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Lane Kiffin Slams NIL as ‘Legalized Cheating’; Top 30 AAC Players Revealed in 2023 Preseason

Lane Kiffin Slams NIL as ‘Legalized Cheating’: The name, image, and likeness (NIL) era in college athletics has lasted for two years, revolutionizing how student-athletes can profit from their fame. However, this transformative period continues to face challenges and criticism. Lane Kiffin, the head football coach of Ole Miss, has voiced concerns about “pay-for-play” practices becoming prevalent. On the other hand, college football fans eagerly anticipate the upcoming season, with the AAC featuring a talented roster of players to watch. This article explores the ongoing journey of NIL in college athletics and the AAC preseason rankings of football players.

Lane Kiffin Slams NIL as Legalized Cheating

Lane Kiffin, known for his forthright nature and outspoken views on campus matters, expressed his concerns regarding National Instrumental Learning at SEC Media Days. According to Kiffin, some student-athletes use NIL opportunities as pay-for-play opportunities, with programs with aggressive boosters offering more money. Kiffin warned this trend could create havoc by legalizing cheating and undermining college sports’ integrity.

Kiffin also mentions how players take full advantage of every negotiating period available, potentially earning multiple paydays through high school, one-time transfers, and graduate transfers. He notes the excitement for athletes yet expresses concerns regarding a lack of structure that may lead to unintended results. As NIL continues its impactful discussions across college athletics, coaches and officials attempt to balance fair compensation and protecting game integrity.

Preseason AAC Football Rankings

As college football season nears, fans eagerly anticipate watching top AAC athletes compete. The preseason rankings provide an inside glimpse into some of this conference’s finest quarterbacks, defensive players, and wide receivers.

Frank Harris of UTSA stands out on this list as an exceptional senior quarterback, being recognized as the AAC Player to Watch due to his dynamic playmaking abilities on the field. Tulane senior quarterback Michael Pratt also stands out as another talented individual to watch this season; both experienced quarterbacks should lead their teams toward victory during this campaign.

Rashad Wisdom of UTSA and Seth Henigan of Memphis are also noteworthy names. They possess impressive skill sets that will undoubtedly influence their teams’ performances on the gridiron.

An AAC Season Preview

Preseason rankings give fans an early peek at what to expect during this AAC season, showing off young athletes’ talent and potential. Expect intense competition, thrilling plays, and high-stakes games as teams battle for conference supremacy – an AAC breeding ground of emerging talents.


The name, image, and likeness era has unquestionably transformed college athletics by providing student-athletes with more opportunities for financial gain. Yet its implementation remains controversial, with concerns over potential implications to college sports – with coaches like Lane Kiffin expressing concerns over pay-for-play practices emerging without proper oversight from an administration body such as an NCAA  Football Committee.

As college football fans anticipate the 2017 American Athletic Conference season, they can look forward to witnessing some of its finest talents take center stage. From veteran quarterbacks to aggressive defensive players, AAC boasts a roster filled with talent capable of immediately affecting games. We watch how NIL continues its impactful shaping on college athletics and how these talented athletes seize upon any opportunities presented on the field.