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NFL Teams’ 2023 Off-Season Regrets & Future Power Rankings

NFL Teams’ 2023 Off-Season Regrets – The 2023 NFL offseason is a time of hope and excitement as teams make signings and draft picks to bolster their rosters. However, not all moves pan out as expected, and some teams may regret their decisions once the season begins. It’s common for veterans to decline after big contracts, and prized prospects may need to live up to their potential. Let’s look at five NFL teams that may regret their 2023 off-season moves and explore the Future Power Rankings to see which teams are poised for long-term success.

Regrettable Offseason Moves

Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos were desperate to turn things around after a disappointing 2022 season. Their blockbuster trade to acquire Russell Wilson failed miserably, leading to their worst regular-season winning percentage since 2010. Additionally, they had to give up high draft picks in the process. With Wilson’s contract containing substantial dead money, the team is stuck with him until at least 2024. They had to make other adjustments around the aging quarterback, including coaxing Sean Payton out of retirement to coach.

Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions showed promise with an impressive mid-season turnaround in 2022, but their 2023 off-season decisions raised concerns. They reached for Jahmyr Gibbs as the 12th overall draft pick, passing on potential defensive game-changers. Trading back from the 6th overall pick to get Gibbs and Sam LaPorta in the second round might not pay off as expected, leaving them with a lack of blue-chip defensive prospects.

Tennessee Titans

The Tennessee Titans had the opportunity to rebuild from scratch in the offseason, but they opted against it. Instead, they released some overpriced players but failed to use the freed-up money to bring in assets for contention. Despite aging veterans like Ryan Tannehill and Derrick Henry entering the final year of their contracts, the team didn’t make suitable trades. As a result, they enter the upcoming season without key pieces at several offensive positions.

NFL Teams’ 2023 Off-Season Regrets: Future Power Rankings

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles stand out in the Future Power Rankings due to their loaded roster, adept front office, and Super Bowl-caliber culture established by their head coach in just two seasons. They have a promising, young franchise quarterback locked in long-term, creating optimism for success in the years to come.

Cincinnati Bengals

Drafting Joe Burrow has transformed the Bengals, and his drive for success should pay off in the foreseeable future. If the team can structure Burrow’s contract similarly to Mahomes’, they can retain more young talent, fostering a positive outlook for a franchise that historically lacked optimism.

Baltimore Ravens

Stability and competence in the front office and coaching staff contribute to optimism in Baltimore. Quarterback Lamar Jackson’s electrifying play adds to the team’s potential success. If Jackson stays healthy and adapts well to the new offensive scheme, the Ravens can be competitive for years.

Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs’ long-term optimism primarily centers around Patrick Mahomes. With his contract secured through 2031, Kansas City remains a title contender as long as he’s leading the team. Moreover, the Chiefs’ ability to integrate rookies into significant roles during their Super Bowl run boosts their prospects for the future.


The NFL offseason is a time of both hope and risk. While some teams may regret their decisions once the season starts, others position themselves for long-term success. The Future Power Rankings showcase franchises with promising rosters, solid front offices, and competent coaching staff, ensuring they remain competitive for years. As the 2023 season approaches, football fans eagerly anticipate how these teams will fare on the field and in the seasons ahead. The NFL Super Bowl 2023 season will be exciting, with some of the top teams ready to compete this season.