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College Football Rumors: Big 12 Expansion, Pac-12 Media Rights, Hazing Accusation

College Football Rumors: The College football 203-24 season is undergoing a significant realignment, reshaping the landscape of NCAA sports for the next two years. Key teams are moving to join new conferences, setting the stage for exciting changes and potential further expansion.

Big 12’s Revamped Roster: BYU, Cincinnati, Houston, and UCF

The Big 12 is gearing up for a transformation as four new teams – BYU Cougars, Cincinnati Bearcats, Houston Cougars, and UCF Knights – join the conference on July 1, 2023. This expansion will temporarily increase the Big 12 to 14 teams before returning to a 12-team format in 2024. But the conference is continuing; reports suggest they are looking to expand further by potentially adding the Arizona Wildcats and Colorado Buffaloes.

College Football Rumors: Pac-12 Faces Loss of Media Market with UCLA and USC Departure

The Pac-12 has already suffered a significant blow as two of its most prominent programs, UCLA Bruins, and USC Trojans, announced their departure to join the Big Ten in 2024. This move was triggered by the absence of a long-term media rights deal, leaving the Pac-12 without a foothold in the lucrative Los Angeles media market. With the media rights deal still pending, other Pac-12 programs may also consider seeking new conference affiliations, creating uncertainty for the future of the conference.

San Diego State’s Uncertain Future in Mountain West Conference

San Diego State University has given written notice of its intention to resign from the Mountain West Conference. While the university has yet to receive official invitations from any Power Five conferences, it has been linked to potential moves to both the Big 12 and Pac-12. As realignment discussions continue, San Diego State’s future remains to be determined.

Florida State University Explores Realignment Options

In the ACC, Florida State University is among seven schools contemplating realignment. The university has reportedly met with lawyers but requires a joint program to dissolve its grant-of-rights agreement with the conference. These deliberations could further shake up the NCAA sports landscape if more ACC schools decide to explore new conference affiliations.

The End of an Era: SEC and Pac-12 Conclude Expansion Rush

As college football’s realignment era nears its conclusion, significant conferences like the SEC and Pac-12 have signaled their intent to halt further expansion. SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey emphasized that his conference has plans to be at most 16 teams, citing logistical challenges and the need for collaborative conference affiliations. With Oklahoma and Texas set to join the SEC in 2024, the focus now turns to integrating these new members and ensuring a smooth transition.

Big Ten and Media Rights Deal

Despite previous reports of Colorado engaging in realignment talks with the Big 12, Colorado’s chancellor Phil DiStefano clarified that the university is not concerned about the situation. Meanwhile, George Kliavkoff, Pac-12 Commissioner, expressed confidence in securing a media rights deal, highlighting the need to move past contentious debates and work together to improve college athletics.

A Calmer Landscape: Power Five Expansion Buzz Quiets

As the dust settles on college football’s realignment frenzy, the focus shifts to upcoming events like Big Ten Media Days. While expansion buzz may have simmered, the aftermath of these significant moves will continue to shape the NCAA sports landscape in the coming years.


College football’s realignment journey has significantly changed the NCAA sports landscape. With the Big 12 expanding and the Pac-12 facing challenges, conferences are repositioning themselves to stay competitive. Meanwhile, the SEC and Pac-12 have concluded their expansion rush, opting for stability and collaboration. As the end of the realignment era nears, college football fans await the unfolding of the NCAA 2023-24 season and the impact of these transformative moves on the sport’s future.