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Houston Texans 2023 Preview: NFL Upcoming Season

Houston Texans 2023 Preview: The Houston Texans are heading into the 2023 NFL season with renewed optimism and a fresh start. After making wholesale changes to their roster and coaching staff, the Texans are determined to leave behind their struggles from the past. With a new head coach in DeMeco Ryans and rookie quarterback C.J. Stroud leading the offense, Houston hopes to make a surprising leap from worst to first in their division. Let’s dive into the team’s offseason moves and analyze their potential to become contenders in the underwhelming AFC South. The NFL Super Bowl 2023 is sure to be competitive with some of the top teams battling their way to make it through the regular season.

Houston Texans 2023 Preview: A Fresh Coaching Approach

The Texans’ decision to hire DeMeco Ryans as their head coach brings a sense of familiarity and continuity to the team. Having previously played for Houston and excelling as a Pro Bowler, Ryans brings a wealth of defensive knowledge and leadership to the table. His experience as a defensive coordinator with the San Francisco 49ers adds another dimension to the Texans’ coaching staff, offering hope for defensive improvement.

Offensive Overhaul and a Promising Rookie

The Texans’ offense underwent significant changes during the offseason, with key additions aimed at bolstering the unit. Dalton Schultz’s arrival from Dallas solidifies the tight end position, while Devin Singletary brings depth and talent to the running back corps. Additionally, the Texans traded for Robert Woods, a veteran receiver who can still contribute to the team’s passing game.

The most pivotal move, however, came during the NFL Draft when the Texans selected C.J. Stroud as the second-overall pick. Stroud’s arrival fills the quarterback hole, offering hope for a bright future under center. The young quarterback’s success will largely determine the team’s offensive output and potential for a successful season.

Defensive Reinforcements

Houston’s defense received a boost with the reunion of DeMeco Ryans and safety Jimmie Ward from their time with the San Francisco 49ers. Ward’s arrival brings stability and experience to the secondary, crucial for the development of young defensive talents like Derek Stingley Jr. and Jalen Pitre.

Additionally, the Texans traded up to acquire Will Anderson Jr., an impactful and disruptive edge rusher. Anderson’s presence should add much-needed pressure on opposing quarterbacks, contributing to an improved pass rush for Houston.

Rookie Playmaker: Nathaniel Dell

Third-round pick Nathaniel Dell stands out as an exciting addition to the Texans’ offense. Despite being undersized, Dell’s explosive playmaking abilities make him an invaluable asset for rookie quarterback C.J. Stroud. With his dynamic skills, Dell is likely to see significant playing time and contribute to the team’s offensive production.

Can Houston Surpass Expectations and Compete in the AFC South?

The AFC South, an underwhelming division, provides an opportunity for the Texans to make a surprising turnaround. While the Jacksonville Jaguars seem to be the favorites after a historic comeback in the previous season, the Texans have a chance to challenge for the division crown.

Analysts are cautious about predicting an immediate playoff contention for Houston due to the team’s holes and uncertainties. However, with the right coaching and a promising rookie quarterback, the Texans could defy expectations and achieve more success than anticipated.

The combination of DeMeco Ryans’ defensive expertise and the experience of offensive coordinator Steve Slowik in developing rookie quarterbacks adds further hope for a bright future. If C.J. Stroud can adjust to the NFL quickly and build chemistry with the revamped receiving corps, the Texans may exceed expectations and become a competitive force in the AFC South.


The Houston Texans’ 2023-24 NFL season marks a new chapter for the franchise, with a fresh coaching approach and a talented rookie quarterback leading the way. Despite facing challenges and uncertainties, the Texans’ offseason moves and coaching staff offer reasons for optimism. With the potential to surprise the NFL world, Houston’s ambitions of going from worst to first in the AFC South are not far-fetched. As the season unfolds, the Texans’ progress will be closely watched by fans and analysts alike, eager to witness the transformation and resurgence of a team determined to leave behind their struggles and emerge as a contender in the competitive NFL landscape.