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CU Buffs’ Perfect Fit in Big 12, United Airlines’ New Routes for 2023 College Football Season

CU Buffs’ Perfect Fit in Big 12: The college football season 2023-24 will take place soon as teams prepare for their preseason. However, there have been several updates at each conference. Colorado’s return to the Big 12 conference raised questions regarding head coach Deion Sanders’ influence in making that decision. Athletic director Rick George did not directly mention Sanders but it is evident that his success and leadership on his football program likely played a significant role. With Colorado poised to make an immediate impactful statement against other conference opponents, Sanders’ influence and impactful leadership were integral in making Colorado return.

CU Buffs’ Perfect Fit in Big 12: College Football’s Leading Contenders for the 2023 Season

As the 2023 college football season nears, several standout players are already garnering considerable buzz as potential Heisman Trophy candidates and key game-changers for their respective teams.

Caleb Williams, QB for USC Trojans and Reigning Heisman Trophy Winner is unquestionably an intimidating force on their roster. Leading his team to College Football Playoff contention while drawing comparisons to Patrick Mahomes – Caleb will undoubtedly play an instrumental role in propelling USC forward as they make one last push through Pac-12 competition this year. His performance will undoubtedly determine their fate!

Drake Maye, North Carolina Quarterback: Emerging Talent Drake Maye looks poised for an extraordinary year as North Carolina quarterback. After an outstanding redshirt freshman campaign in 2022, Maye has propelled North Carolina into strong contender status in the ACC and possibly become one of next year’s NFL Draft top selections. Williams leads Maye on the field while giving him plenty of room to shine on and off it.

Michael Penix Jr. of Washington was recognized for his exceptional talents when he led the nation in passing yards last season, driving a high-powered offense for Washington that has made them formidable competitors within their conference. Penix continues to drive Washington forward today while remaining one of their key figures as they attempt to win their conference championship race. With his strong arm and impressive performance capabilities, Penix makes Washington an irreplaceable opponent within its conference.

Marvin Harrison Jr. of Ohio State stands out as an exceptional wide receiver. With quarterback C.J. Stroud having taken his talents elsewhere and joined the NFL ranks, Marvin Jr. can showcase his skillset while adding strength and balance to an already powerful Ohio State offense.

Jordan Travis, Florida State quarterback – Florida’s Powerhouse Jordan Travis has been key in Florida State’s return as a national power. Since becoming a full-time starter three years ago, Travis has made significant strides, amassing over 3,200 passing yards with an incredible touchdown-interception ratio. Led by Travis as their leader, Florida State has emerged as a preseason ACC favorite with lofty dreams of making the College Football Playoff.

United Airlines Provides Exciting College Football Season

United Airlines has exciting news for college football fans as they prepare for the 2023 season: United has added 127 nonstop flights to 30 of the biggest games, providing seamless travel experiences for attendees of key matchups.

Last college football season, over 50,000 fans traveled with United Airlines for travel purposes; this year they’re set to connect travelers to some of their most-beloved teams like USC, Wisconsin, University of Michigan, and Penn State – among many more!

United Airlines, in honor of their college football-themed service, has joined forces with Heisman Award winner Caleb Williams – USC Trojans quarterback – and will engage with fans while promoting college football experiences throughout this season. Williams will collaborate with United in advertising and social media campaigns designed to showcase Caleb’s talents.

United Airlines is committed to meeting demand by operating larger planes to select cities, giving college football fans greater accessibility to some of the season’s most exciting games. Tickets for additional flights are now on sale; please click here for more information and purchase.


As the 2023 college football season commences, dynamic coaches like Deion Sanders and standout players such as Caleb Williams, Drake Maye, Michael Penix Jr., Marvin Harrison Jr., and Jordan Travis are set to make waves within college football. United Airlines’ commitment to offering seamless travel experiences for fans attending games adds another layer of excitement surrounding this season – from conference realignments to thrilling on-field action; college football continues to keep America guessing with each new game being played!