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NFL Upcoming Season: Las Vegas Raiders 2023 Preview

Las Vegas Raiders 2023 Preview: As the NFL gears up for the 2023 season, the Las Vegas Raiders are entering a new era with several significant changes to their roster and coaching staff. After a disappointing 2022 campaign, the Raiders are placing their bets on quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo and a revamped defense to turn their fortune around. However, the high-stakes gamble comes with risks, as they face stiff competition and uncertainty in a highly competitive league. The NFL betting picks for the preseason games are expected to be out in a couple of days.

Raiders’ Offensive Outlook

The Raiders opted for a dramatic change at quarterback, parting ways with Derek Carr and embracing Jimmy Garoppolo. Garoppolo’s statistics have been on par with Carr’s over recent seasons, making the transition appear seamless. However, Garoppolo’s injury history remains a concern, and he must demonstrate his ability to lead the team effectively.

Las Vegas Raiders 2023 Preview: A Talented Receiving Corps

With Davante Adams leading the pack, the Raiders’ receiving corps boasts depth and talent. Adams, coming off a stellar season, will be a focal point of the offense. The addition of Jakobi Meyers further bolsters the group, providing more options for Garoppolo. However, the departure of tight end Darren Waller will require new players to step up and fill the void.

Mayer: A Versatile Tight End

Rookie tight end Michael Mayer brings versatility to the Raiders’ offense. Known for his receiving skills, Mayer can line up both in the slot and on the outside. With Coach Josh McDaniels’ history of utilizing tight ends creatively, Mayer’s presence offers potential upside in the passing game.

Raiders’ Defensive Outlook

The Raiders recognized the need for significant changes on defense and made strategic moves in the offseason. Adding pass rusher Tyree Wilson through the draft aims to bolster the defensive line alongside Maxx Crosby and Chandler Jones. Additionally, the cornerback position transformed with multiple new signings, providing fresh competition for starting spots.

Improving the Secondary

The secondary was a focus for the Raiders, and they addressed it by bringing in several new cornerbacks through free agency. The additions of Duke Shelley, David Long Jr., and Brandon Facyson aim to strengthen the outside cornerback positions. Meanwhile, the safety position welcomes Marcus Epps alongside Tre’von Moehrig, providing a revamped secondary unit.

McDaniels’ Leadership Challenge

Head Coach Josh McDaniels faces a crucial year in his role. Despite his offensive acumen, McDaniels must demonstrate effective leadership to guide the team successfully. The Raiders’ significant roster overhaul reflects their belief in personnel over leadership, but the pressure is on McDaniels to produce results.

Defensive Adjustments

The Raiders’ defensive struggles led to the departure of defensive line coach Frank Okam. In his place, Rob Leonard joins as a new coach with experience in developing pass-rushing talent. The change aims to improve the Raiders’ lackluster pass rush, a critical aspect of their defensive performance.


The Las Vegas Raiders are making bold moves as they embark on the 2023 NFL regular season. From changing quarterbacks to overhauling the defense, the team is betting on significant roster adjustments to propel them toward playoff contention. The success of their gamble depends on the performances of key players like Jimmy Garoppolo, Davante Adams, and Michael Mayer, along with the effectiveness of their revamped defense. Coach Josh McDaniels faces the challenge of leading the team while optimizing the talent at his disposal. As the season unfolds, Raiders fans eagerly await the outcomes of these daring decisions, hoping they will bring long-awaited success to the storied franchise. The path to playoff glory might be uncertain, but the Raiders are ready to roll the dice and stake their claim in the highly competitive world of the NFL.