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Super Bowl Betting 2024: Tips to Win

Have you been thinking about how to bet on the Super Bowl football game? Super Bowl betting 2024 is going to be unlike anything that we’ve ever seen. It’s going to have more bets, more money, and more chances to win. That said, you’re only going to be able to take advantage of those more opportunities if you have the right facts at your disposal. 

You’ll note that we don’t get into specifics about the two teams in this blog. There’s a reason for that: we don’t have to. In this, we’re looking at historic trends, the way things have been going not just for the last few Super Bowls but throughout the history of the game. With this knowledge, you give yourself a better chance of being the one who’s raising your fist in triumph at the same time the winning team holds the Lombardi Trophy. 

Should I Bet the Favorite or the Underdog?

The favorites are that for a reason: they’re usually the better team. And, when it comes to the Super Bowl, they usually win. Yes, upsets can and do happen. But, the favorites are chosen by the bookies because they are, on paper, the better, more talented team. That doesn’t mean they’ll win (“any given Sunday” is a cliche for a reason) but you’d still rather be the favorite than the underdog going into Allegiant Stadium. 

Case in point: in the 56 Super Bowls that we’ve already played (with 58 on the way) favorites are 37-19 straight up. Read that again. That means the favorites win more than half of the time. (The numbers are what they are because we don’t seem to have a line for the very first Super Bowl.) 

So, when you’re thinking about “who’s going to win this game and hoist the trophy,” far more often than not, it’s the team everyone thinks will. In fact, they do so about twice as much as any other option. 

Super Bowl Betting 2024: Should I Bet ATS? 

Now, the above having been said, that doesn’t mean you have to ignore the underdog entirely. In fact, you can make some real money betting the underdog against the spread. Yes, the favorites are usually the ones that win outright. But, but, however, the favorites have a much, much weaker record against the spread. 

Favorites are 29-23-2 against the spread in the Super Bowl. That’s not quite 50/50, but it’s close. So, if you bet on the underdog and take the points, you have a real chance of holding the trophy that’s more important to you: money. 

That number goes up even more when you look at just the last few Super Bowls. For example, in the last 11 Super Bowls, the underdogs are 6-5 against the spread. That means the underdogs have a winning record against the spread. Now, that doesn’t mean that they all won, but it means that the people betting on them did more often than not. 

While the league does currently have some very good teams (and one that very well could be on the verge of a true dynasty by the time you read this), parity is still the name of the game in the league. As such, you can take the underdog and the points then find yourself the big winner when the confetti comes down (whether or not it comes down for the underdog team). 

Who’s Going to Be Super Bowl MVP? 

Betting on the MVP ahead of time can be a big bet if it hits. After all, with so many options, even the favorites sometimes can have really good payouts if they come through. Speaking of the favorites, without even looking at who’s in the game, we can tell you that the QBs are most likely to be the NFL MVPs. 

That’s just the way the Super Bowl works as well as, quite frankly, the rest of the NFL. Going back the same 11 years as we did in the last section, we find that 8 of those game’s MVPs were the quarterbacks. That’s a very high percentage. 

This makes sense as the ball is always going through the hands of a quarterback on every single play. A linebacker, corner, or even wide receiver may only have a few chances to make a play, whereas a QB will always have a chance to do so.

Super Bowl Betting 2024 Good Luck 

Those are just some of the strategies for betting on this game. We didn’t even touch on prop bets here. The truth is that the Super Bowl is the best opportunity for gambling across the country as well as the rest of the world. 

One prop bet strategy we can tell you: if you’re thinking about the Gatorade bet, do some research. What color was the Gatorade that fell on the winning coach at the end of the conference championship game? That gives you a leg up. Good luck in your Super Bowl betting!