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Ranking Top Five Alternatives for Washington’s NFL Team: NFL Owners Approve $6 Billion Sale of New Commanders

Ranking Top Five Alternatives for Washington’s NFL Team: Washington’s NFL franchise recently rebranded, adopting the name “Commanders” in February 2022 after spending two years with a temporary nickname. However, with the team’s sale and change of ownership amid controversy, there are already hints of yet another name change as early as 2024. The upcoming NFL regular season has several changes before the preseason ends.

Top Five Alternatives for Washington’s NFL Team: New Name Options

Washington Majors: This name could evoke the commanding ties to D.C., replacing “Commanders” with a more military-aligned and concise option, reflecting the team’s status among NFL teams.

Redhogs: Paying tribute to the team’s roots, “Redhogs” embraces the long-standing nickname “Hogs,” honoring the franchise’s history while adopting a new identity.

Washington Redtails: Despite previous concerns about trademarks, “Redtails” is a fan-favorite for its historical ties to the Tuskegee Airmen, adding a touch of familiarity with Washington’s best-known nickname.

Pigskins: While it may sound humorous, “Pigskins” is a fitting NFL team moniker, echoing the team’s previous identity, “Redskins,” and reviving the beloved ‘Skins nickname.

Washington DC Football Club (DCFC): Dependent on a potential move to D.C. from Landover, this simple name harkens back to the charm of the “Washington Football Team” days, with the DCFC abbreviation igniting potential chants.

Change of Ownership and Record-Breaking Sale

The team was sold from Dan Snyder to a group led by Josh Harris, including Magic Johnson, for a staggering $6.05 billion. This record-breaking price set a new benchmark for North American professional sports team sales.

Daniel Snyder’s Legacy

During Snyder’s ownership since 1999, the team’s success on and off the field could have been more consistent. With just six playoff appearances and two postseason wins in 24 years, the franchise struggled to maintain its former glory under coach Joe Gibbs, who led the team to three Super Bowl victories.

Snyder’s tenure also faced numerous controversies, including disputes with minority owners, sexual harassment allegations, and workplace misconduct investigations. Despite previous assertions that he would never sell the team, mounting pressure and calls for his removal eventually led to the exploration of a sale.

The Future Challenges

With new ownership, revitalizing fan support and improving attendance will be crucial. The team’s major long-term challenge will be finding a new stadium to replace FedEx Field, which has yet to age well. Past attempts in Virginia to secure a stadium bill were abandoned due to off-field controversies surrounding the team.

Washington’s NFL franchise has been a significant presence in the league for decades, shaping football history with its triumphs and controversies. From its establishment in 1932 until today, the team has left an indelible mark on the sport, both on and off the field.

Glory Days and Super Bowl Triumphs

During the early years, the team was known as the Boston Braves and Boston Redskins before relocating to the nation’s capital in 1937 and becoming the Washington Redskins. Under the leadership of legendary coach Joe Gibbs, the team experienced its most glorious era from 1981 to 1992. Gibbs masterminded three Super Bowl victories (XVII, XXII, and XXVI) and transformed the Redskins into a powerhouse franchise.

The Name Controversy and Rebranding

However, as the NFL and society evolved, the Redskins name was scrutinized for its controversial nature. Critics argued it was a racial slur and offensive to Native American communities. Amid increasing pressure from sponsors, activists, and public opinion, team owner Daniel Snyder announced in mid-2020 that the Redskins name would be retired.

The franchise temporarily rebranded as the Washington Football Team for the 2020 and 2021 seasons while deliberating on a new identity. The team sought a name to honor the past while embracing a more inclusive and respectful future.

The Birth of the Commanders

In February 2022, after 18 months of consideration, the team unveiled “Commanders” as its new identity. The name was chosen to honor the U.S. military and pay tribute to the soldiers who serve the nation. As the team embraced a fresh start, fans and players alike looked forward to a new era for Washington football.


As the Washington NFL franchise embarks on another era, a potential name change and new stadium plans are at the forefront of discussions. The team’s future, under new ownership, presents an opportunity to redefine its identity and reconnect with its fan base. The NFL 2023-24 season will start on September 8, 2023.