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Top NFL Free Agents Still Unclaimed as 2023 Preseason Nears

Top NFL Free Agents Still Unclaimed – As the 2023 NFL season approaches, teams are still on the lookout for impactful free agents who could make a difference on the field. While the market may be thin, there are several veteran players whose talents could provide valuable contributions to their future teams. These players, although currently unsigned, have the potential to be game-changers under the right circumstances.

Top NFL Free Agents Still Unclaimed: Ezekiel Elliott – A Valuable 1B-Type Player

Ezekiel Elliott, the seasoned running back entering his eighth NFL season, might not be the explosive back he once was, but he still possesses skills that can greatly benefit a team. Although not a featured back anymore, Elliott has shown prowess in red-zone situations, scoring all 24 of his touchdowns over the past two seasons inside the 20-yard line. Additionally, his pass-blocking ability makes him a valuable asset for teams seeking a reliable supporting player.

Kareem Hunt – A Versatile Backfield Weapon

Kareem Hunt, also in his age-28 season, may have fewer accomplishments than Elliott, but his versatility as a back makes him an appealing option for any team in need of a dynamic playmaker. Throughout his tenure with the Cleveland Browns, Hunt demonstrated his ability to complement star running back Nick Chubb while providing a solid rushing attack and a reliable option in the passing game.

John Johnson III – A Standout Safety in the Making

Among the available safeties, John Johnson III stands out as the best option for teams looking to bolster their secondary. Known for his impressive tackling ability and consistent production, Johnson has recorded 100-plus tackles in three of his six NFL seasons. Although predominantly used as a free safety with the Cleveland Browns, Johnson’s best-suited position is in the box, where he can shine as a defensive powerhouse.

Jadeveon Clowney – A Run-Stopper on the Edge

While injuries may be a concern, Jadeveon Clowney has proven himself as a formidable force on the edge when healthy. Over his two seasons with the Browns, Clowney showcased his ability to stop the run and consistently pressure quarterbacks. Although he may not have the same upside as an All-Pro defender, Clowney’s talent and experience make him a reliable starting-caliber player.

Ronald Darby – A Resilient Cornerback

Ronald Darby’s strong performances before his unfortunate ACL injury in 2022 made him an appealing prospect during the offseason. Known for his lockdown coverage and the ability to limit yards per target, Darby has proven himself as a reliable corner when healthy. Teams looking for an immediate boost to their coverage unit could benefit from signing Darby to a short-term deal.

Dalton Risner – An Unexpected Unsigned Talent

Dalton Risner, surprisingly still unsigned, offers a reliable and consistent performance on the offensive line. While money might be a factor in his current situation, Risner’s rookie contract expiration opens up opportunities for him to secure a bigger contract after a strong performance in the upcoming season.

Yannick Ngakoue – A Pass-Rush Specialist

If a team requires a pass-rushing specialist, Yannick Ngakoue is the perfect fit. Although not known for his run-stopping abilities, Ngakoue’s pass-rushing proficiency has been consistently impressive throughout his career. His reliability in generating pressures and sacking quarterbacks makes him a valuable asset for any contender seeking to strengthen their defensive front.

Dalvin Cook – The Ultimate Prize of Free Agency

The most coveted free agent, Dalvin Cook, becomes available due to the Minnesota Vikings’ decision to release him. Despite facing a challenging offensive line situation, Cook’s potential impact on the ground and as a receiving option remains undeniable. Whichever team secures his services will undoubtedly acquire a top-tier running back who can significantly elevate their offensive game.

As the 2023 NFL preseason commences, teams continue to scour the free-agent market in search of hidden gems that can elevate their rosters to new heights. These impactful players, despite not being signed yet, have the potential to be game-changers and valuable contributors to their future teams. As the countdown to the regular season continues, it will be interesting to see which franchises take advantage of the talent still available in the free-agent pool.