Recapping this past Weekend’s NFL Wild Card Betting Action

Posted by: Anthony Yaylor
Recap Weekend’s NFL Wild Card Betting Action

This past NFL betting online weekend, players and betting sportsbooks alike were treated to a wild weekend of postseason action. Heading into this weekend’s lineup, the 2 team teaser odds had a pretty good idea as to who would advance to the next round. However, the results that came in were somewhat different than was expected. With that in mind, let’s dive right into this weekend’s NFL Wild Card betting recap.

NFL Wild Card Betting Recap

Tennessee Titans vs. Kansas City Chiefs || AFC Wild Card

The Tennessee Titans had gone 9 seasons without making a postseason appearance, so seeing them in the playoffs was a sight for sore eyes. Comparatively, every sing NFL betting online fans in the nation was expecting the Chiefs to make their way into this year’s postseason. What we weren’t expecting were the Chiefs, who were one of the most dominant offenses this season, to fall to Marcus Mariota and the Titans.

In truth, most of the blame falls upon the Chiefs’ shoulders. Kansas City had accrued a 21-3 lead heading into the halftime, and all they needed to do to get into the divisional round is chew up some clock. However, a nervous Alex Smith could not overcome the hungry Titans. Behind 2 turnovers and a brilliant effort on behalf of Marcus Mariota, the Titans managed to shock the nation by upsetting the Chiefs 22-21 this past Saturday. Most of the grunt work was done by Mariota, who delivered a massive block late in the game to seal the Chiefs’ fate.

Atlanta Falcons vs. Los Angeles Rams || NFC Wild Card

The Falcons are hell bent on avenging last year’s Super Bowl loss to the Patriots, and even the dominant Rams were not good enough to deter them. Los Angeles entered this game as a heavy betting sportsbook favorite. However, the Rams displayed their biggest weakness this past Saturday: inexperience. In fact, it took Los Angeles nearly 3 quarters of football to shake off their nerves. Clearly, taking that long will result in a defiant loss. In the end, Atlanta came out on top in this one decisively, 26-13.

Buffalo Bills vs. Jacksonville Jaguars || AFC Wild Card

The Buffalo Bills snapped an 18-year postseason drought to get here. However, along the way, Buffalo decided to talk some smack about Blake Bortles. Bortles is the man the Jags have at quarterback and while he may not be a Top-5 quarterback, you shouldn’t go out of your way to give your opponent some added motivation.

But that’s exactly what the Bills did, claiming that if the game was on the line and Bortles had the ball, Buffalo would walk away with the win. The irony is that that was the scenario Tyrod Taylor, Buffalo’s quarterback, found himself in. Ultimately, it was Taylor who crumbled under pressure, throwing a late game interception to halt the Bills’ postseason journey. The Jags won 10-3. The Jaguars are now set to face the Steelers this upcoming weekend.

New Orleans Saints vs. Carolina Panthers || NFC Wild Card 

The Saints vs. Panthers matchup offered NFL betting online players a little NFC South rivalry in the postseason. But considering that New Orleans defeated the Panthers twice during the regular season, most bettors felt pretty confident about this one. Surprisingly, this ended up being one of the most competitive matches of the weekend. Moreover, the Panthers actually had an opportunity to win it late in the game. Unfortunately, Cam Newton had taken too much damage early in the game. A failure in pass protection assured that Carolina would walk of the field unsuccessful. The Saints won 31-26 and most NFL Wild Card betting recaps have them pegged as favorites versus the Vikings.