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Dallas Mavericks vs. Utah Jazz 1/1/24 NBA Betting Picks

Dallas Mavericks vs. Utah Jazz 1/1/24As 2024 commences, the NBA is set to feature a compelling encounter between the Dallas Mavericks and the Utah Jazz. This event is scheduled to take place at the Delta Center on January 1st. Presently, each team holds an identical record of 18-14 for the year, making this game particularly significant. The outcome could be crucial in setting the tone for their respective campaigns in the new year. For enthusiasts interested in free NBA picks, this matchup presents an excellent opportunity, offering dynamic wagering possibilities that warrant careful consideration.

When:Monday, January 1, 2024, at 9:00 PM ET
Where:Delta Center
Stream:NBA League Pass

Dallas Mavericks vs. Utah Jazz 1/1/24
-3.5 -110
o243.5 -110
+3.5 -110
u243.5 -110
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Tim Hardaway Jr. (SF) vs. Lauri Markkanen (PF)

Timothy Hardaway Jr. has been a pivotal element for the Dallas Mavericks this season, participating in all 30 games, including four starts. He has maintained an average of 29.2 minutes on the court per game, contributing an average of 18 points. Although his performance in offensive rebounding is somewhat constrained, Hardaway Jr. offers substantial value defensively, evidenced by his efficient ball handling and an assist-to-turnover ratio of 2. However, his comparatively modest number of steals and blocks suggests room for improvement in his defensive capabilities.

Lauri Markkanen, representing the Utah Jazz, has emerged as a remarkable talent this season. Having started in all 22 games he played, Markkanen averages 33.3 minutes per game and leads his team with an average of 24 points per night. His prowess is not limited to scoring; he also averages a combined 8.8 rebounds per game, encompassing both offensive and defensive rebounds. Defensively, Markkanen has been solid, recording an average of 1 steal and 0.6 blocks per game, though his turnover rate mirrors that of Hardaway Jr., indicating potential areas for exploitation.

As the competition intensifies, Hardaway Jr. will need to enhance his defensive prowess to rival Markkanen’s intensity. Conversely, Markkanen should seek to exploit any defensive weaknesses presented by the Mavericks. The strategic interplay between these two athletes could be crucial in determining the outcome of their matchup.

Offensive Proficiency of the Dallas Mavericks

The Dallas Mavericks have exhibited a commendable offensive prowess in the current season. They maintain an impressive average of 118.8 points per game, coupled with a 46.9% success rate in field goals over the course of 32 games. A significant contributor to their success is their proficiency in three-point shooting, averaging 15.4 three-pointers per game with a 36.7% accuracy. Additionally, their average of 10.5 offensive rebounds per game augments their potential for second-chance scoring. Their performance in defensive rebounding and assists per game also indicates a robust control over the ball and the capacity to create scoring opportunities.

Balanced Strategy of the Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz, after playing 32 games, have achieved an average of 113.3 points per game. While their field goal and three-point percentages are marginally lower than those of the Dallas Mavericks, their strength predominantly lies in their rebounding capabilities. With an average of 46.1 rebounds per game, they significantly surpass the Mavericks’ average of 40 rebounds per game. Moreover, the Jazz’s free throw accuracy stands at an impressive 82.2%, demonstrating their potential to disrupt their opponents’ strategies. Their effective amalgamation of scoring, robust rebounding, and defensive tactics positions them as formidable contenders.

NBA Betting Odds: TBD, Over/Under: TBD

The wagering odds for the upcoming game between the Dallas Mavericks and Utah Jazz have not been announced as of yet. Given the Dallas Mavericks’ commendable performance record and the Utah Jazz’s challenges this season, it is anticipated that the Mavericks might be favored in this matchup. Enthusiasts and bettors are advised to monitor the spread and moneyline odds when they become accessible.


Dallas Mavericks Betting Trends

Mavericks are 2-3 in their last 5 games.
Mavericks are 3-2 in their last 5 games against the spread.
Dallas Mavericks are 11-6 in their road games against the spread.
The totals have gone OVER in 1 of Mavericks’ last 5 games.
The totals have gone OVER in 9 of Mavericks’ 15 last games at home.

Utah Jazz Betting Trends

Jazz are 3-2 in their last 5 games.
Utah Jazz are 4-1 in their last 5 games against the spread.
Jazz are 8-11 in their road games against the spread.
The totals have gone OVER in 3 of Jazz’ last 5 games.
The totals have gone OVER in 8 of Jazz’ 13 last games at home.



Kyrie Irving PG Is upgraded to “?” Monday vs Utah, Heel
Seth Curry PG Is “?” Monday vs Utah, Illness
Dante Exum PG Is “?” Monday vs Utah, Heel
Maxi Kleber PF Is out indefinitely, Toe
Luka Doncic PG Is “?” Monday vs Utah, Quad


No reported injuries

Dallas Mavericks vs. Utah Jazz Betting Picks

Based on detailed analysis, the Dallas Mavericks are posited to hold an advantageous position, especially in terms of their offensive prowess. The Utah Jazz, however, could pose a significant challenge with their well-rounded strategy and formidable rebounding strength, potentially disrupting the Mavericks’ flow. Wagering on prop bets centered around individual players such as Tim Hardaway Jr. or Lauri Markkanen might be profitable, as current trends suggest a more cautious betting strategy, skewing towards an UNDER for the total score in this particular matchup.

In conclusion, while the Mavericks may appear to be the safer choice, bettors are advised to consider the Jazz’s capacity for an upset, especially on their home court. Furthermore, it is crucial to utilize reputable top online casinos for betting activities. Sign up today to make your NBA betting prediction!

Score Prediction: Mavericks 112, Jazz 107.