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NFL Upcoming Season: New Orleans Saints 2023 Preview

New Orleans Saints 2023 Preview: As the 2023 NFL season approaches, the New Orleans Saints find themselves in a favorable position as favorites to win the NFC South division, according to DraftKings Sportsbook. The major decisions they have made to secure themselves ahead of their division rivals are a significant part of their elevated status. However, despite the optimistic outlook, the Saints face a mix of excitement and uncertainty heading into the new season with best NFL bets 2023 looking bright and positive. In this comprehensive preview, we will delve deeper into the Saints’ roster changes, their potential playoff aspirations, and how they benefit from playing in a weaker division.

Saints Roster Changes

The quarterback position has been a subject of experimentation for the Saints over the past two seasons. The likes of Taysom Hill and Jameis Winston were given opportunities to prove their worth as franchise signal-callers, but ultimately, the Saints have decided to move on from these projects. In a bold move to solidify the quarterback position, the Saints secured the services of Derek Carr, a proven veteran quarterback with a track record of success in the league.

Carr may not be considered the “quarterback of the future” in the long term, but he brings a level of stability and consistency that the Saints have been seeking. His experience and leadership on the field are expected to provide an immediate impact and elevate the offense to new heights. With Carr under center, the Saints hope to find the right formula for success and make a strong push for the division title.

New Orleans Saints 2023 Preview: Offensive Skill Corps

While the Saints have made an upgrade at quarterback, they have also undergone changes in their offensive skill corps. The team displayed confidence in their 2022 rookies, Chris Olave and Rashid Shaheed, by allowing some key players from last year to depart. Maintaining faith in the young receivers showcases the Saints’ belief in their ability to contribute and make a significant impact in the upcoming season.

However, the Saints face potential challenges with Alvin Kamara’s situation. The star running back faces a potential suspension, creating uncertainty about his availability and role in the offense. As a result, the Saints may have to rely on a relatively unknown rookie, Kendre Miller, to step up alongside free-agent acquisition Jamaal Williams. The success of the running game will be vital to maintain offensive balance and ease the burden on Carr and the passing attack.

Defensive Front Changes

On the defensive side of the ball, the Saints have experienced significant changes in their front seven. Players such as Kaden Ellis and P.J. Williams are no longer with the team, and the departure of Marcus Davenport has further impacted the defensive line. The Saints will have to rely on a combination of veteran experience and promising rookies to fill the void left by the departing players.

The defensive success will hinge on the performance of first and second-round draft picks Bryan Bresee and Isaiah Foskey. The Saints will hope for immediate dividends from these talented prospects to bolster their pass rush and disrupt opposing offenses. Additionally, the return of a healthy Marcus Lattimore should provide a boost to the secondary, assuming he stays on the field. However, concerns linger about the impact of coordinator changes and personnel turnover on the overall defensive performance.

Defensive Challenges of the Saints

With an upgraded quarterback in Derek Carr and a potentially explosive offensive skill corps, the Saints possess a high offensive ceiling. A healthy Michael Thomas, paired with the speedy Chris Olave, could stretch defenses and create mismatches in favor of the Saints. Carr’s accurate arm and ability to distribute the ball effectively should capitalize on these weapons and drive the offense down the field.

Furthermore, the Saints’ running game, led by Alvin Kamara (if available), Jamaal Williams, and rookie Kendre Miller, could provide the necessary balance to keep defenses off balance. A well-rounded offense with various playmakers could prove difficult for opponents to contain, especially if the offensive line maintains consistency and provides adequate protection for Carr.

Defensively, the Saints face some challenges, particularly after losing key contributors in the pass rush. Marcus Davenport’s departure has left a void in the team’s ability to generate pressure on opposing quarterbacks. In the 2022 season, the Saints finished last in pass-rush win rate as a unit, and the loss of their second-best pass-rusher, Onyemata, to the Falcons further complicates matters.

To compensate for these losses, the Saints will be heavily reliant on the performance of their rookies, Bryan Bresee and Isaiah Foskey, who must adapt quickly to the demands of NFL competition. A healthy Marcus Lattimore will be instrumental in solidifying the secondary, and his partnership with Carr’s playstyle could create turnovers and provide the offense with a favorable field position.

A Favorable Schedule

New Orleans Saints 2023 Preview – One significant advantage for the Saints heading into the 2023 season is their divisional opponents. The NFC South is considered one of the weakest divisions in the league, with the Saints being the only team expected to be a genuine playoff contender. According to Super Bowl odds, the other three teams in the NFC South rank 27th (Falcons) and tied for 28th (Panthers, Buccaneers). This means that the Saints have six games against these opponents, all of which they could potentially win.

Moreover, the Saints have a relatively weak schedule when facing non-division opponents as well. They will play against the AFC South, which is widely regarded as one of the weakest divisions in the NFL, aside from the NFC South. Only the Jacksonville Jaguars have Super Bowl odds lower than +8000, which means the Saints have several winnable games on their schedule.

The New Orleans Saints enter the 2023 NFL season with high hopes and significant roster changes. With a promising offensive skill corps, including Michael Thomas, Chris Olave, and potentially Alvin Kamara, the Saints have the pieces to build a potent and explosive offense.

However, questions remain on the defensive side, especially with the departure of key players in the front seven. The rookies, Bryan Bresee and Isaiah Foskey must step up and provide immediate impact to fill the void left by the departing players.

Despite the challenges, the Saints enjoy a divisional advantage, being the only strong contender in the NFC South. Additionally, their favorable schedule against non-division opponents gives them ample opportunities to secure crucial victories and potentially compete for a favorable playoff position.

As the 2023 season unfolds, Saints fans eagerly await the outcome of these significant roster changes. If the Saints can strike a balance between their offensive firepower and defensive resilience, they have a genuine chance to make a strong push for the division title and potentially compete deep into the playoffs. However, success will rely on the performance of both veterans and rookies alike, as they strive to achieve the ultimate goal of bringing home a 2023 Super Bowl championship to New Orleans.