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PAC-12 NCAA Men’s Basketball 2023-2024 Season: Schedule, Teams, and Predictions

PAC-12 NCAA Men’s Basketball 2023-2024 Season: The PAC-12 men’s college basketball season is shaping up to be a great one. Eternal rivalries between programs will continue, culminating in the conference championship at the end of the season. Of course, the matchups are going to be electric from the very first game. There are plenty of great betting options for college basketball picks no matter whether you’re a Utah fan, a Trojan fan, or anyone else.

Here at BetNow, you’ll be able to bet on all of these games, leading up to the tournament itself. We offer all of the bets that you might be interested in so that you can make the kind of money that you want.

PAC-12 NCAA Men’s Basketball 2023-2024 Season: PAC-12 Conference Overview

Arizona. In this conference, it starts and ends with the Wildcats. Once again, they’re atop the preseason rankings. And with good reason: they’re not just the defending champions, they may have the best player in the conference, too. For example, Caleb Love. If the name sounds familiar, there’s a reason for that: he was at North Carolina and now he’s with a strong Arizona team.

When it comes to other good teams in the conference, many have the Trojans of Southern California in second place. And with good reason: they have a backcourt like few other teams. Between Collier and Ellis, they’re able to defend and shoot like just about no one else in the conference. Yes, DJ Rodman is Dennis’s son. Should Bronny James return (and LeBron says he will) then this could make this team even better, possibly to the point where they could knock off the Wildcats.

The Second Tier

While there may be nothing quite as thrilling as Coach Prime to make the Buffalos a contender in basketball, they’re still seen by many as the 3rd best team in the conference (and one that can take a big leap forward should other teams fall). Cody Williams is a name to know as he is the highest-rated recruit in the history of the Colorado program.

Moving from one end of LA to the other, UCLA is seen by many as the 4th most powerful team in the conference. Last year’s freshman of the year, Adem Bona, is going to be a sophomore, which should help the Bruins tremendously. He and the rest of this roster should be enough to get them towards the top of the PAC-12, but most likely not to the top.

The Middle of the Pack

The Oregon Ducks want more than a trip to the NIT this year. They very well may get it, too, because of big man N’Faly Dante. Between he and Nate Bittle, that gives the Ducks a lot of beef up front. The rest of the Ducks figure to be a young team, bringing in three highly rated freshmen who could see significant playing time in Eugene.

The Sun Devils very well may be a team on the rise. Last year, they got close to knocking off TCU in the tournament and they’re back wanting more. This team figures to be a bit stronger than last year which may not be enough to make a big push in a stacked PAC-12.

It may have been a few years since the Utes made the NCAA tournament, but this could be the year that they break the jinx. Branden Carlson’s return is a big deal at both ends of the floor. The Utes may not be a powerful, but they’re the kind of team that, if you aren’t careful, can sneak up on you.

Bringing Up the Rear

Washington is not predicted by many to have a great season. But, they sure have plenty of scoring. Keion Brooks Jr. is an absolute beast who very well could be the conference’s highest scorer. To help make up for the rest of the roster, Coach Hopkins brought in a lot of transfers. Many aren’t sure what to make of the Huskies but are seeing them towards the bottom of the conference for now.

Cal’s new coach could be the harbringer of a return of Bear basketball. Mark Madsen, fresh off his success with Utah Valley, could be the one to return Cal to prominence. It may take a year or two to implement what he wants in Berkeley.

Washington State and Oregon State are not expected by many to do much this season. Washington State has plenty of new players, many of which are on the young side. In a year or so, this could be a team to watch, but many aren’t seeing it now with the Cougars.

As to the Beavers, they have struggled for years now. That ugly record since the 2021 season weighs heavy on this team. They’re going to be the underdog in most (if not all) of the conference games they play this year. So, you could make quite a bit of money if you’re betting on the Beavs.

Bet PAC-12 Basketball and More Throughout the Season

This is what the conference looks like as we sit here in early November. In a very brief period of time, the season will tip off, and you’ll be able to bet on these games. Of course, here at BetNow, the best online sportsbook, you’ll be able to bet on them how and when you would like. For example, you can bet on the odds, the money line, the point spread, and more before each game.

But, as this is BetNow, you can bet during the games as well. That means you can engage in live, “in-game” betting. As such, there are more opportunities for betting than ever before.

While we’ve touched briefly on what’s going on with the PAC-12, you can also bet all across the power conferences (and more) throughout the season. Good luck to you!