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Raiders Make Surprising Moves: Traded Waller After Record Contract, and no Extensions for Barkley and Jacobs

Raiders Make Surprising Moves: The 2023 NFL offseason proved captivating and engaging regarding player moves and contract negotiations. After rewarding Darren Waller with a record-setting contract from Las Vegas Raiders, they unexpectedly traded him to New York Giants without prior notification; they also failed contract extensions by the franchise tag deadline for both Saquon Barkley (NY Giants) and Josh Jacobs (LV Raiders). This article delves deeper into why Waller was traded, along with Barkley and Jacobs contract issues, and explores why contracts may or may not get renewed by the franchise tag deadline; it also considers what may cause it concerning Waller’s trade as well as exploring both Barkley (NY Giants) and Jacobs (LV Raiders). The upcoming 2024 NFL Super Bowl will indeed be packed with exciting moments.

Raiders Make Surprising Moves: Darren Waller’s Unexpected Trade

In September 2022, the Raiders made Darren Waller the highest-paid tight end in NFL history by signing him to a three-year, $51 million deal with them; six months later, they traded him away to the Giants in exchange for a third-round pick from Pro Football Network; this move left fans and analysts perplexed; Pro Football Network provided some explanation by suggesting the Raiders may have become concerned over Waller’s chronic injuries which have forced him out 14 games over two seasons from play as they struggled against them both teams both opponents.

Waller has proven his worth despite an injury history by consistently ranking among the top tight ends for receiving yards per game since 2019. His versatility as a receiver and ability to produce big plays have made him an invaluable asset on any team, evidenced by leading all tight ends with 20-yard receptions or greater downfield in 2022 while missing significant time due to illness or injuries.

Resilience and Growth

For Waller, joining the Giants is an opportunity and challenge he cannot miss. Speaking to CBS Sports about this development, Waller commented on how facing injuries had taught him valuable life lessons that have kept him connected to his team while finding ways to contribute value regardless of circumstance. This approach will fuel his perseverance as he embarks on new chapters in New York.

Saquon Barkley and Josh Jacobs Contract Standoff

On the opposite end of the NFL contract spectrum was Saquon Barkley of the New York Giants and Josh Jacobs from the Las Vegas Raiders, who found themselves stuck in their extension negotiations following franchise tag deadline day for new deals without an agreement between themselves – with Barkley seeking an extension that guaranteed significant money while Jacobs also wanting something similar but less guaranteed than Barkley wanted for himself.

Options on the Horizon

Barkley and Jacobs have several potential courses of action open to them going forward. Signing the one-year tag and reporting to training camp to play out the 2023 season for $10.1 million could be rewarding. Alternatively, you could opt for refusing it and using this strategy by opting out of specific training camp practices and regular-season games as negotiation tactics.

Please sign the tag to avoid games missed until November’s deadline – at which time players must either accept their tender offer or sit out the entire 2023 season. Or you could decline altogether and sit out all 2023 games entirely.

Lessons Learnt From Previous Franchise Tag Disputes

Le’Veon Bell serves as a cautionary tale when it comes to franchise tag disputes. He made headlines for choosing not to show up during 2018 due to contract disagreements while under a franchise tag; even after signing lucrative offers with New York Jets after that, injuries limited his progress along his career trajectory.

The 2023 NFL offseason has been marred with contract drama and unexpected player moves. Most notably, the Las Vegas Raiders’ trade of Darren Waller for no tangible return was shocking to many; Saquon Barkley and Josh Jacobs’ contract negotiations highlight the complex process involved with signing running back extensions; all this will play out during 2023 as teams and players wait to see how these situations play out and impact teams and individuals involved.