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Exploring College Football’s Preseason: Coaching Hot Seats and Teams to Watch in 2023

Coaching Hot Seats and Teams to Watch in 2023: Navigating the constantly shifting landscape of college football coaching can be as unpredictable as the game itself. Though this year may appear subdued, industry insiders recall similar sentiments in prior cycles that did not match up with actual activity levels. Coaches defied expectations during COVID-19 in 2020 and 2021 by leaving such iconic names as Lincoln Riley and Brian Kelly behind, producing dramatic shifts within the sport through major departures like these two coaches.

Even during an apparently quiet preseason like 2023’s, it is important to remember that they remain ever-changing – industry insiders frequently express amazement at “how much activity there is”. There are sure to be several changes over the years, but this year’s college football is going to be exciting. The college football betting apps are all set to roll out the latest details and betting odds for the upcoming season.

Maintaining success in college football can be an immense challenge, with breakthrough seasons often leading to sudden falls from grace. 2023 could bring several teams’ slippage after periods of achievement – Cincinnati stands out as an early potential candidate. Luke Fickell led Cincinnati to five consecutive winning seasons under 53-10 records over five years before leaving them with signs of decline after their historic trip to the College Football Playoff 2021. Now in Big 12 territory and without Fickell as their coach, Cincinnati faces significant roster turnover and uncertainty both offensively and defensively.

Coaching Hot Seats and Teams to Watch in 2023: Coastal Carolina

Coastal Carolina, which posted two impressive 22-3 records between 2020-2021, suffered an unexpected decline to 9-4 last season under new head coach and system change, including key defensive player departures. Duke may find its impressive nine-win performance from 2022 hard to reproduce due to a tougher schedule and uncertainty around key positions on offense and defense.

Fresno State

Fresno State, fresh off an impressive 10-4 record, faces the daunting task of replacing star players such as quarterback Jake Haener who left for the NFL. A change in the coaching staff and loss of key defensive players compounded with uncertainty makes it unlikely for Fresno State to compete for a Mountain West title this year. Meanwhile, Mississippi State is transitioning into new leadership with their head coach and offensive system while suffering significant defensive losses which raise concerns over their chances in an extremely demanding schedule ahead.

Oregon State

Oregon State is riding high after their 10-win campaign last season and now faces more expectations than ever. Though they boast a favorable schedule, doubts regarding defense and the effectiveness of the new quarterback may lead to regression from 2022’s impressive showing. As teams face coaching changes, roster turnovers, schedule adjustments, and unpredictable outcomes in college football – the college landscape continues to change rapidly; making predicting results even harder.

College football’s ever-evolving landscape makes for an unpredictable journey, with coaching changes, roster shifts, and schedule challenges all potentially impacting its success. While coaching cycles may not be as frenetic as before, history shows us that unexpected developments often emerge despite apparent calm. Even quiet years can create seismic shifts that reshape the college football landscape.


Cincinnati and Coastal Carolina illustrate the challenges associated with maintaining consistent performance over an unpredictable game, respectively. The Cincinnati once thrived under Luke Fickell but is currently in a transitional phase as they adjust to competition level and coaching leadership shifts. Meanwhile, their journeys demonstrate just how tough maintaining consistency can be when dealing with unpredictable sports like American Football.

Duke Blue Devils

Duke’s recent run to nine wins serves as a reminder that even in tough competition, a new coach can rejuvenate a program. However, due to tougher schedules or vulnerabilities on the field, things could quickly turn back around, leading to setbacks or worse yet complete failure of success.

Fresno State and Mississippi State’s transitions demonstrate how important it is to strike a balance between building on past successes and surmounting inevitable obstacles and developing new strategies. Oregon State is under particular scrutiny due to its upward trajectory; whether further elevated play can occur or whether regression awaits is unknown at this time.

As we enter into the 2023 college football season, it’s crucial that we embrace its inherent uncertainty. Amid stories of potential regressions and upheavals is also the excitement of waiting to see what lies in store – the journey to success rarely follows a linear path in this sport, making predicting outcomes an exciting and unpredictable endeavor. The 2023 season promises just such an experience. The 2023 college football regular season will kick off on August 26. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the Navy Midshipmen will start their first game followed by USC and San Jose State. Both conference and non-conference games will take place and top teams are all set to do their best for the upcoming season.