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Notre Dame’s Efforts to Include Cal and Stanford in ACC Rankings According to RJ Young’s Preseason Top 15

Notre Dame’s Efforts to Include Cal and Stanford in ACC Rankings: As the landscape of college football continues to evolve, recent developments involving Notre Dame, Cal, Stanford, and the ACC are capturing the attention of fans and analysts alike. Additionally, the preseason rankings are out, shedding light on how teams are poised for the upcoming season. Let’s delve into the intriguing dynamics of Notre Dame’s push for ACC expansion and explore the latest preseason rankings. The college football betting picks are expected to be out before the start of the regular season. 

Notre Dame’s Push for ACC Expansion

The news of Notre Dame advocating for the inclusion of Cal and Stanford in the ACC has set off waves of speculation and excitement within the college football community. Larry Williams of Tiger Illustrated reported on the strong efforts of Notre Dame, a member of the ACC in all sports except football, to bolster the ACC’s ranks. While discussions around conference realignment always spark interest, the involvement of a powerhouse like Notre Dame adds an extra layer of intrigue.

Notre Dame’s Efforts to Include Cal and Stanford in ACC Rankings: The ACC Expansion Puzzle

The ACC expansion has the potential to reshape the conference landscape, and the recent meeting of league presidents provided some insight into the progress. The reported lack of unanimous support for expansion indicates that the decision hinges on a few crucial swing votes. For expansion to proceed, 75% of the ACC schools must vote in favor of it. This decision-making process underscores the significance of the two or three undecided schools and their potential influence on the outcome.

Notre Dame’s Power Play

Considering Notre Dame’s historical significance and influence, its stance on conference expansion holds considerable weight. While it remains uncertain whether Notre Dame’s push is aimed at football membership, the speculation itself sparks intriguing possibilities. The allure of a Notre Dame football program joining the ACC could hold the key to the inclusion of Cal and Stanford. Notre Dame’s clout could potentially set off a chain reaction, impacting the conference landscape in unforeseen ways.

Preseason Rankings Insights

As the college football season draws nearer, preseason rankings offer a glimpse into how teams are perceived before the action even begins. With recent champions and strong contenders seeking to solidify their positions, here’s a closer look at how some teams are stacking up

Notre Dame’s Lobbying for ACC Expansion

The recent news of Notre Dame advocating for the inclusion of Cal and Stanford in the ACC has sent ripples of excitement across the college football community. The revelation by Larry Williams of Tiger Illustrated offers a unique twist to the traditional conference realignment narratives. As a member of the ACC in all sports except football, Notre Dame’s influence carries significant weight, potentially shaping the future configuration of conferences.

ACC Expansion Puzzle: Unveiling the Intricacies

The unfolding ACC expansion saga sheds light on the intricacies of conference realignment decisions. Reports indicating that a few swing votes hold the key to the expansion decision highlight the nuanced nature of the process. With the requirement of a 75% majority vote from ACC schools, the outcome hinges on the decisions of a select few institutions. This underscores the delicate balance of interests and aspirations within college athletics.

Notre Dame: Catalyst for Transformation?

The speculation surrounding Notre Dame’s involvement inevitably raises questions about the institution’s motives. While it remains uncertain whether Notre Dame’s intentions involve football membership, the mere suggestion has sparked speculation about potential ripple effects. Notre Dame’s potential ACC entry could trigger a chain of events, prompting others to reconsider their stances.

Georgia Bulldogs: Back-to-back College Football Playoff champions, but seeking a new quarterback after Stetson Bennett’s departure.

Michigan Wolverines: Poised to challenge for a College Football Playoff spot after consecutive Big Ten championships.

Ohio State Buckeyes: Returning significant talent, but a new quarterback is a top priority.

USC Trojans: Reining Heisman Trophy winner Caleb Williams and Lincoln Riley’s coaching prowess bring high expectations.

Penn State Nittany Lions: Questions at quarterback, but a talented roster under James Franklin’s guidance.

Alabama Crimson Tide: Adjusting to uncertainties at quarterback after years of dominance.

Tennessee Vols: Riding the momentum of an 11-2 campaign, backed by quarterback Joe Milton’s arm.

Clemson Tigers: Transitioning with a new starting quarterback, Cade Klubnik.

Utah Utes: A strong presence with quarterback Cam Rising leading the way.

Florida State Seminoles: Aiming to return to national relevance with quarterback Jordan Travis at the helm.

Indiana Hoosiers: The talented Michael Penix and offensive coordinator Kalen DeBoer promise excitement.

Texas Longhorns: Aiming for a resurgence with quarterback Quinn Ewers.

Oregon Ducks: Showcasing a formidable backfield with quarterback Bo Nix and standout running backs.

Cincinnati Bearcats: Seeking to replicate previous success despite facing significant losses.


Notre Dame’s ACC expansion push and preseason rankings set the stage for an exciting college football season. With shifting alignments and teams gearing up, fans and analysts await how these changes will shape football’s future. Power plays, expansion talks, and rankings predictions create a captivating storyline, enhancing college football’s allure. The NCAA football betting odds are looking strong for Notre Dame this season.