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Super Bowl 2024 Insights: Questions Both Teams Will Have to Answer

Super Bowl 2024 Insights: Questions Both Teams Will Have to Answer – Have you started to look at the bets for Super Bowl 2024? Are you in the process of figuring out what you’re going to bet and who you’re going to bet it on? You don’t have to make that determination yet, but, if there’s a line or some odds out there you like, you should jump on it. Sooner is better than later, particularly as things may change during the course of the two weeks in the lead up to the game. 

This game will hinge on any number of factors. These are two very good teams, the last two standing for a variety of reasons. That said, there are particular questions that both teams are going to have to answer. Whoever answers them the right way will have gone a long way towards bringing the Lombardi Trophy back to their hometown. 

Can the Niners Stop Mahomes? 

Earlier this season, during a mid-season swoon, it looked like, finally, the Mahomes Magic may be over. The Chiefs were treading water, having fallen from the team that was likely to get the bye in the AFC to a team that had to get things together just to stay on top in the AFC West. 

Today, that feels like a long time ago. The Chiefs offense isn’t at its absolute best (not in the Mahomes Era) but playing better than it has in a while. Mahomes to Kelce is as good a combo as we’ve ever seen in this league for a variety of reasons. 

That said, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that this might be the weakest Mahomes offense that’s made it to the Super Bowl. That’s not to say it’s weak (far from it) but the Ravens were able to hold Mahomes in the second half. 

Do the Niners, with their talented defense from top to bottom, have what it takes to stop Mahomes in the biggest game of them all? Or is this one more game when a player who is already putting his name with some of the greatest of all time does what’s necessary to hoist another trophy? 

Super Bowl 2024 Insights – Can the Chiefs Stop the Niners’ Rushing Attack? 

The above is the question to answer when the Chiefs have the ball in the Super Bowl 2024. When the Niners have the ball, the Chiefs’ defense is going to have to answer some questions. If you’ve done your preliminary research into this matchup, then you know the biggest mismatch on the field very well may be the Niners rushing attack against the Chiefs’ run defense.

The Chiefs’ run D wasn’t all that good this season. That may be putting it mildly. They finished in the bottom half of the league. That said, it’s been better during the playoffs.

However, they struggled with Josh Allen’s running (no shame in that, just about everyone does). In Baltimore, however, a different narrative emerged. If you’ve read any post game criticism of the game plan that Harbaugh and the Ravens put together it’s that they didn’t run the ball enough. This theory goes with the idea that had the Ravens run more with Gus Edwards and Lamar they might have been able to keep Patrick Mahomes off the field and win the game. That didn’t happen. 

On the other side, the Niners are great at running the ball. Their run game is excellent with Christian McCaffrey. That said, they can use Deebo in the running game like few receivers can be utilized. The Chiefs’ defense has been good this season – can they hold off the Niners’ O? 

Who Plays the More Complete Game? 

Looking back at Championship Weekend, neither team exactly played a “60 Minute Game.” That’s to be expected, of course, as they were playing excellent teams in Detroit and Baltimore respectively. But, neither team was good the entire game through. The one that doesn’t have the biggest lull could be the one that wins this game. 

Consider: the Niners were down 17 points before roaring back to win the game. You go down 17 to Mahomes and, perhaps even more importantly, this current Chiefs’ defense, your odds of being able to stop back all the way would be much lower. 

By that same token, the Chiefs’ offense disappeared in the 2nd half. Now, they had a ten point lead on the road, but they really weren’t able to get much going. Mahomes went to check down after check down. The Niners are one of the few teams that has as much defensive talent (if not more so) on the field than the Ravens. 

If the Chiefs can’t move the ball consistently for a quarter (much less a half), they could find themselves in a hole they can’t get out of.

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These are just some thoughts to consider as you begin your research. There’s so much in this game, you can find something you want to bet on. Good luck to you in this year’s Big Game!