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Latest NFL 2023 News: Robert Saleh, NY Jets, and ‘Hard Knocks’; Rams Blunder Fuels Shocking RB Underpayment

Latest NFL 2023 News: Running backs have faced unique difficulties in the NFL in recent years. They find it increasingly difficult to differentiate themselves from the crowd from early career expirations dates and salary discrepancies compared to other positions. This article examines this complex situation for NFL running backs by exploring the Rams’ past mistakes, the controversy over Hard Knocks, and free agent running back frustrations as case examples. Running backs play a vital role in the NFL, and their NFL Super Bowl contribution is essential to every team.

Running Backs’ Struggle for Recognition

At present, NFL running backs are often treated as interchangeable players despite their impressive on-field performances. Many peaks during their college years by playing for free while being drafted late and cast aside when their big payday arrives. As a result, this trend has caused kickers’ salaries to surpass running backs, indicating their lack of recognition and financial reward as influential performers.

The Rams’ Todd Gurley misstep of 2018 is a cautionary tale for other teams. After signing Gurley to a four-year, $57-million extension and overpaying him by $20 million, only to release him due to knee issues at just 25 years old, this error highlights the risks associated with investing heavily in running backs, prompting many teams not to offer long-term deals to star rushers.

Latest NFL 2023 News: Outrage Surrounding “Hard Knocks”

Recent news that Josh Jacobs of the Las Vegas Raiders and Saquon Barkley of the New York Giants would not receive long-term contracts has caused shock and dismay among their fellow running backs. Even though Jacobs leads in rushing while Barkley performs exceptionally, they will play under one-year, $10.1-million franchise tag contracts until replacement players can be found.

Ezekiel Elliott and Dalvin Cook’s frustration was apparent on social media. Their peers expressed outrage and disappointment, supporting players facing uncertain contract situations. This issue has ignited heated discussions regarding their value in the NFL and whether reforms need to occur within contract negotiations.

The Jets Take Their Turn in Hard Knocks

At first, New York Jets head coach Robert Saleh initially balked at appearing on the HBO documentary series ‘Hard Knocks.’ Saleh voiced concerns regarding access and player cuts being broadcasted during this show; but eventually accepted this opportunity, realizing its benefits in showcasing their team to fans and engaging them more directly.

The Jets fulfilled all requirements set by the NFL to be eligible to appear on ‘Hard Knocks,’ making them an automatic selection for this show. After initial reservations about being featured on TV, they now look forward to providing viewers with an inside view of their training camp experience thanks to the efforts of the ‘Hard Knocks’ production team.


NFL running backs face unique difficulties and complications within the modern game. Between early expiration dates and salary disparities, these players need help to gain recognition for their contributions on the field. Todd Gurley’s experience with the Rams is an essential reminder that teams should exercise caution when offering long-term contracts to star-rushing stars.

Hard Knocks has also generated much debate, as its controversy illustrates tensions between teams’ desire for privacy and fans’ desire for exclusive access. The New York Jets’ change of heart demonstrates the benefits of accepting Hard Knocks as an opportunity to engage fans through television shows.

As the NFL evolves, it is vital that its running backs’ concerns and frustrations are appropriately addressed; contract negotiations must reflect this fact as running backs play an integral role in its allure; their contributions should be recognized accordingly. The NFL 2023-24 regular season will start on September 8, 2023.