Craig 11/18/2023 Odds

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Brendan Allen-440Paul Craig+340

Main Card

The Odds and Favorites

The betting lines have set the stage for an intriguing matchup, with initial odds favoring Brendan Allen at -275. However, as the betting landscape shifts, money has poured in on Allen, elevating his status to a -400 favorite. On the other side, Paul Craig enters the bout as the underdog with odds at +300. The evolving dynamics of the odds only add to the anticipation surrounding this clash of Top-15 middleweights.

Brendan “All In” Allen

At 27 years old, Brendan Allen brings a record of 22-5-0 into the octagon. Standing at 6’2″ and weighing in at 185 lbs, the orthodox fighter boasts a reach of 75″. Known for his well-rounded skills, Allen has showcased a marked improvement in striking over the past couple of years, making him a formidable force in the middleweight division.

Paul “Bearjew” Craig

In the opposing corner, 35-year-old Paul “Bearjew” Craig steps into the fight with a record of 17-6-1. The 6’3″ orthodox fighter, weighing 185 lbs, possesses a reach advantage with a wingspan of 76″. While Craig may be considered the underdog, his tenacity and ground game make him a dangerous opponent.

Allen vs Craig 11/18/2023 Betting Numbers

Brendan Allen
Paul Craig
Last FightWinWin
Weight (lbs)205185
Reach (in)75″74″
Win by KO/TKO23%24%
Win by Submission59%76%
Strikes landed per minuteN/A1.91
Striking accuracyN/A45%
Striking absorbed per minuteN/A2.82
Striking defenseN/A45%
Takedown averageN/A1.74
Takedown accuracyN/A19%
Takedown defenseN/A50%
Submission averageN/A1.49

Allen vs Craig Betting Picks

Breaking down the striking statistics, Allen holds an edge in significant strikes, connecting at a rate of 3.96 per minute compared to Craig’s 2.57. Allen’s accuracy stands at an impressive 53%, while Craig lands 46% of his significant strikes. When it comes to defense, both fighters showcase resilience, with Allen allowing 3.89 significant strikes per minute and Craig absorbing 2.85. The defensive percentages mirror each other at 46%.

Ground Game Showdown

Given the background of both fighters as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu specialists, the grappling aspect of this matchup is anticipated to be a focal point. Contrary to the common expectation that BJJ experts often neutralize each other’s ground game, both Allen and Craig have shown a willingness to engage on the mat.

Recent victories against high-caliber grappler Andre Muniz serve as a testament to their ground skills. Interestingly, both fighters had takedowns and submission attempts against Muniz, showcasing their versatility. While Allen secured victories with submissions, Craig demonstrated his ground-and-pound capabilities.

Recent Performances

In his last outing against Muniz, Craig exhibited resilience and a strategic approach, securing a victory with an elbow to the head in the second round. The statistics from the bout underline his effectiveness, with Craig landing 48% of his significant strikes and connecting on 54 of 101 total strikes.

Fighter Statistics

Delving further into the statistical landscape, the data paints a vivid picture of the fighters’ proficiency and vulnerabilities. Brendan Allen’s striking accuracy and output underscore his evolution as a well-rounded competitor. With an impressive 53% accuracy in significant strikes, Allen imposes a formidable threat on the feet. However, his defensive stats, allowing 3.89 significant strikes per minute, indicate areas that opponents may exploit.

On the flip side, Paul Craig’s defensive prowess shines through, absorbing 2.85 significant strikes per minute. This resilience positions him as a tough nut to crack in stand-up exchanges. As the clash unfolds, the intricate balance of offense and defense, coupled with the unpredictable nature of MMA, ensures that both fighters will need to leverage their statistical advantages while mitigating vulnerabilities to emerge victorious. In the realm of combat sports, where precision meets unpredictability, the statistics provide a roadmap for fight enthusiasts to dissect and anticipate the unfolding narrative within the cage.

Allen vs Craig Betting Picks

As fight night approaches, the clash between Brendan Allen and Paul Craig promises more than just a contest of physical prowess; it’s a collision of styles and strategies. Allen’s well-rounded skill set, coupled with his youth and recent winning streak, positions him as the favorite. On the other hand, Craig’s experience and ground expertise make him a formidable opponent.

In the intricate dance within the octagon, each fighter’s strengths and weaknesses will be on full display. The unpredictability of mixed martial arts ensures that anything can happen inside the cage, making this main event a must-watch for fight fans and bettors alike. As the tension builds, the UFC Apex in Las Vegas becomes the battleground for a showdown that could shape the trajectory of both fighters in the middleweight division. The UFC betting picks from various sports betting websites are leaning towards Brendan Allen to win this epic fight against Paul Craig.