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Super Bowl Betting: What We Know With Less Than a Week to Go

Super Bowl Betting: Can you feel it? The big game is almost here. It’s less than a week away. You can feel the excitement building throughout the world. Soon, before you know it, the Chiefs and 49ers will square off in a matchup of two of the NFL’s all-time marquee franchises. Yes, this game is a Super Bowl repeat but this game will be entirely different for so many reasons. It will be its own entity. As ever, we have the 2024 Super Bowl betting options to help you to win throughout the game. 

That said, it’s good to, right now, with a few days left until the game, take stock of where we are. See the landscape, investigate what has changed and why. 

The Line Has Fluctuated

Yes, the line has moved quite a bit. In fact, it has moved quite a bit just today. This blog was written on Monday night, February 6th, 2024. When the author woke up this morning, the line had moved from 49ers -1.0 to 49ers 1.5. That’s the kind of thing that happens. As money comes in, money goes out, handicappers reassess, etc. After all, there is no betting line, anywhere in the world for any event, that gets obsessed over like the Super Bowl line. 

That said, by the time this blog was written, the line had changed quite a bit indeed. As of this writing, in many places, the line has moved to 49ers -2.5. That may not seem like a lot, but with a small line like this, it absolutely is. After all, that’s a safety. If it moves anymore, it could be a field goal. A one-point line is one thing, a line that actually would be different based on a play that could occur during the game is something else. 

How do you see this going? This line will change again, almost assuredly. Even if it does somehow settle at 49ers -2.5 by kickoff, it won’t stay at this line without fluctuating between now and then. If you want to bet this line, the author encourages you to do so as quickly as possible before it changes again. 

The Over/Under Has Stayed the Same 

The point spread may not have moved much, yes, but the over/under is more or less at the exact same place. The bettors see this game, between two of the league’s best offenses, as what’s tantamount to a bit of a defensive struggle. 

With a line of 47.5, the handicappers aren’t saying that anyone is going to be shut out or anything. But, with maybe the greatest quarterback of all time and what’s most likely the league’s most solid offense from top to bottom, it’s a bit of a surprise. Do you think the offenses are going to run off with this game? Will Mahomes Magic and Purdy be pretty enough to blow the lid off of that over/under? 

Or, will this be a game where the defensive talent will rise to the forefront? After all, this is probably the strongest defense that Mahomes has ever had during his time in KC. With Chris Jones moving from a “very good” player to a potentially legendary one, this defense has what it takes to wreck the Niners’ plans. 

Moreover, the Chiefs have talent at all levels. Sneed’s play to stop Zay Flowers from getting into the end zone during the AFC title game is the kind of play that champions make. 

Speaking of “the kind of play that champions make” that’s what the Niners defense has done all season. From Bosa, to Fred Warner, to an opportunistic secondary, this is a defense that is among the league’s best for many reasons. Who’s going to reign supreme? 

Super Bowl Betting Right Here 

Now that both teams have made their way to Vegas, the real Super Bowl festivities can begin. Media day, those final preparations, and so much more. As a bettor, you too can make your final preparations. Indeed, we recommend that you check the lines, the odds, and everything else once a day. That way, when the line goes your way, you can jump on a bet. Good luck to you in the big game!