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NFL Running Backs Discuss Wages, Titans Unveil ‘Oilers’ Throwback Uniforms

NFL Running Backs Discuss Wages: The NFL is buzzing with news as running backs unite to address contract devaluation, while the Tennessee Titans bring back a classic look with their throwback Oilers uniforms for the 2023 season. In a league that has evolved to prioritize passing and scoring, running backs are feeling the impact on their contracts and overall value. On the other hand, Titans fans are thrilled to see the revival of iconic uniforms that pay homage to the team’s history as the Houston Oilers. Let’s delve into these two intriguing topics shaping the upcoming 2023-24 NFL season.

NFL Running Backs Advocate for Fair Compensation

Nick Chubb, the talented running back for the Cleveland Browns, is one of several NFL players advocating for fair compensation and recognition of the position’s significance. In a Zoom call with prominent running backs Saquon Barkley, Derrick Henry, and Christian McCaffrey, organized by LA Chargers’ Austin Ekeler, Chubb expressed his concerns about the current trend of devaluing running backs.

The Impact of Devaluation on Running Backs

Running backs like Chubb feel “handcuffed” by the situation, as their production on the field appears to hurt their value in contract negotiations. Despite their vital contributions to the game, their contracts have become less friendly than other positions. Barkley’s threat to sit out training camp in protest against his franchise tender exemplifies running backs’ frustration.

The Changing Landscape of NFL Rules

The NFL has witnessed significant rule changes over the past two decades, prioritizing the passing game and enhancing scoring opportunities. Quarterbacks, wide receivers, and tight ends have thrived under these changes, resulting in staggering offensive numbers. However, despite their versatility and responsibilities, running backs have seen a decline in their value, reflected in their contracts.

Tennessee Titans Unveil Throwback Oilers Uniforms

The long-awaited revival of the classic NFL Oilers uniforms has arrived. The Tennessee Titans will pay tribute to their roots with the throwback set, reminiscent of the iconic Oilers of both Houston and Tennessee. The uniforms will replicate the Oilers’ look from 1981 to 1998, rekindling memories of legendary players like Earl Campbell, Warren Moon, and Bruce Matthews.

Debut of Throwback Uniforms

Titans fans can rejoice as the team will showcase the throwback Oiler’s uniforms at two home games in the 2023 season. The set includes the recognizable white helmet with a red facemask, red-powder blue-red striping, and the trademark blue oil derrick outlined in red. The powder blue jersey with white numbers outlined in red and white pants and powder blue socks featuring the same striping pattern completes the retro look.

Historical Significance

These uniforms hold a special place in NFL history, and their revival brings a touch of nostalgia to the franchise. Interestingly, when the Oilers moved to Tennessee in 1997, they played their first two seasons as the Tennessee Oilers but never wore their colored jerseys at home. The debut of the throwback uniforms will mark the first time the franchise has worn the powder blue Oilers jerseys in a home regular-season game in Tennessee.

Respecting History

While these uniforms might irk some in Houston, who have since become Texans fans, the Titans are rightfully embracing the Oilers’ legacy as part of their franchise history. The NFL’s rule change allowing teams to use alternate helmets finally made this throwback dream a reality.


NFL Running Backs Discuss Wages: As the 2023 NFL season approaches, the league is experiencing advocacy for fair player compensation and a nostalgic celebration of its rich history. Running backs like Nick Chubb are rallying for the recognition they deserve, while the Tennessee Titans’ throwback Oilers uniforms honor iconic players and moments from the past. As fans eagerly await the start of the season, these two storylines add intrigue and excitement to the upcoming NFL campaign.