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Notable 2023 College Football Transfer Portal Entries

Notable 2023 College Football Transfer Portal Entries – As college football’s fall practice approaches the 2023 season, the transfer portal remains active with numerous notable player entries. Teams are looking for key additions that can bolster their rosters and increase their chances of contending for the national championship. Let’s take a closer look at some recent and notable transfers that could make an impactful statement this upcoming season. The college football betting picks for week 1 will soon be updated online for bettors to place their best bets on their favorite teams.

Colorado’s Roster Infusion Provides a Great Example

Deion Sanders has kept his promise of revamping Colorado’s roster through transfers. To date, they have welcomed 51 transfers onto campus by late July, showing their dedication to fielding an effective squad for next year.

2023 College Football Transfer Portal Entries: TJ Dudley, Linebacker from Clemson

TJ Dudley left Clemson after they terminated him for being not in good standing with the program. Dudley entered the transfer portal seeking a new opportunity; although Clemson has ample talent at the linebacker position already. Dudley had made promising strides during spring practice which could prove fruitful elsewhere.

Jacob Schuster of Minnesota. DL

As a redshirt freshman at Minnesota in 2022, Schuster demonstrated pass-rushing prowess as a pass rusher. Recently though, he entered the transfer portal making him available to other programs with the need for defensive line depth. With his size and skill set, Schuster could prove a valuable addition to any squad in need.

Chris Graves, Cornerback for Miami Graves has recently entered the transfer portal after not seeing game time during 2022; though highly regarded coming out of high school. His addition could bolster any team’s secondary for next season.

Nigel Glover of Northwestern

Following Pat Fitzgerald’s dismissal as head coach, Northwestern saw its first transfer casualty – freshman linebacker Cody Glover – choose to explore other opportunities in the transfer portal. Although Glover originally committed to Northwestern, she now appears open to joining a different program.

Justin Cryer of Northwestern is an LB

Cryer, a 6-foot-2, 225-pound linebacker entered the transfer portal after Glover left Florida State and quickly secured his services in their defense for this coming season. Florida State quickly made him part of their linebacker corps as Cryer offers potential.

Elijah Bean, a 6-foot-4 wide receiver from Baylor University, entered the transfer portal on July 6 to explore options with other teams looking for receiver depth. Although his time at Baylor didn’t go as planned, Bean was once seen as a promising prospect with size and athleticism that could draw teams interested in adding him as depth in their receiving corps.

Tyrek Presley of Tulane entered the transfer portal after playing 28 games for Tulane over five seasons and not recording a reception last season despite showing promise as a freshman wideout. Teams looking for experienced wideouts should consider adding Presley.

Jalen Kitna of Florida entered the transfer portal amid an ongoing legal matter which resulted in his dismissal from their football program. Pledging guilty to misdemeanors led to child pornography charges being dismissed; as an experienced quarterback with some college experience, Kitna may prove attractive for teams looking to shore up their quarterback depth.


Notable 2023 College Football Transfer – With the 2023 college football season rapidly approaching, teams are actively scouring the transfer portal for talented players who will bolster their rosters and increase their chances of success. From promising freshmen to veteran veterans, the transfer portal presents exciting opportunities for both players and programs alike – yet their impact remains to be seen but their presence surely makes an impressionful statement about who’s being targeted for transfer this season.