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Panama vs. United States 6/27/24 Copa America Betting Picks

Panama vs. United States 6/27/24 – The match-up between Panama and the United States on June 27, 2024, at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium is one of the most anticipated fixtures of the Copa America. As the teams prepare to face each other, the United States holds an advantage with a record of 1-0-0, contrasting with Panama’s 0-0-1 standing in the tournament. This game, part of the ongoing 2024 Copa America latest picks and odds, is set to showcase not only a clash of strategies but also a test of resilience and form.

Panama vs. United States 6/27/24

When:Thursday, June 27, 2024, at 6:00 PM ET
Where:Brentford Community Stadium, West London, United Kingdom

The current betting odds heavily favor the United States at -240, reflecting their superior form and historical performance against Panama. The +700 odds for Panama indicate a less favorable outlook, though the substantial return on a win could attract speculative bets. The draw, set at +346, also presents an intriguing middle ground for bettors.

United States-240
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Draw: +346

Orlando Mosquera GK vs. Matt Turner GK

Orlando Mosquera has not had it easy in this Panamanian team given that the team has had mixed fortunes. His lot will become decisive to quell the barrage of attacks from a formidable United States side spearheaded by stalwarts like Pulisic and Folarin Balogun. In the most recent match, Mosquera made 4 saves besides having 3 goals conceded, which is the clue to his usefulness; the pressure from the US may be his Achilles’ heel, however.

On the other side, Matt Turner for the United States also looks in good form especially having recently played a Soccer match, and having kept a clean sheet. His aptitude to counter their attacks will be significant, given that the country’s average is 1. Out of the goals that teams were scoring in their latest matches, they were scoring an average of 5 goals. Turner’s form gives a notion of a well-formed defense for the US which might reduce or deny Panama the ability to score.

Panama’s Strategic Offense: Defensive Players Turned Scorers

Michael Murillo, who was panama’s midfielder hitherto this event is a top striker in the most recent matches that his side has played, hence underlining him as a flexible and dangerous player in the forward line. Also, his versatility of shifting from the defensive role to the offense creates some measure of confusion to the team at the back line of the United States of America.

United States’ Attacking Prowess: Pulisic at the Helm

Even though the US team uses a number of players, they still rely on their star player, Christian Pulisic, who contributed more with one goal and one assist. His lively spirit and specific sets of skills that allows him to be extremely effective in overcoming the opponent’s defensive line will be crucially important in this match against Panama. Folarin Balogun also contributes to the team’s attack with his good soccer perception whenever he is advancing towards the opponent’s goal area.

Panama Betting Trends

Panama’s recent win places them 2nd in Group C, showcasing a solid if not spectacular form. Their home performance statistics, which include a 60% win rate, however, do not translate directly into this neutral venue match. Their ability to score, coupled with a moderately strong defense that concedes an average of 1 goal per match, suggests they could hold their ground if they maintain discipline and exploit counter-attacks effectively.

United States Betting Trends

Despite a lower ranking in Group C, the United States shows a robust scoring average of 2 goals per match, indicating their offensive capabilities. However, their defensive vulnerability, with an average of 1.8 goals conceded per match, could be a concern. Their 50% win rate in away matches also underscores a certain inconsistency that Panama might exploit.

Panama vs. United States Betting Picks

Given the analysis and betting trends, the United States appears to be the safer bet for a straightforward win, especially considering their offensive strength and Panama’s defensive vulnerabilities. However, the potential for a high-scoring game suggests that betting on the over for total goals might be a prudent choice.

In terms of which team to back, the United States, despite their defensive concerns, likely has the edge due to their superior attack. Prop bets on players like Christian Pulisic to score might offer additional value. This match is a prime candidate for those looking to engage with premier online betting platforms.


Score Prediction: United States 3, Panama 2