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Second-Year MLB Players Seeking Improvements in 2024

MLB Players Seeking Improvements in 2024 – As spring training approaches, many young MLB players, much like players strategizing at a top online casino, enter their second season hoping to hit the jackpot in their development. Just as in the unpredictable world of top online casinos, these players, having gained valuable experience in their rookie campaigns, find themselves facing the odds. These four second-year players, akin to seasoned casino enthusiasts, need to address particular flaws in their games to unlock their full potential in the 2024 season.

MLB Players Seeking Improvements in 2024 – Controlling the Long Ball for Taj Bradley

Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Taj Bradley showed promise in his first taste of the big leagues in 2023, using his strong arsenal to record an impressive 11 strikeouts per 9 innings. However, the 22-year-old also allowed 2 home runs per 9 frames.

Whether due to random variance or issues with the quality of contact against him, Bradley’s proneness to the long ball led to a bloated 5.59 ERA. Fortunately, there are positive indicators that he can right the ship. With a high strikeout rate and strong command (65% strike rate), Bradley clearly has the stuff to succeed.

If he can limit mistakes over the plate that end up in the seats, his mid-90s fastball, slider, curveball and changeup combination can help him develop into a mid-rotation starter. A slight improvement in home runs allowed, while maintaining strengths like missing bats and limiting walks, could lead to Bradley becoming a reliable starter for a Rays team seeking controllable young pitching.

Making More Contact for Brenton Doyle

Colorado Rockies center fielder Brenton Doyle took home a Gold Glove award in 2023 for his sensational defense. His play at the plate was another story. Doyle hit just .203 with seven times as many strikeouts as walks in a brutal offensive showing.

While there are many aspects for improvement, Doyle’s top priority should be making more solid contact. His speed-and-slap hitting approach plays nicely at the vast Coors Field when he puts the ball in play. But subpar contact skills led to low marks in categories like exit velocity, chase rate, and whiff rate.

By focusing on meeting the ball and utilizing his best attributes of speed and batting eye, Doyle can leverage his defense and elite baserunning into a more complete package. Even incremental offensive progress could make him a highly valuable player in center given his fielding talents.

Unlocking Power Potential for Nolan Schanuel

Highly touted Los Angeles Angels first base prospect Nolan Schanuel reached the majors incredibly quickly after being drafted out of Florida Atlantic University in 2023. He impressed with his hit tool and batting eye in his first MLB stint, recording more walks than strikeouts while hitting .275.

However, Schanuel displayed negligible power, slugging just .330 with only one home run in 29 games. His lack of extra-base hits and low exit velocities raised concerns about his ability to impact the ball with authority.

As a first baseman, Schanuel will need to tap into more power to solidify himself as a big leaguer. After dominating college pitching, the question remains whether his raw strength can translate against major league arms. With a sweet swing and advanced approach, unlocking his pop potential could make him a dangerous power-hitting first baseman in a dangerous Angels lineup.

Smoothing Out Rough Edges in the Outfield for Jordan Walker

St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Jordan Walker is regarded as one of baseball’s most exciting prospects due to light tower power potential from his massive 6-foot-6 frame. While his offensive development will rightfully remain the focus, Walker needs to iron out defensive difficulties to become a complete player.

Despite plus athleticism for his size, Walker graded poorly in advanced fielding metrics in 2023. Despite good speed and reactions, he struggled at times with routes and decisiveness. After playing third base for much of his amateur career, Walker understandably endured some growing pains adjusting to the outfield.

Though Walker will always be in the lineup for his special bat, further outfield experience and refinement should help smooth out the rough edges. Improving defensive fundamentals like angles, reads and jumps would allow his tools to play up better in the grass at Busch Stadium. Even average defense would be a major step for the budding slugger.

These four players, each facing unique obstacles and opportunities, illustrate the dynamic nature of baseball’s development curve. As 2024 draws near, their journeys will not only impact their careers directly but could have significant effects on the fortunes of their teams as well – making them key figures when considering MLB betting picks. As spring training nears, all eyes will surely be upon these sophomores to see if they can turn their potential flaws into steps toward success.