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College Football Realignment Tracker: Notre Dame’s Decision & FSU’s Potential Defection

College Football Realignment Tracker: College football realignment is once again making headlines, with major shifts in conferences and potential defections on the horizon. The Pac-12 has already seen the departure of Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Arizona, Arizona State, and Utah, while the ACC faces the possibility of losing Florida State. Meanwhile, the Big Ten is actively expanding, with USC and UCLA set to join in 2024. Amidst all this uncertainty, the focus is now on Notre Dame, a long-time independent, and whether they will finally join a conference. Let’s delve into the latest developments and what it means for the future of college football. Meanwhile, the college football betting picks are expected to be updated in a couple of days for the regular season.

College Football Realignment Tracker: The ACC Faces Departure Threat

Florida State is making waves with its public warning to the ACC, threatening to defect from the conference. The university’s board members expressed their frustrations with the ACC’s revenue distribution model, which lags behind other major conferences like the Big Ten and SEC. With a $120 million exit fee and a seemingly ironclad grant of rights, the potential obstacles are significant. However, Florida State’s discontent signals a broader issue with the ACC’s current financial structure and could lead to further realignment discussions.

Big Ten Expansion and Pac-12’s Woes

The Big Ten is actively pursuing expansion, and Oregon and Washington are the latest targets. Reports suggest that the Big Ten presented a deal to both schools, offering an annual average in the low-to-mid $30 million range, with the potential for more through advance payments. While this deal is still under discussion, it highlights the financial disparity between the Big Ten and the Pac-12, whose streaming-based deal with Apple has yet to be approved. The potential addition of Oregon and Washington could have a significant impact on the landscape of college football.

Big Ten’s Opportunity and Notre Dame’s Decision

With the Big Ten expanding, speculation arises whether this could finally be the time for Notre Dame to make a conference move. While Notre Dame’s independence has been a hallmark of its football program, the changing dynamics of college football may prompt a “now or never” decision. Joining the Big Ten could be a lucrative move for Notre Dame, offering financial benefits and increased competitiveness. However, the decision rests solely with the university, as joining a conference must be a voluntary choice. The Big Ten is open to Notre Dame’s potential entry, whether it’s next year or a decade from now.

Independence vs. Conference Membership

For Notre Dame, the choice between independence and conference membership is a crucial one. While independence offers freedom and tradition, being part of a conference could enhance their football program’s long-term stability. The ever-changing landscape of college football necessitates a thorough evaluation of the pros and cons of each option. Ultimately, the decision will be driven by Notre Dame’s desire to align itself with a conference voluntarily.


College football realignment continues to reshape the landscape of the sport. With Oregon, Washington, and other Pac-12 teams leaving, the conference faces an uncertain future. The ACC must address the concerns raised by Florida State to prevent further defections. Meanwhile, the Big Ten’s expansion signals its proactive approach to remaining competitive. Amid these developments, Notre Dame stands at a crossroads, contemplating whether to join a conference or retain its independence. As the next wave of college football realignment unfolds, the sport’s future hangs in the balance, with decisions made by individual universities shaping the course of football history. The 2023-24 college football season is all set to begin on 27, August.